Hello and welcome back to my Day in the Life videos. Today is a special and different one as last week we were in New York on holiday. We had the most amazing time, we got back Friday afternoon and it all feels like one big, fun dream.

I am going to put together a ‘NYC with Kids Travel Guide’ video as I got so many messages asking me to do that and a blog post, but first here is a day in the life video of one of our days there.

Thanks so much as always for subscribing, commenting, liking and generally just being so supportive of my videos- I appreciate each and every one of you!








Emma McDonagh says:

That jumpsuit you’re wearing at the start is lovely ❤️ matches your eyes! Em @ Utterly Feral x

Stacey says:

Such a well timed vlog for me! We’re flying over to NYC in 2 weeks to look at neighbourhoods, schools and apartments in Manhattan and Brooklyn, before we move there in August. I’m taking my 20 month old on the flight and am just wondering how Wren was on the plane? Also we’re going to be doing lots of walking and I noticed you had Wren in a carrier. Would you recommend it i.e was it comfortable/ supportive etc? We’re looking to buy one to take with us. Looks like you’re all loving it there! xx

Sally Hancox says:

How did going to New York affect your youngest child’s sleep routine and adapting back to normal when you got back to the UK? My husband and I would love to travel to Boston USA with our 8 month old before he reaches 2 years but I am terrified it will completely ruin his sleep routine. A video on how to get the children used to time differences and back on track when you get home would be so helpful. Sally.

Lauren Goodchild says:

I could not have loved this more. Cannot wait till your travel guide. I always thought that I wouls have to wait until my boys were bigger but I really found your instagram has made me think otherwise. I am desperate to take them now. xx

L says:

Thanks so much for putting this up, fantastic vlog, love the music and editing. So glad you found yr camera. New York is such a magical place isn’t it?

mini makers says:

Oh my goodness, yes I remember the horrendous NY taxi drivers! Your holiday looks amazing as always xx

Julia Hodder says:

Absolutely love your travel vlogs – out of all the you tubers i watch your format of them are the ones i prefer xxx its like a litte arty documentary x

sandra young says:

Aww this was a wonderful vlog Katie! Can’t wait to see the other NY stuff! So glad your camera was found !! Xx

Simply Stacey says:

Loved this! I have added to my list of where I want to go. Great to see can do with kiddies too. Looked absolutely amazing. Have loved following on instastories xx

My Jewish Mommy Life says:

This jumpsuit is my fave!!!! You look adorable in it! Great video

Pillar Family says:

you are just so pretty and admire you for taking the kids to new york!

Irene Lee says:

Gorgeous fam! Love watching your videos x

Kim Potter says:

Great vlog – I ❤️ NYC! The high line is one of my favourite parts as you see so much

MrsG Mummy_of_three says:

Love love love this. I’ve never been to New York but it’s certainly on my list. I thought it would tricky with three children but it looks so much fun. Can’t wait to see more footage and read the blog x

Jayne Vassar says:

Great vlog Katie so pleased you got your camera back xx

Kate+ says:

I couldn’t have loved this more! Can’t wait to see the next NY video. So pleased you got your camera back xx

Lindsay Teale says:

Really really loved this…..would love if you did a day in the life everyday on holiday! So interesting! Love that you aren’t phased by travelling with 3 kids and inspires me and my hubby!! <3

Les 1001 facettes de Caro says:

*You’re so georgous Katie!!!! The view from your hotel room is amazing! You have chosen 2 really nice hotel! I remember it was difficult to choose one for our trip to NYC, there are so many different in this giant city!I have really enjoyed watching this video and your stories on Instagram, thank you so much for sharing Katie!*

Carly Boote says:

Wow what a cool hotel in Brooklyn!!! Great vlog and so lucky about your camera!!! Xxx

Mrs Hible says:

Absolutely loved this day in the life vlog in New York. Loving all your travel themed graphics. I’m so happy your camera came back to you. Xxx

beyondsunrises Alice says:

Loved this! Hope you had a fabulous time in New York!

Shelley Mummy Vlogs says:

looks like you had a wonderful time my lovely x

Jen Vanessa says:

Katie your travel vlogs are always amazing. Your holidays always look super planned and organised.

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