New York Police Sergeant Under Investigation For Making Fun Of Male Cop’s Wood.

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Tee Merlot says:

1st of all she needs to be fired.2nd anything you have worn is not clean. 3rd obvious from her actions she used to be a full-blown man.

Lowanthal says:

the unisex showers is the system bringing the police in line with the military.

Anisezette Carey says:

BING!!! lol

Darlene Mitchell says:

U talk to much, before you tell the story!!! I’M OUT


Lol wtf

cupid 2 says:

Some of these police officers needs random drug testing because their behavior is not normal.

Nero Diamante says:

Some of them female cops are more manly than the men…..

Truck Turner says:

She’s sexy tho! I love a sexually aggressive woman, we could play cops and robbers all night long, lol!!!!

Gabriel Prosser says:

No wonder crimes do NOT get solved.

Bernice B says:

Hello Trey, you got me laughing again!

Misery says:

Trey… U crack me up dude…. It’s V-enna sausage lmao!!

James Richardson says:

Sounds to me she’s nothing more than in-house prostitute.

Gwenie Beatty says:

You have a special doctor for your “WOOD”, Proctologist.

Charlie Mac says:

Damn, new born baby small

v brown says:

Trey, Trey, Trey– OH MY GEE! I am in stitches. You are so dang funny! On a serious note, this woman not only falls under sexual harrassment. But, she is also abusive and is clearly committing abuse. It is unacceptable. And, she must be dealt with accordingly. Women aren’t the only ones that fall under the “Me Too” movement. Men do too!!

J.J JR. says:

These 2 pigs need to be in a blanket!
She in love with officer L. DICKY

Patricia Nicholson says:

She’s a penis freak and pervert and don’t belong in law enforcement!!!!!

Beraka Halette says:

Urologists are specialists that deal with the Male reproductive system and the urinary tract.

Nomadic Crier says:

She needs to be fired and sued for sexual harassment. If a man had done this’ there would be national outrage!!!

Nomadic Crier says:



THIS STORY GOT MY D….SO HARD !!!!! I wished i worked there…. i would have not reported her!!!

Cappy 22 says:

Chicks should *not* be police officers…it’s pretty simple. (Would bet my life that chick is a hardcore feminist, liberal nutjob)

niesha patterson says:

Gummy worm 4life

Mrsznewyawk says:

Can i get a high fiveeee lmaooo ahhh I laughed this WHOLE videoooo

Aquian Gholston says:

Its how you work with what you got… Ive had a long strong and he didn’t kno how to use it…couldnt hit corners it was sad.

zack thunder says:


Charlie Mac says:

Her husband is probably a simp and is bullied by her also he probably has the role of a housewife. If he doesn’t have dinner hot and ready when she gets home, that’s a ass whipping.

Random Thoughts 777 says:

Way too a mans heat is through his stomach they have said. Now you know what it is for women 9 inches or more.

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