23 New York Pizza Slices in 36 Hours. Which is the Best? | Bon Appétit

Join Bon Appétit web editor Alex Delany as he searches for the best New York-style pizza slice in the five boroughs.

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23 New York Pizza Slices in 36 Hours. Which is the Best? | Bon Appétit


Jack Wu says:

why do u look like Post Malone tho

Nonduality says:

Each one of them is the Bon Appetit slice, not necessarily the people’s slice.

SilentBob Plays says:

I thought you were young Post Malone

Ayanna Marielle says:

The L&B Spumoni Sicilian is the best. the Slices arent that great.

Most Incredible says:

I thought he was going to say “it gets lost in the sauce” at 3:54

Swag says:

he really reminds me of post

John Seo says:

Amazing how Lucia’s pizza is still undiscovered. Yet people still going to effin patsy’s

yellow92591 says:

Bro thats a Rad 2.0. Hecka sick! Lol

Ayanna Marielle says:

OMG SMILING pizza was my first pizzeria but it was only cool when i was a kid, and you would get a smiley pizza

Ayanna Marielle says:

This is awesome because Im from NYC but i live on the west coast now and im always looking for new pizza. My favorite Pizza is from Bravo’s Pizzeria though. and I like L&B Spumoni Gardens but only the SICILIANS!

ramsidepp says:

Does anyone else wanna punch this guy in the face for some reason but you don’t totally know why?


Bruh go visit not rays pizza on fulton

cj25441 says:

Everyone knows Roses pizza in Penn Station is the GOAT!!

Shoop says:

*Impersonates all southerners laughing about New York’s overreaction about heat*

Courtney Sith says:

I could watch people eat pizza all day.

lostbro86 says:

No Pizza spots in Brooklyn do come on Brooklyn is known for its Pizza and Queen no Queen disappointed

Ezequiel Baxter says:

Is it just me, or did he name multiple slices “The Nostalgia Slice”?

David Rothenberg says:

My only question, why was NY Pizza Suprema shown at the opening of the video, but not one the places that was reviewed?

Dina Gurna says:

politos in astoria

michael bird says:

Shame he didn’t visit NY Pizza Suprema by the Garden, best pizza i’ve ever had

peaches says:

Should’ve featured screamers

Deathx Kinslayer says:

Watchin this cause the pizza where im from sucks balls…

mike verde says:

hi, enjoyed the video. however, too bad all you went to was joe and pats in staten island.. there are places much better then that on S.I. They do a thin crust yes, but its their version of it., and it was better in the past. You should try denino’s tavern. they are thin slice ny pie as well but better. there is also villa monte in the new dorp area. also near the s.i. mall there is geno’s.

Saliha Raza says:

You should of gone to Mama Mia in Bensonhurst or Bad boys

Mark A Tackett says:

What show was he talking about tho? The only food show i watch is ALEX EATS IT ALL 😀 <3

JuJuBgaming says:


J money says:

Come to Jersey for sloppy joes

Paige Mulligan says:

You look like a sophisticated post Malone!

1973Washu says:

There are people with different taste preferences and there are different tastes of pizza to accommodate this. Pizza is a subjective experience.

xiingli says:

Can we get a table of contents?


I’m from Long Island NY. Can you do chicken fajitas?!? Any suggestions? Anybody?

cocoaman20 says:

Wtf is worong with your motz selection

m zaki g says:

Best pizza from munchies?

APisceanSlant says:

Wait…my mind is about to explode. No pepperoni?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I always thought the NYC slice, referred to a thin crust, not sweet sauce, not overly cheesy, little bit of greasy olive oil goodness, and with some spicy pepp. I feel strange. Like down is up, and the back is front.

mainmanmaindude says:


kushal kumar says:

$3 a slice is straight up law offense

xoALSox says:

Love this guy. He makes it way more watchable than buzzfeed clowns (no hate on Andrew from worth it though… besides his overuse of the word “morsel”

Braskiman says:

pizza bakeren in norway is guarenteed the best pizza place

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