in todays video a take you along my week in New York!! I had so much fun spending time with family & getting ready for Christmas!

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Emma Cassity says:

WHERE IS HER BEANIE FROM does anyone know!!!!

annie yon says:

Love you Keaton!!!☺️

Catarina says:

Just my two favorite youtubers in one video!

gabx donut says:

i love seeing the behind the scenes to your insta pics. I know exactly who you were with and everything that went down before bc you vlogged that!

Sabrina Korn says:

seeing the way your dad acts makes me really understand you as a person

fayrouz elbouziani says:

who’s nat?

XD corngunner says:

Hi Keaton my sister Jasie the girl you met with her best friend kali they were so excited to meet you and I wanted to say thank you for making their day!!! And merry Christmas!! When your video went up Jasie was about to start cry laughing!! You also met my mom Gina

Ariel Alena says:

your family deserves a reality tv show i swearrrrr

Anna Lewis says:

I love that you went out of your way to meet your viewers. That’s so sweet of you!

Amanda Green says:

do a what i got for christmas vid omg

Cheryl says:

Your Dad is hilarious!!!!

Alina Grace says:

You are the cutest thing..i swear

Jahan Ebrahim says:

the fact that she made plans to meet up with subscribers just shows how genuine and kind her heart is. wow i love her so much !!

Nicole .P says:

your dad with his juul. legend

Alexa Anne says:

i feel like everyone’s gone ice skating this month except me 🙁

maddie gregg says:

omg! Natalia graduated the year before I did. small world!

Bertha Lovejoy says:

lol you have the best vlogs

Britt Montana says:

Ummmm I work at Macy’s If only I knew you were in the store I would’ve left my damn desk! Hope you enjoyed New York ❤️

Sarah Bustamante says:

Ahaha the Juul!!!

Rachel McCartney says:

rednecks in new york

beautybyashley says:

NYC is absolutely beautiful during christmas time!!

Warisa Khan says:

Please do a meetup this weekend or something cuz I’m in Houston rn and I’d love to meet u

Lauren C says:

You are your dads twin wow

alieke feid says:

yes u and margot! my favs

Margot Lee says:

my ANKLES HAHAHAHAHA ok bye gonna go cut off my feet

Lexie Guevremont says:

This was one of my absolute favorite videos I laughed so much. Love you and so obsessed with your style.

bright eyes tell soft lies says:

Keaton! Your dad is such a babe

Claire & Mac says:

your dad juulin is iconic

Rosie Salyards says:

Keaton and her dad are twins!

Vitta says:

you’re so pretty!!
btw i just posted a grwm to go to a college party & i’d love it if you checked my video out <3
and if there are any small youtubers who would like to support eachother, my messages are always open xo

Merve B. says:

Your dad is handsome and he is so cute and funny! Im in love with him

Jorden Williams says:

aw your dad is so cute hahahahahaha

kat c says:

im so happy u and margot are friends!! ive been following both of u for years now wow my life is complete

Marissa Nicole says:

you are so sweet Keaton!!!

Jamie Mackenzie says:

your dad is so funny hahahah i love this

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