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Russia Moscow travel, this short video tells about my trip in Moscow metro. In one hour of traveling, I was able to visit many stations and see many people, especially many beautiful Russian girls…

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Danilo Dankow says:

I only see zombies with their smartphones. What a sad world.

andrei andruhov says:

Конечно русские и славяночки лучше тайских обезьянок. Но и азиатки бывшего СССР очень красивые

alex korff says:

такие же как и везде, айфозомби…

[-_-;] says:

I don’t see any Thai gogo bars…

Melissa Denizcilik Shipyard says:

i have been in russia so many times… :::) i can speak russian, i want to advice just… you have to meet with russian people

Robert Lloyd says:

White women. Yuck! Gotta be hard going back to that after spending so much time in Thailand.

Jérôme W says:

Should bring Pem with u hahaha

christothegreat1 says:

You should approach on video and try to get girl to come with you to love hotel or to your place

69liverpoollad says:

Not many fatty’s, unlike here in the UK.

mrmongo673 says:

WHat subways are these?

Kenneth Holland says:

Always nice to view women, but slavic women are real bitches. Been with several OMG.
But my concern is the way you video women. In Australia if you just stand and leer at women with a camera you are most likely get a slap, kick etc, and rightly so.
But if you are covert like I think you are. Firstly you have no balls and know what you are doing is wrong. Secondly you ass will be in jail quicker that you can say one two three.
Videos like this are sick, stick to your normal walk along a street but not dwell on an individuals.
Think about it, we have mothers, sisters and daughters.
How would you react if I did that to your wife/girlfriend/sister?

Anon Ymous says:


Manpreet Samra says:

Russian nice

cdarmy says:

These girls are not at all attractive in my head. Still informative tho I guess ill stick to asia 😛

Teodor The Entertainer says:

Just watching as people glued to smartphones 1:17 – 1:25.


This is a video of Bangk18. He is the second vlogger on this channel. Thank you for watching, also watch other videos of Bangk18 about his traveling to Crimea

Bo Christiansen says:

Looks like the babe factor is higher in Ukraine, driving the metro in Kiew is much more sexy.

Gustavo Parri says:

Russian Girls are really beautiful…..

Rilly Jo says:

U shooting with your phone?

salim mi says:

Il dont think that russian will apreciat

keithjetski king says:

All those people look like they are hating life. Not one smile on anyone’s face. No wonder you like Thailand so much.

maxim jones says:

People in Russia are just as zombified with their heads buried in their cell phones as Americans are…..sad world we’re all living in:(

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