Living in New York City: How I travel! A look at why I choose to live and how to travel from NYC on a spontaneous trip to Europe!

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Filmed, Edited and Produced By Erik Conover LLC, NYC 2018

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Samski says:

Thanks for sharing! You are very gifted. I really like to travel as well:)I not too long ago shared my first ever video – My holiday diary in Queenstown. Eep!Would definitely adore your comments on my video/editing so I can also develop like you!

Fouzi H'M says:

You are absoluetly done o professionnel job proud of you Érik !

M10Productions says:

Wtf I swear I just guessed Czech Republic and it was it! I’m so shocked dude!!

Abderaman Koulamallah says:

I actually got the city right hahaha, lived all my life in Europe tho

Bora The Traveler says:

Follow my acc and i promise you daily travel vlogs Starting by tomorrow SO FOLLOW ME AND YOUR PROMISED FOR FUN

Betty Altman says:

Great video and great information.

Jonathan Velez says:

So my girl and I were having a little debate, on 0:14 of your video you were holding your phone upside down. She says you did it without noticing, I’m saying you did it on purpose just to see who catches it. Now come on man, no shame, 100, which one was it?

Joshua Xie says:

Come back for their Christmas markets.. Lot’s of beautiful chorale music 😀

Walter Miani says:

I wouldn’t call Prague a tiny city though.

Bee P says:

Congrats, Erik! My goal is to become the main voice-over for Southwest or another major airline!

Y&S FOOD! says:

Impressive video footage! Here at Y&S FOOD! we all love to detect this amazing content. We produce Travel & Food videos as well, all over the world, and therefore we are habitually searching inspirations and perhaps creative concepts. Thank You.

NRoy C says:


Misulienka741 says:

Prague ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Kris Lard says:

Genos! Went to philly (for the first time) and NYC in December/January… loved Philly!!!

Pete Davis says:

You were lucky the pool guard let you off wearing the silly plastic hair guard hat in the baths! I got shouted at when my wife and I went there to wear one! HaHa

AfaqB says:

Man I love that you use the Goodfellas’ soundtrack throughout your videos! Definitely provides a vivid authenticity

Overclouds Production - Kolarik Michal says:

Watching your amazin NY videos and boom, you are in Czech Republik!!! Thanks for your opinion, I hope that you liked our nature, next time let me know that u are here!!! Mike from Prague…btw I love NY!

CRH1 says:


Ms Twistedtressys says:

Ishkibibbles on South Street is the best! Also Del Rossi on 4th & Spring Garden!

Arnav Ohri says:

Hey How do you get these arieal shots. I mean like the one at 3:37. Can someone help out here please ?

Abhishek Chopra says:

Hi Eric,

When do you plan to come to India?

Patrick Jacobus says:


Jessica Walcz says:

You should come to Budapest 😉

rottflacc says:

Hey, those drone shots are stunning! But whenever I see all these youtubers’ drone shots I wonder: do you have permission to fly a drone in each area?? If yes, how do you get it?

Alec Brownworth says:

You can actually take the LIRR/Air Train to JFK for about the same price as Newark and its way shorter than taking the subway there

Omar Palomino Sandoval says:

Nice blog, what was your flight duration?

emulienka says:

Oh God. I just laughed, when you called Prague a tiny city. I mean, compared to American cities is is tiny. But here, in our region, it is actually considered to be huge 🙂 Glad you had a good time there! 🙂

Jared Fleischer says:

cool video man, been watching you since that tiny apartment in nyc with that crazy landlord above the chinese restaurant. keep doing you dude! it’s obviously working haha

markeemark85 says:

NYC is the Shit hole of America

classyfrag says:

The song you played when talking about Lennon was written and sang by George Harrison. Other than that great video.

Joshua Goldstein says:

I’ve lived my whole life in Philadelphia and I think both Pats and Genos make trash cheesesteaks. If you want a good cheesesteak in Philadelphia go to Johns roast pork Jims, Tony Lukes, or Del Sandros

Marc-Anthony Gvzman says:

PATS is the only cheesesteak!!!!!!!!!!!!

borderlord says:

Nice suit

Naverich says:

Cheers from Czech republic mate 😛 You could also visit Brno, second biggest city in Czech republic…also very nice and not so many tourists

Tyniece Sade says:

Instantly thought of Nicki Minaj lol love the vid! Traveling in style.

Leon M. Langerhans says:

Where did you get your black leather jacket from? @3:45min

Mason Baba says:

Quick Question. Why do you use copywrited music. I think it’s great but most of your videos are demonotized. I’m sure u knew that

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