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Here are some Things to do in NYC 🙂 This 1st of a “Things to do in NYC” is the BASICS. I will do more in depth videos on neighborhoods like Harlem, Brooklyn, Lower East Side which will include shopping, entertainment, eating, all that 🙂 But for now I hope you find this helpful and excited about exploring NYC. I didn’t “forget” to list anything. This is just the first video and trust their are a million things to do. Sorry for not including Brooklyn. I rarely go out there and didn’t have footage to include in this video. But here goes!

As for the things I listed check them out here:

Statue of Liberty, is located on Ellis Island. It’s since been reopened

Central Park is cliche and a MUST! Check out the Boat House this summer and rent a paddle boat for $12/hr. Cash only and a $20 deposit is required

Magnolia Bakery has an amazing to die for Banana Pudding that used to be so secret which is now another MUST HAVE while in town


Katz Deli is a historical landmark that happens to be famous for their sandwiches. Try the pastrami if you’re into that…I’m not :/ Yes this is a tourist destination but it’s a part of NYC’s history hence a MUST!

Patricia Field is a NYC fashion fixture! Made famous for her costume designing in The Devil Wears Prada and Sex and the City: the Movie and sequel, her boutique is another MUST. I love playing dressup here and splurging on accessories!

Need to get around? Rent a bike! I have yet to try this but it seems fabulous! Save your feet and cover more ground. These bikes and bike spots are all over the city. A perfect way to burn calories and see more of the city faster.

Caracas! This happens to be a fav spot of mine! It’s uber small and the lines can be long but I love the food. Yes it’s fried and oh so good! I’ve never had an Arepa until I came here and the prices are perfect for us budget minded peeps Try it! just read their yelp reviews!

Summer in NYC isn’t really summer until you get your butt on a rooftop. My pick was Jimmy Rooftop. Sunday’s after 3pm are bomb! Amazing music courtesy of DJ Cato. I believe it is doorman discretion, which means, dress your best and don’t travel with a bunch of dudes. You get an amazing view of the sun setting over the Hudson River and you get to splash around in the pool if you so choose. I chose this spot because I used to work here and loved it!

Yes! Go to Church! After you party it up Saturday night or Sunday afternoon bring your sinful behind to this awesome church! You don’t have to be religious to attend. This is a non-denominal church and people from all over the world come here for the amazing sermons and not to mention the interior. This Church is a converted theatre and a must see. Now go and pray!

My spot! We in my hood now. You MUST go to Orange Beauty Supply! I used to buy all my hair products here when I had hair and you def need to buy a wig here. I take all my gurls here and hook them up with a fabulous synthetic or human hair wig just cause!

Apollo!!! You MUST go here on amateur night! It’s historical! You either boo or cheer for the talent on stage. You must have an opinion! Quiet indifference is not tolerated 🙂
A real life YouTube comment board in live action! I’ve been here countless times and it’s a great way to get the energy up!


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Francisca Nunez says:

They have everything in NYC

Gabi Kas says:

Going in a week. Thank you!

K-bana da Harmonia says:

NY is most beautiful city of the world!

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She is so Ratchet

erasmus4pt says:

Going in May

Serinmary Pulikottil says:

Best NYC travel guide ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clara Douglas says:

I love the high line

Damian Vaz says:

what’s up with your focus?

Tomoko Hooks says:

This video is amazing!⭐️please do more of this content

William Gonzalez says:

What a fantastic video you have here Maya!!! I hope you don’t mind me using it to show my students how a nice touristy video should be done. Two thumbs up !!!! English is so clear and neat that my students love your videos!

Nicky Kuzmanovic says:

I just searched ‘New York’ on YouTube and this video came up. Your voice is SO calming, I love it and your videos are really good! You’ve got a new subscriber 🙂 x

Life Of The Berry says:

great vlog watched this before I went to New York:)

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Malkiah says:

Eye looooooooooove NEW YORK!

cringing_24/7 says:

I got a commercial for a NewYork travel-organizer before this Video….ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED

Phatstuff Vlogs says:

hi were coming from manchester uk for the first time is they anyway i can ask you loads of questions facebook etc

Victoria Przepiora says:

Loved the video! I was born in NYC lol! Its awesome!

AK Leather Wallets Handmade says:

Very informative video! I like NY!

Rlene Velasco says:

Coming next month

Kylie says:

i’m going to ny in two days and this was SO helpful! thanks girl<3

Harold Reyes says:

Caracas! i love arepas!!!

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Question, how would you get around?

Merel Verspuij says:

Hi! i was looking for the rest of the video’s of what to do in NYC. (first time ever out of Europe, :o) but wasn’t able to find them. Did you make more?

2easydesigns says:

need to work on your focusing… hard to watch

Nina Thomas says:

I love that you went to Times Square Church! 🙂

BrainsInBlackButter says:

I think Katz’s closed it’s doors for good, no? Something about the rent being too high, dammit….I hope and wonder if it will ever open up in another location? Let’s hope it happens!

Eduardo Costa says:

I’ll try to visit NYC this winter!!! All I need is a VISA!!! Wish me luck!! I´ll be interviewed at the american consulate on july 14th!!!

Pascal Erb says:

Nice video dude!

Cherise Playfair says:

Loveeed it!

johnny flappie says:

Probably going next year again.
Last time i was there ive been on top of the twin towers exactly 1 month before they went down.

maddy Antkowiak says:

I am going to new York one day

Cheeks says:

I’ll never ever visit new York again because it’s pure filthy. I took several baths after ridding the subway and never felt clean. nasty part of the world and I’ve been to many continents Africa south America Caribbean and America is by far the filthiest. the tramps on the train were all many and they stink with no one caring. not to mention the countless drug addicts



Yetzel González says:

First video I see from your channel. Really liked the way you explained everything. hahaha New Sub. Peaceee!

Felicia Fab says:

I was born here!!!!

Maximus says:

So much color and good vibes everywhere. Can’t wait for summer

EricaYE6 says:

The Apollo is still up and running? That’s wonderful!

Vilma Suviyö says:

Traveling to NYC is A HUGE DREAM of mine! This made me want to go there even more!

Thatboyinyellow Trouser says:

I am definitely saving this video. Legit Suggestions. Unlike other YouTubers who suggest all the BS filtered locations in NYC. Thank yo for sharing this Maya.

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