Tips on how to enjoy Moscow (HONEST VLOG)

How to enjoy Moscow? Here are few travel tips that might help you prepare for your trip.
Part 2 of our adventure, check out the first episode here:

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lighterru says:

very good vibes!

2AM Broadcast Netwerk says:

You guys went for a honeymoon? You so should be together. Cuties.

Alex says:

respect from Moscow)

Johannes Nikitin says:

Moscow is nice, people are nice, but that FreeWiFi everywhere is FSB/KGB internet. Its not free becouse you can have WiFi only if you give your phone number and other details to them.

namespace std says:

This was just a tourist trap. You didn’t see the real Russia, that was an image put for you.

SuperSerge111 says:

The toast “Na zdorovie” is a stupide holliwood boolshit. The right toast is “Вfше здоровье” ( “Vashe zdorovie”) as reduced form of “Пью за ваше здоровье” that is “I drink to your helth!”

Uri Hmur says:

This sweet couple Twix-more drinking beer than shows pictures of Moscow

fderkach says:

Thank you for a wonderful video!

Yankee in Siberia says:

Hello from Siberia! Moscow looks so beautiful! I moved here from America over a year ago and still have not had the chance to visit Moscow. But after watching your video I hope to visit soon!

Nelly Vasilieva says:

Ищите мусор на улицах? :))) Да-а-а, что о нас пишут ваши СМИ, страшно подумать:)) Look for garbage on streets? :))) Yes – and-and that Russia is reported by your media, it dread to think:))

Трейлер ВираЖ says:

Museum-reserve “Tsaritsyno” – everyone forgets and misses. In the evening beautiful especially

Adam Rose says:

3:46 They went to bed ALONE in Russia Without a beautiful Russian girl. These 2 men are the BIGGEST losers on the planet. They’re virgins, or probably gay. Hopeless!

Кувшинников Яков says:

Кремлеботы, мосфильм.

Novitskaya Viktory says:

The russians never say “Na zdorovje” drinking-only “russians” from American films say it! kisses from Verona!

Brahim Kara says:

I visited moscow I like it everything people city atmosphere wow I will return anther time ishalah love moscow from algeria

Сру Котлетами says:


Vishenki Production says:

Thank you for visiting city! If you want to learn more about Moscow from a sight of a local follow my Urban Hippie blog. Please check it out))

Zewl Company says:

It is so nice to see that homosexuals like you can visit Moscow without a problem! Enjoy!

dida dida says:

Good video. At least it shows that Moscow seems really boring. Luckily there is wifi everywhere. And there’s a Czech house.

денис анисин says:

Все очень стандартно и предсказуемо

Anil Kumar says:

Plz tell party places in Moscow

Elizaveta Mit says:

What is the name of the cafe you went to to smoke some shisha?( or whatever its called)

Sam C says:

Hotties <3

Mari M says:

Great work thank you. 3.11 the name of the place please?

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