New York (ft. IvanAnimated & CypherDen)

Fish eggs are nasty- they just add a terrible texture and pop- while they just taste like fishy salt. Don’t be a baby killer- go eat some full grown fish.


Ivan Animated:


Skozgard (Made those sweet Shooting Star Chiptune Jams):


Kindergarten Live NYC Showcase:

Frederator Office Tour:

Fun Links And Stuff:


Thank you to all of you guys for continuing to support me making videos from my parents basement.


alex craft says:

“Bitch of Freedom” LOL

A cheaky Bugger says:

I figured It out! He is this guy! 4:17

Tiny Turtles says:

OmG hE DiD a FaCe ReViVaL

Marcilene Rose says:

bitch of freedom

MissFleischsalat says:

5:22 OMG i never knew how adorable you are *Q* instand new crush xd

Revolt Larz Wolfblade says:

I have never seen dance moves as stellar as that sandwich.

Audrey Tamio says:

I have a feeling his animations are squishy

TurkeyLord says:

fun fact NY is actually new in swedish fun fact c:

goofball reacts says:

30 seconds in and shots fired

Javier rodriguez says:

“The bitch of freedom”, I love it

CactusCasper38 says:

3:28 that deserves to be a video of its own.

Anna Florness says:

I dont like peanut butter either

ronin main says:

ginger pale:I FUCKIN LOVE SUSHI…….
me: r u sure about dat?
ginger pale: WAT U FUCKIN HATE SUSHIII……….
me: i love sushi anyways
ginger pale: FUCK YEAHHH

Wierdo Cano says:

I don’t like peanutbutter either

Amir Mohammadi says:

Yes we do have dragon flies in canada ginger just blind

Hima Sharaf says:


Alumanite says:

I think i found my new favorite youtuber.

A cheaky Bugger says:

Watch out *nods* minor profanity *nods again*

Pizza Army says:

So colourful

Joseph T O says:

I smashed de button

Flipper Flopper X says:

Oh my ginger my name is Devin

SuperCreeper135 says:

1:39 cuddle session huh? What kind of cuddling?


0:09 ginger pales hand is a penis

Maritsa Yiorgos says:

I ate fish eggs when I was 7

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