The Ultimate World Cup Trip! | Mission to Moscow With Pumafootball

Eli and Vuj’s mission to Moscow begins as they take on the ultimate World Cup road trip. In this episode they begin their journey in Yekaterinberg for Egypt vs Uruguay taking on a whole host of challenges to prove who has got what it takes to take this World Cup to #NewLevels and have the ultimate World Cup experience in the process.

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Zayd abdulrasheed says:

We just going to act like we didn’t see that pigeon walk eliott

steven clark says:

like Elis red puma pullover jacket looks a nice bit of clothing…

Peyton Dagenais says:

Nike, Adidas and Puma sponsorships all in one week. Mega content!!!

Hell ArcheR says:

Serbia will defeat switzerland

JellyDonat says:

pop dat zit

etele lionheart says:

we miss tom… (deacon)

KCYB22 says:

fake views…the likes and comments dont add up

Dead Meme says:


Zubair Desai says:

You guys are going to have to make a documentary of vuj and the Serbian ultras

Mortal Peace says:

I don’t really like the challenge aspect… sorta feels like forced eventfulness.
Your charisma and national pride should be the driving force for the atmosphere and scenes created.
Just my opinion.

Stephen Marriott says:

Soundtrack to this is siiiick

steven clark says:

I hope they come back in one piece I fear they will get drunk and something happens lol
it looks like a great time

Martin Ventura-Motta says:

watch peru vs uruguay and someone be in the “la blaqurorja group”

hussam alnees says:

This is a great fucking show

tommymacuk says:

Pretty sure the ultimate mission to Moscow was in the 1940s but yeah fair enough

Dia Bshara says:

Very entertaining

Elie Naddour says:


Capitano says:

Just under 10 minutes lol unlucky , shame YouTube forces people to do this tho

James Arellano says:

lol its only 4:52 right where i live
i have not went to bed yet lol

mothersuperior100 says:

This has been one of the best formats for copa I’ve seen and enjoyed. Keep it up boys

Zwanda says:

I saw eli at denmark vs austrailia

Ralph Woods says:

This is an amazing idea for a show, I couldn’t be more onboard with this series



So much cringe in this video

dtrainR6 says:

Best world cup video everr!!!!

William Doughty says:

AUSTRALIA to win the World Cup

Paul Saunders says:

3:32 Eli saw that goal about 5 seconds before everyone else! He’s a mad man!

Raj Nadkarni says:

What is the intro song?

Jack Griffin says:

Not as g as eurofan

Isaac Mckirgan says:

Gawa at the next World Cup taking over

Cherry Valentino says:

Vuj is an absolute legend!!

Joseph Hettrel says:

Best way to get the World Cup experience without going!!

Dimitrije Marković says:

Croatia to win world cup

Jake Atherton says:

9:59???? Just add 2 seconds to the outro

1000 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge says:

This year, Ronaldo has proven he is better than Messi. Ronaldo has scored 4 goals in 2 games with a team that has virtually no good attacking or midfield players. Meanwhile, Messi is sitting with Higuin, Dybala, and more and still can’t score, it is pathetic. Ronaldo has class and shooting ability while Messi can’t even convert a single penalty.

pawel faust says:

nice video, respect from russia

Urius Tosh says:

Doesn’t a rode trip involve driving?

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