[Random Vlog #1]: Moscow Adventures!

Всем привет!

In case you don’t speak Russian (which is probably 99% of you guys) I said “Hello everyone!” and the reason I’m greeting y’all in Russian is because I just came back from Moscow yesterday and have a vlog of my adventures ready to share with you 🙂

I didn’t plan this trip a single bit and got my tickets a day before I flew to Moscow. Even though this was quite spontaneous I don’t regret going at all! I had so much fun, meeting up with my best friend from childhood, spending time with my dad and celebrating Moscow’s birthday (865 years, bro!) 😀

Hope you guys will enjoy this little vlog of mine. Honestly, this was kind of a trial run of a type of vlog that I’m planning to do when I move to London (for my London Series 🙂 so tell me if you enjoyed this format and if there’s anything you want me to change or improve. i’m open to suggestions! ^^

I’m also thinking of starting a blog (like actual written blog because my video description boxes seem to be getting longer and longer hahah) But that’s just a thought in progress for now..

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If any of you would love to visit Moscow one day click the SUBSCRIBE button and a free ticket there and back will appear under your pillow. I swear, it works! 😀


Kai Zack Nguyen says:

Where you in Ireland by any chance? o.O

pharoahakai says:

Love Love your videos.  I got to visit St. Petersburg 5 years ago for two weeks and had a blast.  I must say that I didn’t meet any Russians who spoke english as well as you.  I am envious that you speak multiple languages.  Keep those videos coming girl and I look forward to your adventures at university.  

Arystan Mars says:

You’re awesome! You speak perfect English, Russian, and you are learning Korean, you know eyk and etc. by the way, you’re cute too. Удачи с каналалом, буду ждать твои видео! 🙂

Arystan Mars says:

That’s why you have a Russian name

하상준 서초구양재동95년생 says:

Were you born in america? ur English is so freaking good

irmscher9 says:

Pardon me speaking Russian!? WTF? Isn’t it a “Velikiy i Moguchy”?? So why in the world you have to excuse? lol

Xavier Durant says:

I love the movie to

이준만 says:

KsJayhawker94 says:

Cute friend…Minis are fun to drive. I have enjoyed mine since I bought it.

phillip trang says:

So I just watched .. 2 covers? From you…. Idunno it’s a certain number, but oh my gosh! We have to work on a song together! I mean this isn’t my music channel, but we so have to! I’m a rapper and singer, even though I don’t do like.. Video music, it’s just music and a picture, I really would love to work with you one day ~ anyways just came to say hello~

Philipp Essen says:

why do you sound as an american?

Valeria Murillo says:

Девочка ты охренела

Denis Guillon says:

Hello im french i like your video good

Olya Mironenko says:

Hello friends,
I am a Russian blogger. Come to my channel. I’ll be happy.

Elena Zapounidi says:

I feel like there are always constructions going on…

Kwonie says:

Margo!! Omg You look like you had so much fun!! Your so lucky, I hope you were ok after watching the fault in our stars 🙁 it was so depressing, I have read the book but haven’t watched it sadly..


I hope your healthy and happy! 😀

TheAsyaStasya says:

Ты русская?Или выучила?
Просто хорошо очень говоришь :з

karina _ says:

You are so pretty!
Ты очень красивая! <3

Yiseul says:

Yesss Korean stores give so many free samples/gifts! It’s awesome. You should do a haul ^_^

Max P. says:

Красивая просто офигеть!

DownFlex says:

Показай нам больше о Москве и России, пожалуйста! 🙂

Lolo13045 says:

I want to go to Russia so badly

Ильяс Мальцагоы says:

я влюбился

Vampirdroid says:

Whats the name of the song you were singing in the car?

TheEiRize says:

“Вот ты пришла и сразу же весь русский вспомнила” ахаха как я смеялась!

Moriarty says:

The traffic is just like LA. lol

Aida-Maria Getz says:

Великий vlog and sistar!!!

Sabrina Grand says:

О Филевский парк:з

Nicholai Dmetrivech Steinberg says:

are you Russian cause your name and lastname except letitchevski instead of Letitchevskaya

Ruesa OG says:

omg guys i got a ticket thanks noona

문장배달 says:

Hello~ I am korean guy. recently i have watched all your videos. It seems you always look happy and enjoy your life. You have a good personality. I am impressed with your good korean pronounciation. Sometime you will master korean. And through this video you will get many helps and maybe become famous in korea 🙂
I am waiting your next video
Thank you so much for your uploading video.
When i watched your video, i was happy.
Have a nice day ^ㅇ^


어디 K팝스타라도 출연하셔야되는것 아닌가요
한국 TV에 나오시면 대박일듯

Sam Tran says:

Great vlog Margo! The song choices for this video made it extra special, can’t wait for some more videos!

Mugen Power says:

“как ты пришла, я тут же весь русский вспомнила” хДД

Takashi Yukata says:

your parent are rich tho …

kwon Soonwon says:

Thank you for video.!

shizu aiko says:

Youre so beautiful! I really love youre voice^^
But can you do an video where you can explain how to join an kpop contest and what you need to know abd what to write? Pls^^

Sry for my derrible english<3

Otomaton says:

YOU WATCH EATYOURKIMCHI?! I mena I should have known, but gah! Yes! 

Djalal Arrar says:

don’t say Israel because Israel didn’t exist, there is Palestine, are you understand ?

보스턴분 says:

Were you born in Moscow?? Btw you are rly good at English (:

LordLoldemort7 says:

Tfios is so sad 🙁 but the movie was great!! Heartbreaking but yeah

Leshka Pianist says:

How is it possible that you speak so good (american) english? Grew up in US?

SoftMaster The Best says:

А ты ведь русская;) это видно по тебе!) зачем тебе эта Англия? Эхх….

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