Richard Ayoade & Greg Davies in Moscow – Travel Man S02E04

Richard and Greg Davies clash with army tanks and head into space in the Russian capital. To watch the full episode click here


Julius Reed says:

“‘Ivan the terrible’ a man whose name limits interpretations of his character. ” Loved that line.

Sonya Millward says:

I’ve always thought Richard was super tall but stood next to Greg he’s small! Greg must be massive!!

Mike M says:

I would watch Richard Ayoade in literally anything. He’s a diamond.

Andreyka86 says:

Крым забыли правильно покрасить!

sweethistory25 says:

Where’s the rest of this? Ugh

sarah c says:

how funny’s that?!

Vohan V says:

He’s wearing real fur in this.

Seán O'Nilbud says:

0:56 post brexit replace Moscow with Everywhere.

David of Yorkshire says:

Visas are not that hard. I did a custom holiday to the Ukraine long before the troubles and it’s just a delay, not hard. All it is, is a document attached to your passport. Why does everyone think it’s hard work?

So red square was actually beautiful square? Hardly as intimidating is it?

Kenny McCormic says:

Anyone know what make the large blue jacket Richard is wearing? I’m in need of one such garment

Reg Munday says:

I’d like to congratulate Richard Ayoade on his brave attempts to keep Stephen Fry off British tv screens.

Will Renfrew says:

a third of a thousand pounds

banoffi2 says:

Stalin Spotted 00:11

neverhood says:

putin must die!

Sahil Makhijani says:

Bad dong

CrimsonPerky Elf says:

“And chillingly a shakira concert”

MrBPM75 says:

I am cracking up!!!

Cat&Milk says:

“Smiling without a reason makes you look like a fool” – that’s why when you see Russian people smile, you know that it’s a sincere smile. Glad you’ve visited this city!

Anroll282 says:

read it as 4chan/travelman

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