What Can $10 Get You in MOSCOW, RUSSIA?

Moscow, Russia has consistently been ranked as one of the World’s Most Expensive Cities over the last decade, so making this video was extra challenging! However, Moscow is truly a thriving city and a really vibrant place to explore. In fact, it’s Europe’s largest city by population! Join me around Moscow as I attempt to see how much I can get for just $10 USD!

Please Note that this video is about a year old (I am reposting the entire ‘$10 series’ as I only shared it on FB and not YT). As you’ll notice, the editing is not great and it moves way too fast, but I still wanted to share it with you anyways. As always, thanks for watching my videos!

Music: Kevin MacLeod

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phillevky says:

Do the UK

Turboplayzz says:

Do Brisbane, Australia

Mohi Plays Basketball says:

Fuck Russia

Ken Yup says:

Do China please

Sky Warrior says:

10 dollar make 700 rubl not 1000

mysteriousDSF says:

in some of these videos, you look kinda sad and it feels like you’re travelling simply because it’s your job. it’s depressing to see 🙁

Jay Bristowe says:

Things were cheaper in soviet Russia.

deep gee says:

Less than $3.50 for meal ? Wow

Pranav Sundararajan says:

Are you watching the World Cup matches in Luzhniki or Spartak?

chronox_ 138 says:

Do on japan

ACE 54 says:

Some stank pussy for 5 mins

Rahman Shaik says:

Wc tickets?

Mattia Bro says:

Do 10 dollars in Serbia please

Jonathan E says:

I’m in Russia now, awesome time, and for me as a Swede it’s cheap.

Baronbear 24492 says:

Hello there! Your 8001st viewer

xSteamPunk says:

Wish you wouldn’t make the money countdown go from $10 to $0. It’s confusing.

Mr J 31 says:

Pls do 1 more video on 100 dollars

Maciej Baran says:

Isnt Barszcz czerwony polish?

Barca Fan says:

Wow you can see the World Cup

yAyAn709 says:

Can you make a list of your 5 favorite foods in Moscow Russia?

MATKE 09 says:

Please visit Serbia and Belgrade!


How much do you pay for your hôtel room ??? Over $10 riiiiiight buddy so next

Cairo Murphy says:

It’s pronounced Mos “co” not Mos “Cow”

Nikolai Champaco says:

Is it safe for Americans to visit Russia?

Daniel Danny says:

Do what can you do with 10 dollars in Swakopmund Namibia

NickKamekazi says:

If You Play CS:GO , You Can Learn How To Speak Fluent Russian In Just 1 Week


Go to Afghanistan pls

Was geht Sie das an? says:

Neither Borscht, nor „na zdrowie“ is russian. It‘s ukrainian and polish respectively))

Muhammed Yetkin Gül says:


Rachmat Satria says:

The visa ????

clash royaler says:

And a blowjob

YourPinoyGamer Hanz /YPGH/ says:


Panzer Waffe says:

Do Jakarta please

Xanh Cậu says:

How i learned russian : p90 rush b cyka blyat

GirthMcDirk says:

I got his mother for way under $10

Julius Eklund says:

Do Dublin i do not live there but my dad was there

Ashar Ali says:

Please Come to Pakistan Bro

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