40 BEST THINGS TO DO IN NEW YORK CITY ♥ New York City Travel Guide

New York City is a fascinating city. Here’s my New York Travel Guide of Top Attractions and 40 Best Things to Do in New York City. Categorized according to neighborhood so you can plan your itinerary! http://wp.me/pNFhP-bSi This is based on things I was able to do when I was there on my last trip. New York City is an awesome place, with many Best Things to Do. =D

New York Travel Guide: http://bit.ly/New-York-Travel-Guide

Everything in New York happens with speed and efficiency. This quick NYC insider travel guide for sightseeing in Manhattan will take you through Things to Do, Eat and Neighborhoods to check out. It will guide you through the top attractions in NYC. Activities are listed by neighborhood so you can tackle this itinerary easily.


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MotoOutdoors says:

Ok guys. So I finally convinced my girlfriend to go to NYC with me. It took some convincing so when we get there I gotta show her a good time (so she wants to come back)I need to know the best restaurants with gluten free options in the dumbo or lower Manhattan area. Doesn’t have to be fancy (but it can be) Any help would be appreciated.

Teresa B says:

Thanks, I’m planning a trip to NY

Wonderabad says:

hi.. good short and crisp video of the big city that is new yor… from Hyderabad india.

Francica Nunez says:

Who ever send me this video must be selfish that am from there yes thats China town were they have good food, I’m so happy that am going back to NYC to stay

Jenny Marie says:

I was in NYC yesterday in Central Park doing. Walk

brent seano says:


Airport Info HQ says:

0:13 9/11 Memorial
0:25 Wall Street Charging Bull
0:30 New York Stock Exchange
0:35 Federal Hall Memorial
0:40 Brooklyn Bridge
0:51 Statue of Liberty
0:54 Staten Island Ferry
1:02 Katz’s Delicatessen
1:15 Chinatown
1:41 Street Eats: Boba Tea
1:48 Little Italy
2:08 Soho
2:29 Magnolia Bakery
2:36 Union Square
2:55 High Line Park
3:12 Bus Tours
3:21 Food Tours
3:26 N.Y.C. Breakfast Wagons
3:43 Empire State Building
3:49 B&H Photo
4:06 New York Public Library
4:10 Bryant Park
4:16 Chrysler Building
4:20 Grand Central Station
4:30 Subway Performances
4:37 Times Square
4:47 Broadway Theater District
4:55 Halal Food Trucks
5:02 Rockefeller Center
5:10 Top of the Rock
5:13 FAO Schwartz
5:26 Columbus Circle
5:34 Central Park
5:43 Bike Rentals & Park Tours
5:51 Horse Carriage & Pedicab Tours
5:58 John Lennon’s Memorial
6:06 Lincoln Center Theater
Very helpful video. Thanks for uploading!

lone wolf says:

try coming to michigans beautiful upper penninsula and come see all the beautiful freighter ships up close.

Pearl Thomas Bocking says:

I am going to New York, and this was the most helpful thing ever, thank you so much, my trip will be much better and easier ♥️♥️♥️

Stephen Thomond says:

awesome thanks!

Chanel Mone says:

They got rid of FAO swartz

Ellis Oliveira says:

too much immigrants.. It really sucks

Emily Scherf says:


rajan kukaleshi says:

I am going to live in NYC.In the Staten Island?Any advice??

hilary smith says:

Are breakfast wagons everywhere or in certain spots? how long do they run?

joalex Padiken says:


jim ca says:

what stupid NYC needs is more parks.!!!!!!!!!!!

katiepot2002 says:

Thank you so much for this video!

Jim Fields says:

Lincoln Center is cool but check out BAM…Brooklyn Academy of Music. Also check out MOMA cinema. They often have pretty cool live music for silent film screenings. Halal food trucks…also a good bet. Delicious.

winnars says:

Should have hit up queens

adsnyd57 says:

I go to NYC for a month every summer and stay with my fam there. It’s great and you never get bored there if you do your research my personal favorite is actually One World Trade Center the elevator alone there is worth the 30 bucks

BaruchPB says:

If you were a real New Yorker you’d know that isn’t the real Little Italy…

jim ca says:

We need more parks in this stupid city.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tgoon 90 says:

Little Italy sucks. Went there last week. Literally one Italian restaurant.

ack ack says:

I was close to bailing out when she said ‘absolute yummers’ but I kept watching. The moment she said ‘Hashtag Yum’ I was out.

Muc Bird says:

Nothing beats New York coffee? Ha. Everything you said before and after that statement now has zero credibility

qolio says:

A bit food obsessed, but thanks for the effort involved in covering so many tourist points. I’d love to see someone do a vid in Feb – there must still be lots a tourist can enjoy?

Chanel Mone says:

Since when is it free to go to 9 11 memorial museum Tuesdays after 5

Chris Duggins says:

Many thanks for a great informative video.  Can’t wait for June 17

Melissa Samuel says:

very cool video and appreciate the breavity and hitting major hot spots 🙂

Oscar B. Burelli says:

Qué bueno es aplicar la libertad para todo aquello que nos hace sentir mejores ciudadanos y personas.-

J Princeton says:

NYC looks so funny now with those smaller cabs. I’m from the Crown Victoria days.

Nina x12 says:

I going to Flow AT New York.
I must Flyer 17 th i come from Germany.

Prathap Singh says:

hey indian guys there are indian 2:51

Ben Joseph says:

Just everywhere new yorkers hate to be

deluxe Krabby Patty says:

Nyc isn’t only Manhattan, try to explore the other boroughs as well such as Brooklyn 🙂

Leonardo Diax says:

Nothing beats ny coffee ?? Not even Colombian? Foh

Oddrey Weird says:

3:11 she said: Manhatten seems to be one of the most filmed cities in Hollywood… is she my god….

jim ca says:

WHat stupid NYC needs is more parks!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heijmdal says:

I just got back from my vacation in nyc.
1. Avoid Time Square! It’s just packed with tourists, everything is overpriced and as soon as you step onto it there will be someone who wants your money ( like charities and hustlers and they are really “in your face”).
2. Empire State building was way overrated. Long line, expensive and you could hardly see anything once you got up. (Do top of the rock or 1wtc if you want the view.)
3. Get a metro card! It’s amazing how much ground you can cover with the subway and taxi are really cheap for those places out of reach with the subway.
4. Take a bus to Woodbury outlet. You’d be amazed how much discount you can get on brand cloths and shoes there.
5. Eat breakfast at Bubby’s Tribeca. 120 Hudson st. (Best blueberry pancakes there is).

dbltrplx says:

Fuck New York.
Over priced rat hole.
She forgot to tell you about the 50 million rodents that live EVERYWHERE
in that city.

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