Going to New York? Watch our Honest Guide episode to have the best experience.
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Walter Miani says:

very nice guide, one of the best I’ve watched on YT.

Neha Vikas says:

Here is my 2mins video of NYC … https://youtu.be/tTKPf4Ff6jI

Lawrence Pearson says:

False that the waterfall in Trump Tower is the only one in NYC. There’s another one that is outdoors just blocks away. I’m sure there is one of some sort in Central Park. And every Rosa Mexicano restaurant location, of which there are at least two, has a big one as well. And no pizza recommendations? Pizzeria by the slice: Joe’s Pizza in Greenwich Village or on East 14th Street.

LongLiveTheInternet says:

This is such a fun video compared to all the others I’ve watched on visiting NYC

Kieu Oanh Bigo Show says:


Mori Soba says:

Only Tourists and Foreigners in Times Square.

Rahul Krishnan says:

You guys make any videos on Sweden?

Julian .H says:

Its not the ‘best’ beer in the world
But the video is pretty good

vangrails says:

There are many museums with Picasso’s all over the world and many countries have beaches. Times Square is much more unique, you don’t find that raw commercialism in my country.

M Storm says:

Amazing becasue you didn’t mention only famous places and you add into the video places like Hoboken, even it isn’t New York.Great vid

vivek coudhry says:

very nice

Angelchildxx says:

THANKS SO MUCH for the tips! Really interesting for that rockaway beach and the halal and the bathroom. Is that really free to use?

우미 says:

I should’ve hung out at Brooklyn when I visited there

Edwin Guzman says:

You forgot the Staten Island Ferry boat

Amopro 22 says:

Watch “Things you should know before you take a trip to New York” on YouTube

RobloxBro617 says:

Just ended my 1 week vacation to New York I’ve been crying all night

vintason says:

Díky, chystám se tam teď v říjnu, doufám že tojo projdeme co nejvíc 🙂

Helene b says:

Do you think tourists won’t visit time Square or statue of liberty and ESB? I mean, it’s like going to Paris and not going to the eiffel tower.
Tourists want to see typical places they see in the movies. But thanks for some tips like new jersey.

SeanTube says:

4:13 i live there OMFG

Ankush Roy says:

India te base easab dekhbo konodin satti vabi ni,just dream from a death country.

AstonMartinStig says:

Stole a couple of bottles of white sauce from the halal guys some years ago. Karma got me by me spilling one of the bottles on my winter jacket. Costed 30$ to dry clean it, LOL. The second bottle of white sauce was well used for the next month. Well worth it.

anthony de azevedo says:

thank you so much for your video it’s pretty good and very interesting

François says:

Good video. ++++++

Chanel Mone says:

Didn’t know you can use the metro card on the Roosevelt Island tram I’ve always thought it be cool to go.

Joel Castillo says:

I live in Costa Rica, we have lots of beaches here, if I go there to visit a beach that would makes me the biggest dork

TheresSomethingAboutSherry says:

So you’re making a video for tourists, but you’re basically discouraging them from seeing some of the most iconic attractions in the city?? The Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building (and/or the Top of the Rock) and Times Square, are all worth visiting at least once. That’s like telling a Los Angeles tourist not to go to Disneyland or the beach. Or someone visiting Paris not to visit the Eiffel Tower. This “guide” was poorly though out and executed.

Figy Museum says:

Hello! Do you want subscribe my channel Figy Museum?

JustSimon71 says:

Oh yeah man! Pilsner! That is our Czech beer!

Anabel Garcia says:

Janek! You must come to Chicago!!!

Ryan Bell says:

This is a guide by a New Yorker for New Yorkers… tourists want to do the tourist shit. Statue of Liberty, Empire State, Brooklyn bridge? Broadway? Time square etccc

Victor Tijerina says:

My idea of New York has changed as I grew. When I was younger I wanted to visit and live in New York. Now I don’t even think it’s worth spending thousands of dollars to go for vacation. There’s so many beautiful places. Places with a lot of nature. New York meh.

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