Last Day In New York City – NYC FULL DAY VACATION 🇺🇸

As our time in the USA comes to an end we spend the day exploring some of the most authentic food in NYC. Joined with many locals they show us the best spots on things to do and what to eat in New York City.
⌲ It was nice hanging out at Chelsea Market with Jon from Here be barr, as we always find his video fun to watch and his travel tips is so useful to plan our travel expecially to the country like Mexico and New York City : Check out Jon Channel here :

⌲ Daniel and Naz is amazing to hang out with, we had so much fun and learn so much about New York City because of them. Check out their channel here :

⌲ Maria and Lieles is fun to hang out with ! they are doing RV trip around America, you guys can check them out here


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Daniel&Naz says:

Omg.. this is so funny.. I really made you walk so much ^^

ArtisticAsian1014 says:

-I love the high line…it’s a nice spot in the summer with lot of activities offered. I also love the fact that it was the railway that brought the meat from port to the meat packing district where meat was to be sold. I think Chelsea market is part of the meat packing district.
-Chelsea market. One of my must is the famous “fat witch” brownie shop. They have so many assorted types of brownie and blondies. Also after a certain time the open brownies aka the one made fresh that day and therefor unwrapped are half price or discounted.. They have wrapped ones in plastic and can buy them in individual of in a box.
-isn’t slim Jim a jerky brand? Like beef jerky?

Cherish Adventure says:

That is one thing with the Ferry it’s on time!

thomas graff says:

Great have any issues with TAHs visa…

seoulstice says:

I still have my waffle-top too, it’s clutch in cold weather!

Simple Filemaker says:

Tah is getting fat bro. Make her run.

Terry Flynn says:

yeeeeeeeeeehhhaaawwwww….off to Mexico, where it will be warmer (promise), its like 74F/23 C, nice! you guys enjoy and keep safe, stay frosty 🙂

Sir 2k6 says:

Hey guys great video, any suggestions for me I plan to visit NYC in exactly 2 weeks time, tips and tricks, I plan to stay in Queens just across from Manhattan near the Queensboro bridge area. I have already bought a warm insulated jacket for the weather, I am sure I will freeze, I am from the West coast? Did you go across the Brooklyn Bridge, I have not seen it in your video’s? Cheers

Globe Trotter says:

Fantastic and lovely video. Thanks for taking us along. Thumbs up and Safe Travel.

Cristopher Llacuna says:

Amazing vedio be safe always…God bless both of you…

Kevin Yeoh says:

NYC is so purrdy. Can’t wait for your next video already!!

The Mamuchos says:

Wow! We did so much that day!! And you guys started way before us!!!
Jimmy stop eating street lettuce!! Lol

Love the day and all the time we spent together!

davina 07 says:

Great friends and campanions makes for a real interesting trip cheers


Hey! just wondering, will you ever come back to indonesia?

Touring Tastebuds says:

‪Damn guys! Props to 50k! Very cool you guys were able to meet up with so many people, plus Daniel and Naz are awesome! Ah the ferry left you guys hah smart to call an Uber! ‬that market looked amazing! Thai food and tacos cannot go wrong!

John P. says:

Great video as always but you should have made your way to Katz’s Deli for the best pastrami sandwich ever !!

Daniel&Naz says:

It’s great how we have different angles of the same moments in our videos .. ours is coming out this Sunday ^^ N.. and we FINALLY made that ferry ride.. I was so determined.. even if we had to wait soooooo long for it .. love the shots you got on the ferry.. Tah.. this is an amazing edit.. can’t believe that was 20 mins .. I still want more

Colin Maharaj says:

Nice, I am from the Caribbean (Trinidad), so I will be teasing my NY friends about our hot beach weather here.

Pokerlemon says:

Mike Krzyzewski

Here Be Barr says:

Awesome meeting you guys !! Hope to collab again real soon

Food and Footprints says:

Glad you got to finally ride the ferry after all! One of the best ways to see the city. Great you got to meet up with Jon – he is awesome! We did a video with him in Queens a few months back ago.

Irina Pantic says:

Beginning looked like you were on The Amazing Race. Wish you were one of the teams so I could cheer for you guys. Tah is so cool with those sunglasses.

Daniel&Naz says:

Under $3 for 5 tacos in Mexico!!!?.. we paid $3.50 for ONE

zonelynTV says:

Enjoy!!! Safe travel

sultanofanعبود العبدلي says:


sham jallaludin says:

Both of you should really do The Amazing Race programme. i’m sure you’ll do well. Great video as always.

Daniel&Naz says:

Those tacos!!! Yummm.. bet you have had better ones in Mexico though

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