BEST Pizzas in New York! New York Pizza Tour of Manhattan

You asked for it, and now it’s here: Pizza tour of Manhattan, NY!
Here are some of my FAVORITE places to get pizza in New York…and don’t forget to eat before watching…you have been warned. Strictly Dumpling T-Shirts HERE:

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Location 1 Rubirosa:
Location 2 Prince Street Pizza:
Location 3 Kesté:
Location 4 Joe’s Pizza:
Location 5 Patrizia’s:

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xPhantomBear V says:

This guy probably takes massive shits

Pinkaholic xo says:

I am jealous

iran tehran says:

ok مرسی‌ پیتزا merci . pizza ok

Benjamin Mcfadden says:

Love this and I want pizzza now. In reflection I bet you ate 10,000 calories man, haha.

King Frosty IX says:

eh? kinda disappointing. Expectations were too high I guess.

marco abreo says:

Is this the same Vato from the paranormal channel?

Phoenix Beats says:

Try Punch Neapolitan Pizza in Minnesota. It’s probably the best pizza in the Midwest, truly authentic Neapolitan Pizza cooked in 60 seconds.

Nicolas Dam says:

My mouth couldn’t stop wandering I wanted pizza so bad

JonahTheBest says:

I am going to New York soon, so….

Mark Kram says:

Folding the pizza in half is sacrilege. You only do that with cheap dirty Dominoes because you don’t actually want to taste it.

IronFistBump says:

556 people must’ve have been hungry seeing this video.

xhellboundx says:

Star? I think you’ve forgotten what a star looks like..

jazz 1987 says:

Dude all u wanna do is to mix hot oil in everything possible

David Plouse says:

folded the pizza isnt the new york way. Its just the american way

michael jackson says:

I thought cheese makes Asians fart

kiki0girlify says:

Can you please stop calling a calzone, a calzon? It’s pronounced calzo-ne (cal-zon-ehh).

Gerardo Gallo says:

Bruh. Come to Chicago

Demie Damian says:

yeha right… burned pizza !!!!!!!!

Paul Connors says:

That is the PERFECT thin slice @ Rubirosa!  I have never seen a more perfect thin slice!

Willie Stroker says:

NY may have the best thin Crust.. but Chicago has the best pizza. *Shots fired*

Planet1ish says:

You always make me hungry, but how is your cholesterol level?

Paul Connors says:

Your narration is hilarious!

Corey C. says:

I’m glad to see that you got a square pizza. Growing up in metro Detroit that is what I grew up on. Detroit style pizza is my fav but all the pizza you reviewed look amazing. Great video.

Matt Meade says:

You need to do another pizza video of the other boros

Regretful Strategies says:

I just ordered a pizza while watching this

Mike t says:

did you say “delicious pepperoni cock’ ?

Advay says:

you should go to switzerland. THEY HAVE AMAZING PIZZA!! I went to a place in Zermatt, and oh my goodness the calzone was the best thing i had tasted. It was ham, cheese, and sauce and I havent tasted anything better. The place is next to the train station and you should go there. The place needs attention.

Marco Orlando says:

My mouth is waterin

Jackson Brown says:

A good pizza isnt thick, its a thin crisp bottom, not that breadlike doughy bottom!! greetz from europe!

Mariah Martinez says:

Im hungry

KM MD says:

This guy looks like Jackie Chan

Media Addict says:

I need all this in my life…. with extra cheese.

Morrius07 says:

Number 4 is the perfect New York slice, just needs extra cheese! lol

7breakingbenjamin7 says:

you do not want to be hungry, about to go to sleep, while watching this

MladenovicS says:

Rosas Pizza in queens the best

Worldwide Manifestations For Everyone says:


Lucifer Morningstar says:

Dude how did you not go to artichoke pizza

R D says:


Keown Thomas says:

Am i the only one who feels the need to hit this guy with a baseball bat??!

Marco Orlando says:

This is a gud day to be a New Yorker, love ma life

Ken m says:

Started wating your vids. Very good. Are there any where you did not like the food?

Benjamin Burch says:

Why are you not verified?

Pinkaholic xo says:

My favorite food in one video. Pizza is honestly the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Caleb Collier says:

*_Pizza time_*

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