50 THINGS TO DO IN NEW YORK CITY | Top Attractions Travel Guide

Our recent week in New York City was an action-packed one. We decided to set ourselves a challenge to see and do as much as we possibly could, and that gave way to this travel video guide which highlights 50 of the top attractions. In a city like New York this means we barely scratched the surface, but hopefully this video will highlight the cornucopia of possibilities that is the Big Apple.

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We try our best to cover all of the top attractions including fine arts, entertainment, festivals, dining, architecture and museums as well as focusing on lesser known off the beaten path attractions to cover all forms of tourism. If you only have time to visit only one city in the United States it ought to be NYC, USA:

50 Things to do in New York City Top Attractions Travel Guide:

1 Grand Central Terminal
2 The High Line
3 Meatpacking District
4 Greenwich Village
5 Brooklyn Bridge
6 Williamsburg
7 Street Art in Williamsburg
8 Prospect Park
9 Dumbo
10 New York Style Pizza
11 Bryant Park
12 New York Public Library
13 Staten Island Ferry
14 Statue of Liberty
15 Battery Park
16 Little Italy
17 Little Korea
18 Chinatown
19 Coney Island
20 Mermaid Parade
21 The Cloisters
22 Harlem’s Apollo Theatre
23 Soul Food in Harlem at Sylvia’s
24 World Trade Center Memorial
25 Trinity Church
26 Wall Street
27 Lincoln Center
28 Ride a Bicycle
29 Watch a New York Yankees baseball game at Yankee Stadium
30 MET Museum (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
31 Flatiron Building
32 Washington Square Park
33 NYU (New York University)
34 National Museum of the American Indian
35 Museum of Natural History
36 Times Square
37 MOMA (Museum of Modern Art)
38 Roosevelt Island Tramway
39 Fifth Avenue Shopping
40 Rockefeller Center
41 Empire State Building
42 Carnegie Hall
43 Central Park
44 Strawberry Fields
45 Street Food
46 Catch a Broadway Theatre Performance
47 Madison Square Garden
48 African Burial Ground
49 Columbus Circle
50 Take the Subway Metro

Most journeys begin at Penn Station or Grand Central, and if you arrive at the later you’ll be wowed by the building. The Meatpacking District was once home to markets, slaughterhouses, and packaging plants, but times have changed. Today you’ll find a mixture of trendy restaurants, clubs and boutiques. The Village used to be a bohemian neighborhood that drew artists and musicians, but today you’re more likely to find upper middle class families living here. Completed in 1883, Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States. Williamsburg has become popular given its lower rent prices. University students and young professionals have been flocking to this part of town.
You can walk along the riverfront for a great view of the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges and the Manhattan skyline. During the summer months, Bryant Park also becomes a popular hangout spot people looking to relax and even work on their tans. The Staten Island Ferry is free of charge and this makes it really popular with visitors who want to catch a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty from a distance. Battery Park is located on the southern tip of Manhattan. Having both lived in South Korea, we were thrilled to come across Manhattan’s own Little Korea. Coney Island is all about good old fashioned fun. The Cloisters will make you feel like you’ve travelled over to Europe. Central Park is massive and there are so many places to visit within its boundaries. We managed to visit Belvedere Castle, the Great Lawn, Shakespeare Garden, The Ramble, The Jackie Onassis Reservoir, the Alice in Wonderland Statue, and we still left feeling like we barely scratched the surface.

And that concludes a look at our very busy week in New York City. I’m still shocked we managed to cover so many attractions, but the great thing about this city is that distances aren’t very long and there’s always something really cool worth checking out around each corner. Have you been to New York? What are your favorite things about this city? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

This video features the songs World Map, Crimson Fly, Omission,
Monks, Say Yeah & First Day available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Commercial license.


fmsracing442 says:

Go to fraunces tavern. It is the oldest building in Manhattan. It served as George Washington’s headquarters during the Revolutionary War and where said goodbye to his generals at the end of the Revolutionary War.

Alisha Noggin says:


Jonathan Peacock says:

what’s the music playing around the 13:10 mark?

ryan callier says:


Avery says:

I was in Times Square with my grandfather when I was a little girl, and he was telling me about how you could easily find someone who you know there- and we bumped into one of his colleagues.

Airport Info HQ says:

0:34 1. Grand Central Terminal
0:42 2. The High Line
1:08 3. Meatpacking District
1:22 4. Greenwich
1:36 5. Brooklyn Bridge
1:59 6. Williamsburg
2:28 7. Street Art in Williamsburg
2:42 8. Prospect Park
3:00 9. Dumbo
3:29 10. Eat Pizza
3:43 11. Bryant Park
4:16 12. New York Public Library
4:23 13. Staten Island Ferry
4:42 14. Statue of Liberty
4:53 15. Battery Park
5:12 16. Little Italy
5:22 17. Little Korea
5:37 18. Chinatown
5:52 19. Coney Island
6:15 20 Mermaid Parade
6:47 21. The Cloisters
7:12 22. Apollo Theater
7:21 23. Soul Food in Harlem
7:39 24. One World Trade Center
7:51 25. Trinity Church
8:04 26. Wall Street
8:18 27. Lincoln Center
8:38 28. Ride a Bike
8:52 29. Yankees Stadium
9:14 30. MET Museum
9:34 31. Flatiron Building
9:45 32. Washington Square Park
10:04 33. New York University
10:14 34. National Museum of the American Indian
10:27 35. Museum of Natural History
10:39 36. Times Square
11:14 37. Museum of Modern Art
11:20 38. Roosevelt Island Tramway
11:50 39. Fifth Avenue Shopping
12:04 40. Rockefeller Center
12:14 41. Empire State Building
12:27 42. Carnegie Hall
12:34 43. Central Park
13:37 44. Strawberry Fields
13:51 45. Eat Street Food
14:20 46. Broadway Theater
14:37 47. Madison Square Garden
15:05 48. African Burial Ground
15:17 49. Columbus Circle
15:27 50. Take the Metro
Long list but worth the watch. Thanks for uploading this video.

