Best NYC Places For People With A Sweet Tooth

These are the top 14 places you should visit if you have a giant sweet tooth. For more information on the desserts (featured in chronological order), visit:
American Cut:
10Below Ice Cream:
Du’s Donuts & Coffee:
Five Pennies Creamery:
Gelso & Grand:
Ample Hills Creamery:
Sweet Moment:
-321 Ice Cream Shop:
Ube Kitchen:
Project Brunch:
Soft Swerve:


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Mount 0 says:

I am in Nyc is that in Manhattan?

Eagle Teresa says:

Thanks, but recently my sugar cravings have come to a halt. I don’t know why, but suddenly I don’t dream of eating candy or cake. It’s A DREAM COME TRUE

Jay says:

I gotta go there no doubt about it

Jacqueline Cody says:

I feel like packing on weight watching this video because the desserts looks so good

•Plum Productions• says:

Sister: “Why are you crying?”
Me: It’s a video I’m watching.
Sister: “Is it one of those weird sad videos you watch?”
Me: No, I’m watching videos about sweet shops in nyc.
Sister: “Lemme see.”
**we cry together**

sleepy mew says:

My goodness…

dogeyoto 2 says:

Where’s the Swaggy milkshake?

Quartz The Rabbit says:

1:07 to 1:09 I want to slap her

A Noob says:

i hate you…..

Mr. korbloxR says:

omg is so sweet!

Trintae says:

Im in New York right now..


UN KNOWN says:

am i the only one that has a salty-sour tooth
maybe its because im lonely

Wolf Girl says:

Well. Now I’m hungry! YAY!!!

Luna Lovegood says:

This is why Americans are overweight

Debra Lawrence says:

You know, I love sweets. But I found pretty much all the sweets in this video (w/ exception of Du’s cake donuts) to be pretty gross looking. I guess I just like the less fancy, more understated stuff, like buttermilk cake donuts, sour cream pound cake, chocolate chip cookies, chess pies, etc.

Eefje says:


•♡sugarluv♡• says:

mY miNd iS TeLliNg mE dIaBeTes
bUt mY sWEet tOoTh, mY sWEet ToOtH iS TelLinG me YeS

Unicornfarts 123 says:

In London,Walthamstow there is a place called “Creams” and they have the best waffle cone giant Sunday’s ever and milkshakes and ice cream and everything!! :p

UsuallyMOLLY11 Randoms says:

What does NYC mean…?

Lazar says:

“Best places in NYC for people with a sweet tooth”
All of my teeth are sweet teeth.

QueenofSilence101 says:

Marshmallow ice cream? Oh, god, that sounds disgusting…

Izabela Mietus says:

Are they all in America?

xXunicorn nightfallXx MSP says:

I hate donuts

Noot Noot Recruit says:

Best NYC stores that will cause heart failure before 25

kitteh cool says:

Me: oh this looks yummmyyyyyy!!!!!

Others: *_OH nOOOooOOo DiAbeTeS_*

Ps. Please stop with the *DIABETES* comments they are getting annoying

Quartz The Rabbit says:

2:34 is how normal people eat food

Loulouah 3377 says:

One word: diabetes

Ken Rivera says:

I love you

Banana Nana says:

5:12 Iv seen one waaay bigger in the store somewhere

Ella F says:

Ok, that list didn’t include DŌ Cookie Dough Confections or Milk Bar. Those are two very famous places.

Camila Cats says:

We got our DIABETES

Cringe Queen says:

I’ve gone to these places before (Not to brag) but they are all super cool!

Alexander Weihe says:

This is to much food, only unhealthy americans would eat this!

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