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New York is such a fascinating city!! So much to do! I hope this video helps you while you plan your trip and don’t forget to tag me on any social media if you take my advice and visit some favorite places! Thanks so much for watching! Keep reading for GIVEAWAY!!!
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NYC SECONDS VIDEO: https://youtu.be/aIiI5bMkgQo

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Amopro 22 says:

Watch “Things you should know before you take a trip to New York” on YouTube

Toby Stone says:

“My boyfriend and I”

Shook-est says:

I live in NYC why am I watching this lol.

LifeOfBD says:


lkjhio mbjfxickr says:

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VTEC Vinny says:

Video starts at 2:13

Scott Edson says:

As a New Yorker, I have to say this is a pretty decent list for a first time visitor. Agree that Top of the Rock is better than ESB. Grand Central is a Terminal, not a Station. Only allocate about ten minutes for Times Square, then get out. Carmine’s is a bit touristy, but actually pretty good. If you have the money you should see a show.

alexa cuevas says:

I’m going to nyc for my dad birthday for October so I decided to watch this

terrance harden says:

That’s crazy how when you visit New York you really hear that sing in your head. Lol Alicia Keys New York.

Caden Miles says:

I loved the video and also the Statue of Liberty is on Liberty Island (not Ellis Island).

Gonzalo Ugarte says:

Boring ….boring ..boring… what happen..lost first 2 minutes talking lake crazy

Natalie Bahen says:

that si my birthday January 19 thank you

nicole says:

Going to new york in 4 days for my graduation gift cant wait

Stephany Veras says:

ohh my goodness girl i almost cried when you slid your hand down that railing on the train may look clean but i promise you its not great video though

Brian Pacini says:

Great Video!

$1,000,000.00 REWARD! @ SeekingCredibleInformation.com

(one million dollars)

Casey Wakes says:

I’m going on sat x

Raheema Zannah says:

Reminds me of Gossip Girl

Chanel Mone says:

Grand Central has walking tours that would tell about the history so you might want to check that out next time along with the whispering walls if you haven’t already . Looks like you did a lot of nice things. Exactly there’s an app for to find out what subway to take along with of course asking. I’m guessing that you went to Shake Shack in Grand Central they have a really good veggie ( not vegan ) burger that is made with mushrooms and cheese. Carmine’s is a really good family style Italian restaurant whenever my Aunt would visit she would want to see a broadway show and we would eat at Carmine’s. If you would like to go to a zoo check out the Bronx zoo it’s a bigger zoo that would have everything compared to Central Park; although maybe you might want to go to the Central Park zoo just because it’s in Central park

Jen Lee says:

This was a great video. I’m visiting NYC again in December!! I’m going to go some of the places you mentioned that I haven’t been yet!

T C says:

This is great info, thank you! I have watched many NYC YouTube clips and this is my fav by far. It’s realistic and informative. I love that you shared the experience with your boyfriend and were gracious enough to tell us. Thank you for sharing!

LaDolcevita says:

Is it dangerous to take the subway at night? I’m traveling there from California with my young daughter. I’ve never been there, I’m kind of scared.

Jana Huysmans says:

Hey girl! I love your vids! I was wondering which level you went at rockefeller for the window picture and the outside picture? I’m going to america (nyc) for the first time and I really want to be prepared and this video helped a lot, thanks! Lots of love from Belgium ❤️

That's What "i" Said says:

This is great, thank you! Can i ask what app you used for finding your way around? A GPS one I suspect, but which one and for android or Apple? Thanks!

M E60 says:

You bought that shirt in NY? I love it

ExcalGamez - Let’s Playz says:

This definitely helped because we are organizing a trip to NYC and this video gave some awesome ideas to were to go.

Ellie Crabbe says:

Where did you film that clip where your sitting in the window ?

i love Colleen Ballinger says:

I’m going to New York tomorrow I’m going to see the Statue of Liberty the Trump Tower have tea time at the Plaza Hotel and see sets of a lot of movies it’s going to be a lot of fun

Travel Love says:

I urge you to travel – as far and as widely as possible. Sleep on floors if you have to.

-Anthony Bourdain

Tamara Dominguez says:

Leaving tomorrow and visiting for the first time!! Super helpful video! Where did you get souvenirs like the shirt you’re wearing?

Mountolympus2001 says:

Omfg “was a little price to this” then what was the fucking price then that’s what we came here for so could could tell us everything

Soufyan Abou Ahmed says:

Good tips, another place to have a drink is the 230 Fifth Bar it is New York’s largest outdoor garden lounge, great views!

Charlotte Mc says:

I’m going to New York at the end of june

Vince and Brittney says:

We just left, it was such an awesome experience, thank for this tips, will keep in mind for next time.

Figet awesomeness M says:

What hotel did you take ? Do you recommend it ?

Sofia Alvarado says:

Does anyone recommend seeing the Statue of Liberty?

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