Which Grocery Store Is Most Expensive in Moscow? Fun & Entertainment on Red Square

The link to part 1: https://youtu.be/uszzEH1JHeo
The link to part 2: https://youtu.be/cRuYtrNHcAo

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US Patriot says:

You’re excellent, and I love your choice of music.

Augustus Caesar says:

Loved the video, thanks. This shop reminds me of a shop called ‘Harrods’, in London.
I visited London for the day and Harrods itself is a tourist attraction, too expensive for my wife and I to shop there but nice to see how the other half live, as we say. We live 7 hours from London.
Here in the UK my wife and I can normally buy a weeks groceries for around £65 ( Sterling )
and we eat well with lots of fruit and veg. My wife loves to cook so we never buy ready meals. The best ice cream I have ever bought was on holiday in Rome, fantastic !
in the UK if you want such ice cream you need to buy it from the Dairy Farm which makes their own.

faridjabba says:

is this the female and aristocratic version of RealRussia’ with no fake and no bs’!?

Catherine Marchand says:

I was at GUM ten days ago. The food stalls are so lovely, chockfull of sumptuous items. Since I was traveling I bought only the delicious ice cream which (if I understood correctly) is made on the premises. It made me appreciate our Whole Foods shop which is equally well stocked except for caviar.

EMS Paramedic says:

Beautiful stores. The wonderful variety of cheeses that you showed us look VERY tasty and tempting.

it'sMe TheHerpes says:

what building is that? it’s huge.

faridjabba says:

best city.. so beautiful !so romanov and so soviet!

BuckeyeBushcraft L. says:

Thank you for sharing. Just like here in America, we have fancy shops with expensive prices. Always nice to go look at least. All the best to you! -Stephen, Ohio


yes i agree Russian ice creams are very tasty, i’m Nigerian studying in Russia

Korona says:

So beautiful that it leaves you speechless! I need to ask you something regarding the possibility of a foreigner to move to Russia and make a living there. Let’s say I speak russian and i have graduated a certain university.. Do i have the slightest chance to find a job or to study in Russia and eventually stay there forever? I’ve been thinking for long to do this step but i dont know where to begin.

Ramon Torres says:


supercoolio120 says:

most expensive? That’s around the average price here in an average local supermarket in Canada lol. I need to move to Russia asap

New cop says:

I’m from the U.S. and I love your video’s. thinking about moving to Russia for a year or two maybe I will see you while I’m their.God bless and take care

Ian Payne says:

Great you can go round stores with cameras, here in the UK if we tried that, security will jump on us inside 10 seconds

Abraham Canche says:

so pretty! Love you Mother Russia!

Bradley Sullivan says:

Always love the videos Valeriya.
You made me hungry watching this.

ab202012 says:

What if ordinary Russian folk like you wish to cook ethnic food that does not come from the former Soviet Union, e.g. Chinese, Thai, or Indian? Are there small stores that specialize in the products for these cuisines or run by people from these lands? There were Koreans settled into some parts of Kazakhstan (?), so are there are any signs of Korean food stores?

I have seen videos of beautiful farmer markets in St. Petersburg. Are there similar ones near you or are they only for the very rich?

What do you feed Sheffield and the kitty? In the US, there are many brands of dry pet food, from cheap to expensive, and also canned meals. What is the system in Russia?

Thank you for a wonderful series. Please do a show on the wonderful breads of Russia. Do they still exist or is factory-made product crowding out traditional skills? I know you showed the price difference in your local supermarket, but we did not get a look up close at the differences in quality, crumb, etc.!!


Hello I live in Windsor Ontario Canada 5min from usa, your videos are very informing and intresting,also your very good looking and your husband is cute to, just a little joke ,looking foward to more I am gary and my wife is carole buy for now

economics says:

1=57 on 5/24/17. In America a “tourist trap” or high priced area for tourist.

Craig Corson says:

Amazing!! I have not seen every grocery store in America, of course, but I feel very sure that there is no such store in my country that even approaches the elegance of that one, nor any shopping center like that. Possibly there is in New York, but I will never go there, so I will never know. I am very, VERY impressed.

Iamwho i am says:

Gum, ouchy. My wife likes Gum and Terronova.

tammy dwight says:


David Christensen says:

I watch the first add before the video. I notice a yellow mark for the next add but there is no add there. Just so you know. I want you to get paid for all adds.

Talal Yafi says:

real luxury center

Susan Nagy says:

Another fun and interesting video, thanks!

Lorri Lewis says:

That is the most opulent grocery store I’ve ever seen.

metalika says:

uzhasniy akcent …)))))))))

ldjtje says:

Again, a wonderful video Valeria. It may be because all the lights, but it is  amazing. Now i would like to see it in summer if it got the same ambiance. Amazing. Thank you for sharing.

Vero_Ve says:

Looks nice and fancy! Oh my God my folkloric music again!!!thank you (God save you!

Ploppy Ploppy says:

Valeria Spaceba I would be a fat little piglet if I ate every day from here . This looks delicious . Thanks again for your time and effort . Only Americans use pounds and ounces . 2.2lbs equals a kilogramme . This may help .Have a lovely day .

Marco Müller says:

I now have watched all videos on this channel and I’m very happy to call myself subscriber no. 4356. 🙂 This is a great project!

ljane ljane says:

fantastic shop very posh

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