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AS IF I could go to New York and NOT shop…. 🙂
My New York trip was so productive and fun! Part of that fun has to do with the stores in NYC, so cozy up with some tea and let me share with you my trip haul !! xoxo


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Athra Albattat says:

AW I feel so sad about your divorce you guys were so cute.

Awesomeness Ve says:

You are glowing! Makes me happy to see you happy

Neth682 says:

Rainbow is nice store to shop for less expensive clothing i love going there…

Mia L says:

So so so happy to hear that things are finally turning around for you! You deserve all the happiness!!

Lori Grime says:

What have you done to help your panic attacks?

Cali Sunbeam says:

I’ve seen the Rainbow store but never went in. Can’t wait to shop. Continue to take care of yourself. Happy for you.

Memememe says:

I’m so sorry you’ve had go through divorce again. That breaks my heart. 🙁 But I am very excited about the second business! Hang in there and stay well. <3

untadubai says:

You’re such an inspiration to me, Marlena, the way you laugh and smile thru your pain and the way you run ur business to such success. I pray for good things for you, always.

Finn Keath says:

We love you down here in Australia. Wishing you so much success x

Alé MAllen says:

Many blessings ❤️

Chloe B says:

Love you, Marlena, you’re the best!!!

Jane Tatum says:

I think you probably have a form of ME/CFS. Be careful with exercise as it can tear you down if you struggle w/ chronic illness. There’s this false idea that straining the crap out of yourself in the gym is somehow healthy and will help you be healthier if you are sick.

Leslie Coutts says:

Love you Marlena!! You are such an inspiration! Stay strong girl!!!

Rabz Attiq says:

Soooo sorry to hear about divorce. Good luck with everything come in your life.

Cynthia Babare says:

I’m so happy for you. I’m so glad your life is coming together now, and you’re not having to deal with as much stress. I’m glad that you’re taking a little more time for yourself. It’s important to stop and smell the roses. I’m excited to hear what you have coming up.

fauxeditor says:

Rainbow has cheapest quality lol

Cassandra Garza says:

Same…I’m done with 2017! I can’t wait to hear about the new business! You are such an inspiration

Robin K says:

Thank you for staying true to your followers!! I’ve been following you for a while and with all the crap we run into with YouTubers doing shady stuff just to benefit themselves, it’s been great and refreshing to have you stay 100 with us. Appreciate you so much!!  Thank you!

Cynthia Buchan says:

OMG RAINBOW IS MY LIFE – best place for very cheap + trendy stuff!

Eliza says:

i’m glad you’re feeling better! Good luck with all your new ventures, you deserve to be happy!

M GP says:

Cheer up! Storms don’t last forever. <3

Krista Romero says:

♡♡♡ Sending you hugs and well-wishes for your body & soul♡♡♡…sounds like 2017 has been a drag, but 2018 is sure to be fantastic!!!!!! You deserve great things!

Andrea Gordon says:

Just followed you on Instagram, loving your fashion posts ❤️

janine pannell says:

You bought some cute stuff! Really take time for yourself and exercise it will help with stress and sleep so much. Any activity is fine just remember it takes a week or so to get into it.

Feed your spiritual side it is what will get you thru tough times. I’m a Christian and it’s not important what you believe it just that you believe in something Buddhism etc, as far as my beliefs the down times are important and meant to bring you closer to god or whatever spiritual side you choose.

This will help your anxiety. I’ve been thru rough times and if weaker would have verged on suicide but sometimes it just takes one thing to make everything better. It can happen in a day.

R says:

Praying!!,Good things are coming for you. Would love to see a video in regards to eye makeup and Eyeglasses!

sunsetxsong says:

Marlena, I’m so sorry to hear that you are going through a divorce. But I’m also happy to hear that you feel things might be calming down for you. I also deal with severe anxiety and panic so I understand how disruptive and exhausting coping with that can be. It is brave of you to share these little glimpses into your life with us. Fingers crossed for you and your new business venture – I know you’ll shine.

Reflexology52 Welsh says:

Sorry about your break up, that makes me sad! Glad more doors are opening up tho, congratulations!

Tanya DuPras says:

How can you be getting a divorce you just got married! I’m in absolute shock you had this beautiful wedding I just don’t understand how you’re getting a divorce…

Weights_my_actions says:

Glad to see your happy face. ❤
Thanks for the updates

Seniorshimmy says:

Anything made in the US, by people making decent wages? If you pay $10 – and there is a profit being made, how much are the workers making?, especially in another country?  That’s why I buy Makeup Geek, ‘cos I know they “play by the rules”.

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