The Wandering Wife says:

Great list! A few of my own notes:
1. See the WTC Museum, and get tickets in advance online to avoid a possibly lengthy wait to get in.
2. PLEASE don’t buy knockoffs! It’s illegal, dangerous, and you’re enabling child labor.
3. See at least one Broadway show! There’s nothing like it!
4. Watch your wallet and purse in Times Square. Pickpockets regard it as easy pickings there. Ladies, take only a bag that zips closed – nothing open. And keep it in front of you with your arm over it. Better yet, wear it cross-body style.
5. DO spend 2-3 hours in the Ellis Island Museum. You’ll be surprised at how difficult it was to be allowed to enter the US back then. It’s a good educational opportunity if you have kids.

Princee Erick says:

Fuck This Its All About La

Jim Fields says:

Also…inside tip… Red Hook Brooklyn. Go to the Brooklyn Crab in Red Hook, Bklyn. You’ll need to take an Uber. But you can see the Harbor and statue of liberty (tho far off) but it’s cool and Bklyn Crab is a lot of fun and close to some great bbq and Sonny’s Bar. I’m born and raised here so don’t fucken not do this shit.

Stephen Bach says:

The new Whitney Museum is also very nice and worth a visit.

George E says:

Please pardon is this has already been answered. Where are the signs we see 16:05 located?

Jhinu Jung says:

New York is my favorite place in the world.The only problem with New York is that it is so hard to find a restroom, when you urgently need to go…Not like most other major cities in the world, the subway stations usually do not have an open restroom, and cannot find many public restrooms throughout the city.Other than that, New York is a really awesome city.  Once you have lived there, you won’t want to live in any other parts of the world any more.

Sports Wrestling ? says:

Are they a couple

Sophie Loves Sunsets says:

Great video as always guys! New York is one of those places it can take you a little while to get used to but once you do … you totally fall in love with the place 🙂 I’m moving there full time in a month and I can’t wait :’)

Sathyanarayanan Lakshmanan says:

Very valuable information with a beautiful video. Thanks

Mike Wazowski says:

-Don’t stand in the middle of the sidewalks
-Don’t take a taxi in Manhattan or a yellow taxi (THEY CHARGE YOU A LOT!)
-Explore more than just Manhattan
-Do NOT go to central park at night
-Don’t take the 1 train to the Bronx unless you wana get mugged
-Stay away from the Monks in Times Square they will try to give you something and then fool you and make you pay them
-Don’t stare at people on the train
-If you wana see street performers, go to 42nd st train stations or 34th st D train station
-Bryant Park is lame
-14th st where the 4 train station is, is where the party is at
-Don’t take pictures with the Elmo’s and minions in times square they will charge u for a picture
-We NY people aren’t rude we’re just in a rush!
-For the best shakes you will ever taste, Visit BLACKTAP NYC
-Chinatown is a shit town visit at your own risk
-Expect to see many homeless people but don’t feel bad that you didn’t give them money because there are A LOT!
-Use the Train since its the most cheapest form of transportation (Download an app of the train map)
-Times Square Dallas BBQ’s is one of the worst places to eat, STAY AWAY!
-SoHo has a lot of clothing stores if you’re interested in buying any
-Don’t dress or look too Tourist-ee
-Visit Times Square only once for one day, its too crowded and there’s really amazing nothing there.

Arina says:

Thanks for the video. I wrote down 3 points.

Adolfo Briceno says:

Great video of NYC. It is a city that I love and where I have lived for many years. It brought a lot of great memories. Thanks guys. You are the best.

nohasamy77 says:

I like your videos very much, they helped me a lot before going to Paris, and I’m planning to visit NYC in 2018, thanks a lot

Medo Medo says:

I m moslem and leave in New york

Jim Fields says:

Check out St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Park with it’s crazy, funky fountain and then eat and V&T’s Italinan where all the Columbia U students go. Don’t be a douchebag. I’m tellin’ you

Hadj Nabil says:

Thank you so much for this lovely video and about sharing us to visit New york.god bless you Samuel and Audrey.

Catering Services NYC says:

This video is really amazing, very fun to watch.

Robin McKee says:

NYU doesn’t have a real campus as much of the classrooms are scattered around the city. So while there is a small “campus” for administration and a few classrooms, most of it is in places like: over a deli

nhade ahmed says:

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Aexoero says:

hello, is it very hot in june in NY?

Avery says:

I’m going back to New York tomorrow! I used to visit my aunt there a lot but now she has moved. My mom and I are excited to buy clothing and eat lunch there.

Lim Meng Yong says:

This is another underrated travel vlogging channel like the vagabrothers.

alfredgoovermon says:

You sound like the girl who offers free iPods.

Osnat bu ב says:

exe lent video. beauty way to show this town. thank`s

SilvanaDil says:

I would have cut a few minor parks in favor of the Guggenheim and the Frick Collection.

Gabe The Babe says:

I’m going to visit NYC this summer, hope it’s worth the wait

Olay Redden says:

This video was very helpful in planning our family trip.

Jim Fields says:

Fuck the Yankees… try Citifield for the Mets

DodjersBoy says:

You guys got the Koreans’ support.

vanissl says:

that girl looks dapper, you must he one luck guy, dude!

baritonebynight says:

Upper middle class families in the Village? Try the super uber rich now.

Our Van Diaries says:

Fantastic channel, really liked it!

Milan Goranovic says:

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Travel Hub 365, Inc. says:


Shirla Brown says:

u forget the US Open in Flushing, Queens

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