New York – 10 places you must visit in the Big Apple

New York is an amazing city. the big apple is a great place to visit, so don’t miss up the top 10 places you have to see in NYC, including Time Square, Top of the Rock, Empire state building, Central park, Chinatown, Soho, Brooklyn bridge, Broadway, Wall street and other great attractions to see in the city.

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zo zoheir says:

Very nice I Love NYC

Martinez Jesus says:

feel gares hiloven you aprinci

Firetaker 101 says:

went there

Liz Quinones says:


pierre sevan says:

Bone video jlaisse poce blo

biramdev panwar says:

Going in 3 day

Virgo Baby says:

going to new your in exactly 3 weeks i am sooo excited. it isnt my first time but i just love it

albi- says:

been to central park, top of empire states building, on the boat tour around statue of liberty, the shopping street, brooklyn bridge, best days of my life 🙂

Fran4kids-μουσικοκινητική με τη Φραντζέσκα says:


a bagel says:

Shoot I’ve been to almost all of these but Central Park

Luis Masci says:

I have been there in October 2014 just for a few hours. I’m glad I was there but at the same time I regret I didn’t be there longer. I live in the continent opposite tip and I don’t know if I’ll be there again in my life

Juan Carlos Garcia Garcia says:

That’s true, l was there weeks ago, and l love it, l’ d like to visit it soon as posible.

Pesticide Free says:


In 2011, New York State enacted the Child Safe Playing Fields Act banning pesticides at playing fields and
playgrounds, excluding Central Park which has continued to use the banned pesticides exactly where children play (Sheep Meadow, etc). A recent NIH Consensus report placed pesticides at the top of the list of substances harmful to children and pregnant women, including increased incidence of ADD, ADHD and
autism. Pets are also at risk.

Please look at CENTRALPARKPESTICIDES for the supporting documentation including the Central Park Conservancy’s letter defending its use of banned pesticides and its practices generally keeping the public in the dark.

Marco Rossi says:


Catering Services NYC says:

This video is really amazing, very fun to watch.

Tristine King says:

really statue of liberty is on new jersey water

Anthony Grillo says:

Zu viel englisch lol

Water Melon says:

you must visit Port Morris ,Hunts Point and North Brother Island ….

Hannah Rose Reviews says:

How much is it to go to the top of the Empire State Building? Is there an elevator?

Urge says:


Yunita Love says:

could somebody ask me to go there, i really dreamed it!!!!!

Justin Wheeler says:

Would also suggest Honolulu and San Francisco. Both great cities. Anyone who hates on it has either not been there or spent too much time at Pier 39. Road on a police boat under the golden gate. Great experience.

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