A Day In New York

Finn and I were lucky enough to visit New York! The problem is we only had one day to see all the sights…

The first song is by OHO (9th Pawn)
Download this track here: http://goo.gl/Kgc50
YouTube channel: http://youtube.com/ohoband

Check out the sexy Joey!
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The awesome girl at the end is called Emily Torres. Here’s her channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialEmilyTorres

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Brandon Gallegos says:

Oh god they sound so much like tourists god damnit

Wolfee GameZ says:

Bruh, looks amazing

Beetle Juice says:

2 bellends skateboarding

Michael Young says:

I remember I went to NYC in Jul 2008 when I was 9 it was the best experience I rode the subway, I went to the empire state building, and Brooklyn.

mohd anas says:

nice video ..I am very enjoyed this video reali

mike polinski says:

You both gotta stop looking at each other all the time like couples ! And you both look like girls with boy haircuts !

Jordyn Lane says:

I feel like he left his phone in the taxi on purpose just to see what if feels like to something in NY

Muneeb Zubair says:

4k beauty oh wow

Aakash Patel says:

where can I buy the boots they’re wearing

Bangla Media Utv says:


Joe Conrad says:

New York is the armpit of the United States, that’s why New Jersey smells so bad.

BitPit says:

New York represent!

Eden Film says:


Айсори Мизу says:

STOP!”Russian”? He said “Russian”?(2:32) OO What a….

Li Ann Chai says:

why is chinatown such a big thing to new yorkers?

Александр Смолин says:

Истории от наших иммигрантов – подписывайся https://vk.com/speakoutnyc

Minti Binti says:

I am a Muslim and I love New York. New Yorker are really wonderful people. They are not phobic like other States of America, New Yorkers are truly brave too. Proud of it. Proud to live into it. God bless New York.

monster animation says:

And they don’t know that the little french children are watching this vidéo with their english teacher !!!! I m french !!!

Gianfranco Tejada says:


Aakash Patel says:

What brand are their boots ?

Travel To The World says:

Thanks for upload. Really ♥️ur videos.

Rumasila says:

Wow hahaha it’s amazing you guys got the phone back x]

Rahim Joseph says:

London has a higher population

mohd anas says:

I am jealous

sarah says:

Ahh! I’m moving here soon. SO excited <3

taylor M says:

I’m in New York now it’s weird when people persuade you to buy their things just don’t show them 50 dollars like I accidently did

Jay Alexander HD says:

I just made a New York video too! This is awesome. Check it out if you have time

Emily Gomez says:

I’m leaving today to New York !

ObeyShah says:

I’m from Bronx. We lit

what's inside TV says:

I make videos about New York different places!! would be glad to see you on my channel!!

المصمم علوش الباشا says:

الي يحب الله لايك

Daniel Braz says:

My dreamm these city.

danortega88 says:

good video

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