Trans-Siberian Train: First Class Wagon Tour

This is a tour of a First Class Cabin of the Trans-Siberian Train, from Moscow to Beijing. We stayed here for 5 nights!

This is a trip that was for a long time on our Bucket List. It was more on Francis Bucket list, but it is allways more fun to share adventures right? So we went together. The Trans- Siberian Train is only the start to a long Trip through Asia!

CONCEPT & EDITING: Lea Toran Jenner
FILMING: Lea Toran Jenner & Francis Perreault
Music: Panthurr
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Lea & Francis,
Duo Unity


Johann Veratudela says:

Perfect couple. I love them.

Clovis Zhe Kang Ho says:

How much is first class

Erisvaldo Lima says:


Katrina Bonafe says:

The bed is messed up though

やまたん実況チャンネル says:


Berliner Stadtschloss says:

Can`t you sloppy creature not shut your Shirt, whilst you are talking to us ?We may call ourselves lucky, that at least you got some Pants on, can`t we ?

TechCoon says:

Данунахер, я б лучше обычным купе, если с друзьями. Вдвоем от скуки сдохнуть можно. Перед друзьями хоть тетки постесняются пилить за нехер знает что, а вдвоем – весь мозг выест “мне скучно, ну сделай что-нибудь”.

Kapil Kumar says:

To be very Honest, I am really so happy that now in India, first class comparment is much better in terms of space, comfort and practicality.

Jose Jr. Canillas says:

Nice video & beautiful. Nice accommodation. I love it.

Yaron Carmel says:

looks like shit

Zoya says:

This is why i don’t understand people who are actually doing these transsiberian trips… They are very tiring and there is absolutely nothing to enjoy. Cities on the way are quite depressing. Dear tourists, you should rather go to Karelia, Baikal or Kamchatka. BUT, first class normally is much better, you weren’t lucky

ngie87 says:

Je me doute bien qu’il faut avoir un esprit aventurier pour se lancer dans ce type de voyages. EN ce qui me concerne je pense que l’hygiène aurait été un problème :/ L’aventure ou le confort il faut parfois choisir. Vous devez en tous cas avoir des tonnes de souvenirs et avoir appris pas mal de choses 🙂

ヤン家族,Shawn says:

It does not look like as the first class wagon. i think it is old model train. it looks more like second class

Xi Chang says:

How much is it in USD?

joejithu says:

India’s Rajadhani express is far better than this

simone mogavero says:

how cost the travel???

Trixie Trueblood says:

Vous étiez dans quel pays, quand vous regardiez par la fenêtre ouverte dans le couloir? Les bâtiments me semblaient très pauvres.

Anthony Smith says:

What makes these “type” think they are remotely interesting ? Dull, plain absolutely boring, it,s putting me off wanting to go on that train !

EL Gordito Hermoso says:

visit peru,
If you want a guide, call +51996941859

groupsoup says:

Reminds me of From Russia With Love

Larissa Stripper says:


Jens Roennburg says:

Diese Reise wollte ich bisher auch immer mal machen. Meine Frau will aber ungern eine Woche im Zug verbringen. 🙁

Julia gendre-meanda says:


Alex Ber says:

Farewell, unwashed Russia.
The state of slaves, the state of lords

LedAntZep says:

I think it’s a chinese train.

Rey Camarón says:

Que hermoso esto, la vida es maravillosa

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