NYC GUIDE: SOHO Manhattan | Our Favorite Places!

Thanks for watching episode 2 of our new series, “Our Favorite Places” I hope this helped 🙂
Watch Episode 1 to explore Dumbo, Brooklyn-
Where should we go next?!
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Some Food Places Mentioned:
Jacks Wife Freda-
Smile To-Go-
Chalk Point Kitchen-
Georgetown Cupcake-
Nomo Soho-
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Michael says:

Don’t know why I was shocked there’s an all saints in America

black cat in the roof says:

Hi, I have a question, what’s the camera her boyfriend is using? I really want to know

Curtis Hu says:

Is that Harry styles?

iTech says:

i want to get settle in new york so badly i love nyc

Hugo De Leon Jr says:

Click liked immediately when I heard Settle Down.. clicked the like building again when I heard sunset lover.. Petit biscuit in this bitch

Angela says:

But you aren’t even local? These are traps.

Yana P says:

at 5:33 theres a face in the window thats hecka creepy… On the left side of her bf 😉

Elizabeth Sharp says:


deselise says:

i can’t wait to move here for college and after! it’s seriously my dream town and new york is like my second home.

Goossens Maud says:

Can you do one for williamsburg??

Deyvanessisnotcool says:

Times Square next or the Upper West Side

V Sœur says:

HOW – ston ( correct pronunciation , btw. ) ! Also, *Avenue of the Americas* should be called  “Sixth Avenue”

Nicoleacev says:

what camera do you use to vlog?

TheManagingTechnolog says:

What a great video ! Love it !!!

bloo jkl45 says:

This is for rich people only

Rawan Dosari says:

2:42 looks like harry styles

MrEntourage101 says:

You forgot to add that clothing and shoes under $110 are tax free in NYC !!!

Alexa Page says:

does anyone know what camera he was using to take pictures?

sarah jay says:

At first I was like is she really just casually hanging out with harry styles

Rina Mae Jabilona says:

Love this! What camera stabilizer are you using?

Marjore C says:

Great video!This bitch be browsing for days. lol

Hadj Nabil says:

thank you very much,god bless you

Hadj Nabil says:

thank you lovely princess for this super video

huda alromaih says:

I’m in love with New York

Nasri Mgambo says:

Videos like these make millenials have nostalgic ideas about life and lifestyle in ny, hillariously creating those people who end making videos tittled “life in ny expectations vs reality”

michelle kearsey says:

can you do a video on the Hamptons? 🙂

Angela Douglas says:


Dethrone Idiocy says:

Why would I go to a city where I can`t buy guns for? As far as I know guns are banned in NY.

Laila Bellamy says:

I loved this video from beginning to end. I work in SoHo and subscribed to your channel solely for mentioning Georgetown Cupcake. I’m OBSESSED with the Cherry cheesecake cupcakes and would visit frequently in March and April when it’s featured. I’ll have to visit some of the places you mentioned. I’ve lived in NYC for almost 3 years and never made the time to explore because of the endless options. Thanks for this video!

malfoygrande says:

what’s the background sing from the beginning called?

Jen T says:

macarons vs macaroons 😛

Caroline Rehman says:

I live in NYC and I love soho!!!!!

Brady Queen says:

// T H E 1975 //

Vanesa KIM says:

Please please please do a christmas winter guide to nyc!!

Soraya Alami says:

does anybody knows what she uses for her thumbnails ? What app or software is it to have these cercles with the title on them ?

Kewho Min says:

Great video with a lot of personality. Keep it Up!

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