Living Cheap in NYC- $10 For A Day?

Can you survive on just $10 a day in New York City? We put living cheap to the test, as I take the 10 Dollar Travel Challenge in one of the most expensive places in the world, Manhattan. Find out where to find some of the best values in food,drink, and entertainment in NYC! All for the cost of a Hamilton in this week’s travel vlog.

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James Delos Santos says:

Hello I am a new subscriber

joseph salgado says:

on street:coffee $1/banana 5 for $1/pizza 2 slices +soda for $2.75(2 brothers) etc…I love my city..New York

Daniel says:

yicks Chinese Food

Gmd OVenomo says:

you can spend 2 months in russia with 10 dollars.

Pierogi [Pearl] says:

10 USD is worth 15 dollars here and you can afford a Big Mac value meal with a McFlurry and an Apple pie and you will still have money to spare

Jeff Golden says:

You’re not living in New York on $10 a day.  You’re only eating in New Your on $10.  You have to add on 1/30th of your monthly rent too.


good video… thanks for this

Memes for Life says:

$10 worth of bread around 3 loafs eat half a loaf a day food for 6 days

Patchy says:

How is this supposed to be a challenge? I mean, 10 dollars can get you four big macs at mcdonalds with their 2 for 5 deal…

MamaWantsWaffles says:

I’m from queens and $10 dollars is usually how much I spend in a week. Though the only disadvantage is I only eat once a day so I’m always hungry all the time. But hey at least I’m saving money

Snipez says:

3:43 lol swedish boy

Somalia Hanoolaato says:

You were eating nothing but carbs my friend, good luck.

Lou Zer says:

So its all flour based meals, carb city

seriouslythinkabout says:

Once I’ve purchased my monthly metrocard and purchased a month’s worth of groceries I can live off $10 and < a month. signed a native new yorker

Dancing With Alpacas says:

$10/day is not cheap. How about making a video about cooking your own food with a $10/week budget.

jerkhead71 says:

for the second stop you spend 2.50 but it saids spend 2 dollars

Noah Kanter says:

you are a rip off of LivingBobby

SuperHan says:

spends 10 dollars for a day and gets enough money to pay his rent from a single video.

Doovlin Doov says:

Now try paying rent and bills

icewall flatearth says:

survive? spaghetti and sauce for a week $10

Tom Hayward says:

Living with bobby copied you

Revaldo Runtuwene says:

In Indonesia with 10$ you can survive one half a week

Asante Watson says:

Dude is that your twin brother?

Don Ton says:

Damn. If u were here in the philippines you’re 10 dollars is worth 500 pesos and above, u can survive 3 or more days with that kind of money.

capoman1 says:

These videos should be titled more clearly. Your budget only covers food, this is “Eating for $10 a day.” Your phone, your rent, your utilities, all of that are “living” expenses. You just paid for food.

Charles Gates says:

Rather have pimento cheese.

Chris_X5 says:

Am I the only one that keeps coming back

Alejandro Moran says:

Hola mocoso… Como te va

Doovlin Doov says:

I could do *$0* my whole life

*I call it mugging*

tinostarks says:

yikes, I spend $20-30/day of food and I’m 40mins from the city

Tara Collins says:

I live in nyc, and the dumpling house u went to is actually a few blocks from my school and I go there all the time for cheap bubble tea.

capoman1 says:

Honestly, I appreciate this so much more than the gimmicky $1 a day videos done; where their entire day is like scrounging around begging for meals or samples and doing unpractical things. Your video was not gimmicky, this was completely practical. And you probably showed some New Yorkers where to pick up cheap lunch and dinner, at dumpling shops and that pizza shop. Very good video.

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