Visit Russia – The DON’Ts of Visiting Russia

Whether visiting St. Petersburg, Moscow, The Volga River or Vladivostok there are a few things you shouldn’t do when you visit Russia. This video covers what travelers, tourists and vacationers should NOT do when they visit Russia.
Filmed in St. Petersburg, Russia
Copyright Mark Wolters 2017
1. Don’t forget to get a visa and register it when you get to Russia.
2. Don’t lose your immigration card.
3. Don’t forget to have Rubbles in cash
4. Don’t Think Russia will be cheap
5. Don’t get upset about two prices, one for locals and one price for foeigners
6. Don’t mess with the cops
7. Don’t let your guard down at tourist spots or late at night.
8. Don’t skip the Russian Orthodox churches and don’t wear a hat inside the church.
9. Don’t try to exchange damaged foreigner currency.
10. Don’t think Russians are as cold as the service
11. Don’t Bad mouth Russia or speak about Russian politics, it will not be appreciated.

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dgirllamius says:

12. Don’t go to Russia without buying a million matryoshka dolls

Sofia StarWolfie says:

My friend’s in the video! HI VERONICA!

Duarte Araújo says:

Ho the comunists….

DMSProduktions says:

GIVE the R Orthodox Church a WIDE birth! Don’t legitimise them! They have done more to destroy Russia than Vladimir Putin!

Slayer119988 says:

Separate higher price for foreign visitors? I’m already upset and I’m not going to Russia! If we did that here…I doubt it would simply be accepted or understood.

jude tube says:

Dont go to russia if your not a straight white person

Alistair Vigier says:

Most of this is true for China as well

DMSProduktions says:

DON’T visit Russia:Russia visits YOU!

Everything Cool says:

Don’t run a anti-corruption campaign

Yoshi_IX says:

Make sure you learn the russian alphabet at the very least. It’s fairly simple and I learned it in like 2 days.

Erudito otidurE says:

#12 Don’t be gay.

WeeabooMatt says:

If you’re Polish you dont vist Russia, Russia literally visits you.

Ray Smith says:

12. Don’t be gay.

Xavier Lennard says:

Don’t: be gay it’s illegal

Randy Butternubs says:

Well don’t go to Russia if you’re gay

Sweet! says:

fucking commis

goddins mcthunderwood says:

Cover your head in churches, shows picture of woman with hood next to woman with no covering lol

DaPancakeEmperor says:

my top 1 place not to visit in russia


Cheeki breeki Slav says:

Don’t forget to be cheeki breeki

Pine Cone says:

The number one language I want to learn is Russian

Commissar Robertson says:

Stay away from gopniks

Shabbon PedoBear says:

“Speak a little bit Russian” no worries man i know how to perfectly say ” rush B cyka blyat ” ” idi nahui”

Joseph Wiele says:

I honestly don’t see why people think this country is that bad

Robert C says:

Awesome video. I appreciate the info.

Artimus Protensor says:

I would just say “Don’t visit Russia.” It sounds, one, like a total ripoff for any foreigner, and at least these days, not really safe for Americans especially. And of course we Americans have to put up with them cussing at us, railing at us, spewing hate and filth and insults at us online every day, but we can’t say one bad thing about them, oh nooooooo.

Jim Green says:

Harashaw! Spasiba, y da svidanya.

Kirsanov Sergey says:

Russian here

bushboy 101 says:

Russia greatest country so is Poland

Generic Name says:

What a shithole. Why would anyone ever want to go there?

John borg says:

Russian girls there love doing some porn sometimes when they want some money

maestro san says:

As part of Russia more than 20 republics, all of them are in the Russian occupation and the Russian colony

Joseph Stalin says:

1-Don’t be gay

Hector .A says:

Ready for the World Cup!

Jeremy Bednar says:

DON’T be gay

robert goodman says:

Heres a tip, be polite shake peoples hands, dont be a jack ass either. If you cant handle your drink and you know if you cant. Dont be a dumb drunk.

Russians love to talk, and warm up faster if your polite

Sebastian Olivas says:

I’m meeting a friend there in Russia. I met him through CS:GO when I said, “Cyka blyat!” Through the mic.

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