New York’s Worst Tourist Traps: Times Square, Scams, Frauds, and More

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As a native New Yorker, I’ll take you around the city so you know how to avoid New York’s worst tourist traps! Everything from Times Square costumed characters, CD guys, scams, and more.


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YvanYVH says:

Very helpful guide, check out my New York travel video when you can.

Erik Holtz says:

Can you please list some good Souvenirshops in chinatown

richland college says:

ive fallen for each of these in LA too!!

James Turner says:

Went to NY once with my nephew……..I asked him where he wanted to eat………………….he said “Planet Hollywood” (slaps head)…

Allen Rios says:

Worst trap is the fuckin bikes with the seats in the back 11$ a minute

Bob Johnston says:

Keep in mind, shes a “YouTube reporter.” She basically makes money from your viewings- just trying to stir the pot??

Sarah Funk says:

Watch the full NYC series:
Visiting NYC? Get my NYC sightseeing checklist for FREE:

thomas joseph says:

Awesome…… thank you

egringo says:

i almost lost my leg during the NYE, no more

stella12266 says:

Go to queens or any other borough

Amanda Frey says:

Pro tip – if you find yourself hungry or wanting an alcoholic beverage in times sq – shorty’s has delicious cheese steaks and great drink specials. Rudy’s has great drink specials and you get a free hot dog with your purchase!

deeprose4 says:

I think you’re missing a huge point. Going to the Empire State Building and the Freedom tower, and other places are bucket list items for lots of people, including me. It’s about the experience, and that’s all that matters.

Penelope Blossom says:

Miss you just said every newyork thing to do is a scam then don’t visit newyork

Fernando Mendez says:

WARNING!!! this video is a scam!!!

aippli says:

If your a ripley’s believe it or not fan or a Madame Tussauds as I am, I’d still go as each location has different bits to see.


Tourist trap – Katz’s Delicatessen.

bui han says:

Thank you for making this video!

Andrew Ledet says:

She’s so right about time square
Went to a Dunkin Donut. Paid
$8:00 for a small cup of coffee
And a two donuts.

Rich in PA says:

I was hoping you were going to touch on the costume characters at times square. I know hate is a strong word but I despise these people. I’ve approached them at different times when I witness them demanding money from tourists. I will blatantly walk up and say “you don’t have to give them a nickel, keep walking”. This really pisses the scavengers off. Anyway you touched on the hotspots of New York. Another way to enjoy the city is to take a bike in. I normally park on the other side of the Brooklyn bridge and bike New York for the entire day. It gives you a chance to see areas of the city you would otherwise miss. Also tourists over complicate the Subway system, it’s relatively easy once you take a few runs and it adds to the overall New York experience.

Six flags Guide says:

You should have wayyyyy more subscribers

santa gemma says:

Are Broadway show tickets cheaper to buy at theaters themselves?

Marco Nüesch says:

Hi Sarah, what do you think about Restaurants behind pawn shop? Do you have a good tip for my next NY trip? Thank you

Atif Bashir says:

Great tips for nyc

JFLD8 says:

I actually enjoyed Madame Tussands, but the last time I went was 15 years ago.

Kelly Cosnowski says:

Almost a lot of places in NYC is a tourist trap if you look around closely.

deeprose4 says:

Hmmm. We went to madam Tussaud’s, last month. We enjoyed it.

I agree with you says:

I lived in NYC for about 20 years and brought visitors to Madame Toussauds. We actually liked it. It was nine floors and a fun place to take selfies. The Ripley’s Museum is kitschy fun too, and not something to overthink about. You go or you don’t. It’s fine.

Cathy A says:

Is it weird that I actually like Times Square I’ve been there a handful of times and yet every time I go I still have fun

bee bee mcfee says:

Hi love the videos. Weres good to shop for clothes in new York, Nike Adidas Gucci etc

Shaft Floyd says:

I agree with you except nye I don’t mind it Plus you can do it cheap

Melissa Bulicek says:

I got a lot out of your video! Does anyone actually ENJOY the scamming adults dressed like cartoon characters?? I hate that cheesiness in Vegas too. And you forgot to mention that diapered singing “cowboy” that is mentioned to all the tourists to seek out. Really? Sorry I have self respect.

Neil Jones says:

This is a great video, very interesting and very helpful. Thank you for letting me know. xxx

Adam Iaccarino-Modni says:

I liked madame tussauds

C.C litourguide says:

Thank you for some great ideas and how to avoid tourist traps in NYC. Finally some truth.

Paul Casale says:

Anyone who knows anything about New York knows One World Trade Center is not The Freedom Tower. You have zero credibility.

Hellalive 89 says:

As for shopping at 5th ave or anywhere in NYC head over to Grand Central Station and get a bus out to Jersey Gardens Mall. The prices are crazy cheap

Salim Hizli says:

great, thanks a lot…

nimo kariuki says:

This is sponsored

bee bee mcfee says:

Thanks for getting back I’ll deffo check it out. Ian going there in March

claifer_nyc says:

I disagree with a lot of these points. I think the Empire State Building or One World Trade Center are cool experiences, especially if you go for the fast pass. Every tourist should go to Times Square. I hate TS, but it’s also a cool 1st time experience, just don’t eat your meals at Red Lobster. I do agree that you should try to avoid Starbucks, but try smaller chains also, like my favorite Oren’s. Definitely go to every museum you can, if you got at the right time, and to the right place at the Met or Natural History, it’s infinitely better also. Head up to the UWS, Amsterdam Avenue between 84th and 79th for a very lively area, with tons of bars and good restaurants. If you want to skate somewhere where there are no tourists, you can head to Lasker rink, Wolman rink is another good spot, but it does get crowded.

hilda1705 says:

i went to one of those tourist bus rides and actually really liked it, the tour guide lady was great, she used to be a teacher and shared a lot of interesting stuff and was funny as well

hawkeyegames says:

Before I went to New York I really wanted to go to ripleys so imo it’s not a tourist trap, and it’s really awesome

L CM says:

very useful tips but why all the tourist bashing? Why is it so bad to be around tourists? Are they cockroaches? Probably not what she went for, but she sounds arrogant and mean. I think half this crap about tourists being despicable is envy. We all wish it was us having a great vacation instead of working right?

Kazimír says:

Some of the tips are really helpful but not going on the empire state building because it’s crowded and there are lots of tourist…. Im travelling half of the planet to see this city… of course I want to see the empire state. The solution is to just buy the tickets online so you wont wait for 5 hours.

Kevin Hudson says:

Sorry, I absolutely disagree with some of what you said. The Museum of Natural History is an amazing museum, as are most of the others. Those rooftop bars have nothing on the views from the Empire State Building. When I lived in NYC would I go all the time? No. But if you’re visiting then you should absolutely go. And yes, locals avoid Times Square. But it’s still an amazing site to behold. Just don’t eat there or shop there.

Katya Hernández says:

How can you tell people NOT to go to the Met? It’s one of the best art museums in the world. It has everything from antique French porcelain to ancient armors and African tribal art. There is a full Egyptian temple in there. Come on! If there’s one place that’s worth the crowds, that’s the one. It’s an invaluable learning experience.

Katarzyna Krzyzanowska says:

hello, can you tell me where in NY can I go with my dog? I have a little pug and I would like to spill the city. Do you know dog-friendly places? or some application?

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