My FUNNY REACTION to Trolls the Experience (New York City) 💕✨| Piper Rockelle

Shalom guys! I hope your day is great but better watching my funny reaction to Trolls the Experience in New York City. It’s such a fun adventure, for all boys and girls! I got to skip down the Rainbow Road to Poppy’s Best Day Ever Bash! To kick things off, I received an invitation from Poppy that mapped out my journey. I got to make music in Trolls Village, collect glitter gems on the Caterbus, and then splashed into Critter Creek to invite more guests to Poppy’s party….all along the way collecting memory momentos for my best day ever scrapbook! And what made my day extra special – I got a Hair We Go Troll Transformation to become Poppy! Such a fun day! I can’t wait for you to see all the fun I had!!

If you’re in NYC, you HAVE TO check it out! And if you’re not, get your parents to plan a trip!! To get tickets visit:

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Ella Esele says:

First yasss

Kayla Marjanovic says:

Why dont you do videos with corine any more

Viktoria and Livia's Pets says:

Piper rockelle your pic looks so cute I have a pug too

Иван Иванов says:

I Love You. (i’m Girls

poppy and abby padin and largue says:

Poppy is my favourite troll

Kate Says says:


Teanir Yusuf says:

I love you so much and an experience for you happy holidays

Hirah Bell says:

piper your four day older than me

konstantina kat says:

I love

Tara Perkins says:

Love you

Dunja Franjic says:

Love you Pipper

0.savvxa 0.savvxa says:

You are fat piper put I love you

Paul Smith says:


Miss bayo says:

I looked soo cute beautiful and gorgeous

Maria Bucuria 08 says:

I love you l!!

I am Bela says:

OMG that place is so cool i wish i could be there with you!

Erandany Rivera says:

you look so cut and pretty piper i love you so much
my fave Troll is poppy

john fidels revolution says:

2:38 What the?

Stephen wengebe wengebe says:


mikyla erica says:


Addison Niedergerke says:

you looked WAY better than just 10!

Jazzy Yas83 says:

My favorite troll is definitely poppy

Kayla Thao says:


Eloisa Lunn says:

I love you so much, you are my fav youtuber

louisecaldwell says:


Ernest Wybrow says:

i love you so much piper i get all of my ideas for my channel from you and it would mean soooo much to me if you made me have a shoutout on your channel love you again. i love frank so much as well, my pug is called frank i go the name from you. give my love to frank love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much do a meet in greet and i will be there. make some merch i will get it love you bye

annika wihardja says:


Akunna Edwin says:

love you so much

Sophia Maffei says:

mines poppy but i love your channel so much youre the best i wish i was as funny as you

Alexandra Devyn Adomitis says:

I love this piper your the best!!!!

Allie Anderson says:

Omg love it piper keep doing your awesome dreams and don’t let anyone stop you ! Can’t wait for the next vlog and a Christmas vlog if y’all vlog that day anyway love you piper and your brother and your mom and especially FRANK and sofie to bye!❤️

Filip Tomas says:

My favorite is Poppy!!!❤❤❤

Family Vlogs says:

I love you soooooo much you are my favorite youtuber

Jeylin Donertas says:


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