We flew out to New York! We had so much fun exploring! Thanks Nickelodeon for Sponsoring this video and flying us out!

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Emma Woollard says:

i went there in 6 weeks off school

Sara Ali says:

Cole&Sav who were the shoutouts going to Xx

Afia Serwaa Kusi says:

I will kill you

KandC Channel says:

That is so funny when I went to New York I was so sad the toy store closed

Abigail Fitzpatrick says:

Roses are red, violets are blue, I got clickbaited, so did you

Nikole Clement says:

thank you Cole&Sav

Mary Bullard says:

Is Jojo your cousin

Big sis keira Parker says:

What was the bad news??

banana momb says:

Poor her

Mila Fronik says:

so cute <3
like als je dat ook vindt

Emily Wright says:

I have been on a 10 hour flight before

Ava 1929 says:

Yay I love NY I’ve been there 10 times

Nathaniel Zimmer says:

I live in schenectady New York

Ali G says:

In the thumbnails of all their videos with Everleigh she is always so happy or so sad lmao

Antranek Kolokzein says:

Is it on YouTube???

Makayla Summer says:

I love kelssie ballierini

unicorn princess says:

I love you guys! But I don’t like the fact that you keep everleigh away from her biological father (TommySmith on insta) or make him seem like a bad father. He is still in her life and seems to love his daughter very much. I don’t think it’s fair of you to bash him and make him seem like a bad person to millions of people. Regardless of what he’s done in the past.

Emma Byrne says:

I wish I could be in Cole and Savannahs familys

Gissella's vlogs says:

I live there It closed like last year.

Princess Laeya says:

What air line are you on

Alexía de Koning says:

Hey @sav.labrant ! Was wondering how you do your hair? Love your curls!

Fatiha et maman d' amour Merzouk says:

Love sav

Brianna Trahan says:

I been there and it was super fun

Chris Curtis says:

Everleigh has the same kind of eyes as her mom!

Bryanna Carrasco says:


Francesca Willis says:

I was there!! I SAW YOU GUYS!!! :3

Alexía de Koning says:

Hey @sav.labrant ! Was wondering how you do your hair? Love your curls!



Leila DiFrancesco says:

OMFG I LOVE U GUYS BUT EVERLEIGH HAS HER OWN TOY CHANNEL AND IS SO SPOILED I’m so sorry bc I love u guys, but she needs to stop

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