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Four hundred miles west of Moscow is St. Petersburg, Russia. A striking city resting on the banks of the Neva River, St. Petersburg has long been a draw for lovers of architecture, as St. Petersburg tours often begin with the city’s legendary structures.

Enter a world of towering cathedrals, palaces, and gardens, many of them set down by the order of Peter the Great in the 18th century. As the decades passed, later members of Russian royalty added to the city’s opulence by constructing additional marvels. Walk through the Palace Square, located in the heart of St. Petersburg and home of the Winter Palace, the sprawling home of Catherine the Great. Next, pay a visit to St. Isaac’s Cathedral and its gold-plated dome, which glitters in the sunshine. If you walk to the top of its dome, you will be rewarded with astonishing views of the city.

Continue your St. Petersburg sightseeing by taking a boat ride down the river to Peterhof Gardens & Palace. This gilded structure and its lush array of plant life was constructed to rival France’s Palace of Versailles, and is a popular place for a quiet walk in nature or to reflect upon the engineering marvel of its 60 fountains, all of which flow continuously without the use of pumps.

Spend your evening walking along Nevsky Prospect, St. Petersburg’s main thoroughfare. Besides offering even more beautiful architecture to gaze upon, Nevsky Prospect is loaded with restaurants and boutiques. Enjoy a delicious meal, shop around for the perfect Russian souvenir, and plan the itinerary for your next day in this magnificent city.

What was your favorite part of St. Petersburg?

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陳永隆 says:


Chaitanya Talegaonkar says:

wow that looks better than Paris..Russia should stop selling weapons and start selling travel packages around the world…


russians are rapists ans murderers children. Fuck asians monkey from Poland!

Walter Carcamo says:

Rucia. la gran sorpresa que se esta viendo viva la gran Rucia.

shuplets says:

Let’s put aside emotions and take facts.
In September 2016 Saint Petersburg was recognised as Europe’s Leading Destination by the World Travel Awards.
World Travel Awards are considered as the top achievement in the tourism sphere. Annually prizes are given after thousands of experts and tourists voted for a candidate. The selection priorities are safety, extensive infrastructure and hotel chain in destination.
The awards have been called the “Oscars” of the travel industry by The Wall Street Journal.
St. Petersburg was also awarded with the title of “World’s Leading Cultural City Destination 2016”.


so beautiful

Sheila Araujo Moura says:

Whats the song Name?


Russia is better than USA

Helen Cheng says:

Beautiful City !!

maureen bernhardt says:

How much I love this wonderful place St Petersburg

Black Republican says:

Is this Real????

AsmA Mimo says:

Dubai is amazing ×10

Sanatan Das says:

Very nice Post

Z lives matter says:

Russia Sucks ☠️☠️☠️☠️

Abid Rehman says:

Great city. Loved every second. Only if the city can put up signs in English – would be easier to navigate and read the cultural and historical commentary on artifacts.

Poli Beauty says:

Best please

Igor says:

Sehr schöne Stadt.

Lena Tajic says:

its lovelyyyy
one can really tell that Russia is the greatest.Once imperial,allways imperial.God bless !!…:)….greetings from Serbia….!!!!

Nathnael Tesfaye says:

Everything is Grand in Russia…Extraordinary ..Greetings from Ethiopia

Leonidas says:

Beautiful and classy city, not so expensive, plenty of beautiful and classy girls, what else?

Anthony Kernich says:

The only Russian city I would ever visit.


Spasiba russians love from india

Siva Prasad says:

Ohh my God. Its fantastic….

Punjabi says:

Coming to see these beautiful landmarks of Saint Petersburg on 15th of June 2018
Can anyone help me to see this beautiful city
Leave your contact details below please

vera verova says:

amazing. .you wont see these on tv channels. ..west wants to hide this beauty from the people. ..

gorgesization says:

God save us from this “part of Europe”

Fahrizal *ALsalim says:

this is what made putin rezim’s more and more rich, while in syria they support chemical bomb used by syrian gov

Λαρίσα Σιντόριακ says:

Πανεμορθι πολι ηστορυκυ Πυτερδουργ με λεβκες νηχτες θα υθελα να ταξυδεψω εκει ελπυζω πος καποτε θα την επισκεβτο εκσαλου η Ροσσικυ γλοσσα ειναι η γλοσα μυτρικη μου.

Idorkis Quintana says:

I am amazed by the beauty of this city. it is the #1 on my bucket list

Kevin Denaro says:

This video make me remember when im in St. Petersburg 2 years ago. Thanks Expedia, great video! Greetings from Indonesia

FutChin 1 says:

Hello from Australia. Could u do Krakow? thanks

Claire Bourgard says:


Monika Miliczka says:

Looks magnificent!!! I’d love to visit!!!

Youssef lannister says:

Russia, i’m coming for the world cup all the way from morocco. It’s a culture i admire and apreciate especially through literature. Football will unite us and Russia will be the stage. My flight to Petersburg in the 13th, can’t fucking wait !

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