RUSSIAN WOMEN IN MOSCOW METRO | Travel to Russia 2019 | Vlog 2

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Russia Moscow travel, this short video tells about my trip in Moscow metro. In one hour of traveling, I was able to visit many stations and see many people, especially many beautiful Russian girls…


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Dr. Teddy Love says:

the day will come and the peeps will no longer ignore the handy-cam spyware attacks…. btw it isnt legal…. *HAHAHA – NOPE* because of:
_handy handy handy handy handy handy handy handy handy handy handy handy handy handy handy handy handy in tHe HeAD_ and thats it! 😛 #pathetic #sad #sheeps

Abufaza3_Gam3r says:

To boys who thinks looks are every thing, its true russian women are fucking hot and i love them, but there are stuff in girls a beatiful face cant make up

Andy L says:

You back home, now. ?

Dominic Pfluger says:

Are you back in Russia?

Wm Corbly says:

Every bit as attractive as Thai – – – – except there are so very few smiles.

Grizza Leng says:

Need more PeeperVlogs.

raymond jarvis says:

not the women we in the west seen from photos of 50years ago,some stunners there, are they easy to meet up with?

Dana Jones says:

Them Russian ladies ain’t falling for the games you play on them Thailand girl’s LoL

Kenneth Holland says:

Sour angry looking women. They need to smile a lot and get there heads out of mobile phones.

Brandon Lee says:

Video is good, but I have to mute the music because it doesnt really go with the video. I think this video would be better if you just left the natural sounds on it.

Brandon Lee says:

Nice to see a cute Russian girl (2:39) reading an actual book and not staring aimlessly into her cellphone.

DRock7977 says:

That first girl was supersexy

Trevor Manns says:

No Blue hair.. or tattoos or a ton of junk hanging off there faces,, SO nice to see !

tennis addict says:

Its nice to see some sexy Russian women. It would be good for you channel to show more of Russia when u aren’t in Thailand.

CyPsyShyGuy says:

Russian women are much better looking than thai women.

Michael Vittori says:

Video quality is off the charts !!

Antonio Socías Carrillo says:

Russian girls are some of the prettiest girls in Europe. At least when they are young.

Fernando sanchez cuadro says:


Menstrel says:

Metros are becoming Me-Too-ros. Say it like you are Japanese.

George MiLo says:

So this phone hypnosis is all over the world huh.

Eduardo Racoma says:


Might and Belight says:


Américo Guerra Filho says:

All russian girls are pretty !

RobbieFPV says:

Женщины в России тоже красивые!

Great video, mate!

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