FUN DAY IN NEW YORK! Getting Piercings, Exploring Soho & Being Cultural!

Back in New York for a family gathering & I’m vlogging! We went to Maria Tash to get some piercings, explored the murals in SoHo & went to the Whitney museum! So much laughs in between 🙂

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Sister Playlist!!!


Lips – Anastasia Liquid Lipstick in Crush
Lashes – So Sue Lashes in
Earrings – Maria Tash
Nails – Essie Island Hopper

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I hope you enjoyed this vlog! Lemme know if you wanna see a haul 🙂


Alyce Xoxo says:

You girls are hilarious. Please Amelia what is the name of the song at 3:00 I’ve searched everywhere! Thank you much love

E Kung says:

love your editing!

Jenny Amponsah says:

Watching your vlogs has made me miss New York so much – I wanna go back!!!!!!!! Loved this, you made me laugh so much in the museum when you were laughing at your sister!!!!

Kristen M says:

I have been lusting over maria tash’s jewelry for SO LONG. I can’t justify the price thoughhhh so jelly

Bianca Quickfall says:

what is the piercing called that Hannah’s got? where can I get the link to the pic??

Barbara Vyse says:

Luv the white dress in your snap chat in the bathroom. You always looks so stylish. And your American accent was cute !

Lily Hsu says:

Hannah’s piercings are so beautiful!!! More close up shot please!

cookiecrazy53 says:

Did you call museums “snooze-eums”? Lol I agree!!

ASimpleMix says:

You and Hannah are so cute xxx

Hannah Nemerever says:


Anna Brown says:

this vlog speaks to me. lmao id be crying on the floor at hannah

Linda Ferrao says:

More vlogs please. What happened to the Italy one ?

Monalisa Through Mona’s Eyes says:

Great video Amelia, it’s made me what to vlog more. Can I ask what vlogging camera your currently using? xx

Elizabeth Garrett says:

Amelia – my mom were literally at the Whitney on the SAME DAY you guys were, so crazy! Maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t see you, otherwise #fangirl

LilacsAdore says:

How often do you go to NY/ LA? I have a boyfriend and direct family near there, and I’m pretty sure you travel to the area more often than me.

Ella deL says:

NYC! My dream city to live! x

Idaline B says:

love your sisters dress shoo cute.

FashionAplenty says:

Whats on your lips?

S Herman says:

our standard family gatherings are 20-30 people. The extended family ones are easily over 50-60 people. 17 seems normal hahaha

Danielle Sappleton says:

What camera are you using?

Eliza Som says:

Hannah asking people if the paintings spoke to her was so hilarious, you guys are the best

Ana Karina says:

How do you have so much money to travel all the time ? 🙂

makeupbyjemmabarbourx says:

Where is that place you were posting for a photo it had a great view behind it!

Duchess of Fashion says:

You travel to NYC so often! Jealous! Fun vlog! x

digitalteacup says:

You two are the best. Always makes me wish I had a sister.

Hannah W says:

This has made me laugh SO much hahaha. I’ve rewatched it so many times <3

Digital Nomad Girl says:

I totally use Instagram to order my food too! haha. So much easier when you can see a photo of it 😀 Also great for food flat lay inspo 😉

Tequila&Tea says:

Tutorial on this eye-shadow make up please, Liana. it’s gorgeous.

Indi Mist says:

I love your sunglasses where r they from

alyajames says:

Does anyone know the name/where to find that Remix of Aint No Sunshine at 3:01?

B. R. says:

Amelia, I wonder if you were in NYC at the time of the Chelsea bombing?
I hope your sweet little cousin that we always see, wasn’t too badly effected by it. Xo

Kerstin XYF says:


Aylie Rose says:

ah I’ve always wanted to go to NYC and this blog has just made me want to go even more, looks amazing!!

Sara Rincon says:

the name of the song 3:00 ?

Abbie Mrvic says:

Love the piercings!

SevenDaysofStyle says:

You were in my neighborhood and passed my daughters school! If you’re still there check out the Grey Dog cade on W.16th! I’m there all the time:))  hope you have fun xoxo

Ellie Taylor says:

Where are your necklaces from!? I spent majority of the vlog just staring at them xxx

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