13 Things NOT To Do in New York

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New York City is often referred to as the greatest city in the world and we can see why. Just the energy alone is magnetic. But before you consider yourself an NYC expert, check out these 13 things you should not do in the Big Apple.

1. Don’t buy a Sandwich from Subway
NYC offers some of the best fresh delicatessens in the world like the Carnegie Deli, Artie’s Delicatessen and 2nd Avenue Deli on 33rd street. But avoid Katz’s as it has turned into a huge tourist trap.

2. Don’t Get into an Empty Subway Car
There’s a reason that it’s empty. Either the A/C isn’t working or there’s spilled bodily fluid or something is up. Trust us!

3. Don’t Stop on the Sidewalk
Do not be that tourist that stops in the middle of the sidewalk to look at a map or to take a photo. New Yorkers are speed-walking pros so don’t impede the flow.

4. Don’t Make Small Talk
New Yorkers are not necessarily known for their calm, patient, friendly demeanor, so don’t expect to spark up idle chit chat on the street. They’re usually happy to give directions but only to prove how well they know the city.

5. Don’t Eat at a Chain Restaurant
Locals avoid Times Square like the plague as it is a tourist trap with lots of chain restaurants and visitors wearing “I LOVE NY” t-shirts (oh, yeah avoid this too). Patronize the myriad of local restaurants to really experience the authentic flavors of the city.

6. Don’t Avoid the Outer Boroughs
Manhattan is usually what most people think of when they visit New York, but there are four other boroughs to explore too. Take the subway to Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn or Staten Island and discover the unique charm of greater New York City.

7. Don’t Pay for a Statue of Liberty Tour
Avoid this outrageously priced tour and take the Staten Island ferry instead. The 50 minute round-trip ride passes most of the same sights and is completely free of charge.

8. Don’t Skip a Museum Because of the Entry Fee
The entry fee that you see for most of New York’s world renowned museums is just a suggested amount. You actually only have to pay what you can afford.

9. Don’t Use an ATM Inside of a Store
Some store owners that don’t accept credit cards but provide a convenient ATM inside their shops. However, it’s a trap! These machines often charge an excessive withdrawal fee!

10. Don’t Assume It’s Safe to Cross the Street
Many tourists wander across the street because they see groups of other people doing so. Fast-walking New Yorkers will make it safely to the other side because they have the well-honed instincts of a local. You, however, do not. Wait for the pedestrian light if you value your life.

11. Don’t Tell the Cab Driver Where You’re Going Before Getting In
This way the picky driver won’t be able to tell you they’re not going that far. Hail the cab, hop in and then explain where you’d like to go. Use the subway or walk as much as possible, because taxis will most likely end up stuck in gridlock traffic.

12. Don’t Be a Scam Victim
Don’t buy blank CD’s from aspiring young rappers or be fooled by the man dressed in a suit asking for bus fare. Avoid playing card games on the street and watch your wallet in large crowds. New York is full of scam artists, so keep your guard up.

13. Avoid the High Line on Weekends
This public park built atop an old elevated railway on Manhattan’s West Side is definitely worth strolling, but avoid the weekends when it’s a wall-to-wall tourist-clogged conveyor belt.

Now you’ve got the NYC street smarts, you’re ready for the city that never sleeps!


flip1sba says:

As with Time Square and Katz, the thing is that, I’m not from NY and I go there as a tourist so I will visit Times Square as I find the place attractive!

Same with Katz, I like their sandwiches there!

Yael Ichilov says:

I live in New York I think I know plus New Yorkers are actually really polite and can wait for hours

Wandering Travels says:

Going to New York for 4 days Dec 1-4 and I’ll let ya know how it goes

olawale olajuwon says:

Hope to go there someday. ..

Darshak Salla says:

this is horseshit

MurderTramp says:

“The Bronx” that’s Chinatown lmao

SorrowfulRose says:

No.1 if you have the money to match the restaurant go for it No.2 only applies during rush hours if its an empty car where its not that busy then yea you’re fine no.3 eh its not as bad as you make it out to be you can try small talk dont expect people to talk back though no.5 same as number 1 if you have the money to fit the bill go wherever you want everything else is pretty true

Zapato42 Sizeshoe42 says:

He forgot number 14…. DON’T STEP ON A NIGGAS TIMBS

joshua fernadeezee says:

I’ve lived here my whole life and I got an I love NY shirt just to be ironic and edgy !!!

NYCTerminator says:


Samia Hannan says:

O my fucking cris shut the fuck up talking mad shit I live here this is bullshit don’t listen to it it’s so fucking retardtwd

Janae Olivia says:

London and NYC are my favourite cities in the world reply what country or city Ur from

Nathan Riley says:

“Don’t start up small talk” is bollocks.

Trevin Wells says:

Why do you guys do this foolishness people live there and you hurt people feelings

Sporty Lily swiimmaa says:

Beware of the grates + dresses

Kami No Yami says:

New York the most dangerous city

Thomas Cool says:

things not to do in berlin

Kamilah Griggs says:

Does anyone have any restaurant/ entertainment suggestions in Brooklyn and manhattan?? I’m going late November and I really want to just do local stuff.

Freakin Nuggets says:

Taking advice from someone with a British accent.

TCIP says:

This was taken from a blog -_-

Merv Cobault says:

WTF is the Car-Neggy deli?

Kenny Lam says:

0:39 DC Subway! 🙂

It's Alex says:

Your voice is the most annoying thing I’ve ever heard in a YouTube video.

Fiona C. says:

Go to queen ppl

Brendan Lawlor says:

Don’t walk ridiculously slow in the middle of the sidewalk. Walk on the right and no more than 2 people next to each other, or you block everyone else. Also, why does the video show the Washington, DC Metro when talking about the subway?

Mike T says:

I’ve seen worse atm fees in Las Vegas.

Abby Remlinger says:

Also if you go to Times Square, don’t go to the creepy people dressed up as kid’s movie characters and take pictures (THEY WILL MAKE YOU PAY A LOT FOR A PICTURE AND THEY ARE TERRIFYING PLEASE DON’T) and don’t hug the people with signs that say free hugs (they pickpocket people when hugging)

Airplane Plus Train Guy says:

even though I’m not from New York City

StreamC Noremorse says:

I like 3!!!


i’m going to new york right

p.s i’m in the car because i’m going to new york with my coisin and my dad and my aunt

Potato CPYT says:

I can do what I want

Henry Black says:

1:49 NO, Staten doesn’t count. There are only three others to explore.
But in all seriousness, if you’re a tourist, there’s really no reason to go to Staten Island. There’s nothing to see there, crime is significantly higher. If you’re a tourist, chances are you’ll stand out and be easy prey for pickpocketers. Take the ferry to Staten Island, it’s a nice ride (and free), but don’t get off at Staten Island.

William Wright says:

3 should be number 1

TCIP says:

This was legit word by word taken by a blog who has almost 5 mil followers. Make your own content Idiot

WavingOceans says:

New York City

T Po says:

No worries because I will never go there. Absolutely no desire to……
I am thrilled for people that want to live there and the ones that want to move there.
That means they don’t muck up the great state I live in.

Kamilah Griggs says:

What!!! I didn’t have to pay all that for a museum??

Club Soda says:

NYC looks primitive and outdated compared to Tokyo.

XHeightz says:

Lol I went on a ferry but I didn’t know I was going to see the statue and I was running around the ferry and didn’t see the statue

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