Surprising Facts About Moscow, Russia

Surprising Facts About Moscow, Russia.
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WeBleed Green says:

plz make facts about Lahore ( a historic city of Pakistan)

The Anadromous Life says:

Time to do a segment on the Country (not state) of Georgia. An unusual place that used to be part of the Soviet Union. Just look into it. (It’s the birthplace of wine, has the oldest bones outside of Africa, has mountains taller than the Alps and their music and dance is amazing!)

PackHunter117 says:

Lol he said UNSC again. Another Halo reference.

Iroquois Pliskin says:


Денис М says:

Дизлайки хохлуи походу ставят)

Влад Кравец says:

I invite everyone to Moscow!

jessee sky says:

You should be learning about your own country’s history,
what the fuck are you worrying about Moscow for!!
Moscow is a death trap for you!!!  Who gives a crap about
Moscow’s history and why????   Other then themselves!!!
Oh!!  I bet you heard about one of those gold rush trips
where you can get lucky with a Russian lady!!!  Good, get 
lucky and then leave, before they get lucky with you!!!  Well,
maybe US ladies don’t want you and you have no choice!!
The rule is;  if you need to get a vise these days to visit a
country, then don’t go there, they don’t like you!!!!!   Those
that like you are those where you don’t need a visa to 

Aaron Kvamme says:

As a narcissistic asshole; it is hard for me to say that this guy needs his own T.V. episodes. He deserves it.

Alexis Duncan says:

This is an excellent video and the facts are correct. But please, please ask advice in the pronunciation of Russian words and names.

Tyl Cu says:

Interesting stuff, you asked my favorite city is Denver Colorado. A super chill, fun atmosphere with a perfect mix of urban, cool neighborhoods and nature.

kevin hart says:

this is were kevintheterrible sells his genetics

Abdijalil Barahawi says:

Make video about muqdisho

Rybka Paul says:

4:05 a guy with spear kills the mayor of Moscow

Аш йцу says:

One note: there was the Kievan period in Rus history (when capital was in Kiev), there not Kievan Rus state. It always called Rus’ since 862. Russia is greek transcription for Rus’ like Romans>Romania, and so, like “Land of Rus people”.

FotoVideo Son says:

спасибо вам за участие в моей жизни. спасибо вам за ваши просмотры, лайки и комментарии!

Miguel Deton says:

GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES: The genesis of the concept of ‘Equitism’ as successor system to the present, [state-]capitalist system of political economy [including to state-capitalist pseudo-socialism] was linked to several connotations of this term. The term ‘Equitism’ has name-resonance with the name of the tradition of “Equitable Jurisprudence” in Anglo-American law.

Growing out of the “Crown Chancery” in England [the Office of the Crown “Chancellor”], there emerged separate courts of equity, or “courts of conscience”, to which appeal could be made from judgments by those courts enforcing common law and statute law when a defendant held that a judgment rendered by such a common law/statute law court, while in accord with “the letter of that law”, represented a morally inadequate remedy, and thus violated “the spirit of the laws”, therefore, per that defendant, failing to deliver “true justice”.

In the U.S., the two, separate kinds of courts where merged into one, and the convergence of their principles begun, with U.S. courts “presiding in [both] law and equity”, and allowing “equitable” arguments and remedies, as well as “technical” arguments, and [strictly monetary] remedies. There have been homologous developments in the tradition of Napoleonic/Roman law.

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Alexandra Z says:

moscow is my fav city ever

Der Anzon2 says:


Buddy says:

Everything you need!
Just Click it!

Rubsi says:

Do Perú please. Great vid nonetheless

seongkon kim says:

Revival of the church is the basis of national development. It has been proven historically.

nts821 says:

Please avoid pronouncing Russian names. You had ALL of them wrong.

jessee sky says:

What is so important about this city of Moscow is;   NOTHEING!!!
If you think that you are somebody for running your mouth on here,  
you are not!! You are just another ignorant ass!!   You have no clue
in reality what Russians think of you!!!   If they can stick a fork in your
head, they will!!!!   You are looking at these sluts that smile everyday,
and that is what you are basing Moscow or Russia on!!   Get it thru
your head!!!!!!  These people hate American’s and they been brain
washed by their leaders to believe that US is the reason they have so
many problems.   They like China, they like North Korea, they like Iran,
they like Syria.   They don’t like you or other Americans!!   This is 
based on true research!!

The only way to find the truth about their feelings and beliefs;  Is to
research Russia and their people, if you portray your visit with non
US passport and speak other language!!!   If you never done that,
then nothing you talk about will hold water!!!   People who don’t like
you don’t tell the truth in front of your face, but behind your back.
Sometimes I wonder why we have such stupid Americans like you
who makes us look more stupid.   Look dumb ass!!!  Isreal was 
put on this globe for a test for all nations.   Those nations who come 
against Israel, are not Christian nations.   As those stupid preasts
on your u-tube video dressed up as lunatics who despise Isreal 
are not christians.  Apparently neither are you!!!  About christianity,
Russia is fake!!!   You make me sick!!!

Tiferet Malchut says:

Москва это не Россия.

Nikoleta Medvedeva says:

My favourite city is Riga which is in Latvia. Would you please do Latvia

Landon White says:

minsk, and couse the name

Adlerdriver says:

Trump´s final rally “THE END” ………………..

Althea Gray says:

Interesting but background music VERY distracting

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