Secret Spots in NYC | Hidden Restaurants, Bars, Passageways, and More

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Hidden gems and secret spots are what makes New York City a fun place to explore. In this video, I’ll go over secret restaurants, bars, passageways, and other fun finds in NYC.



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That's What "i" Said says:

What’s the speakeasy like inside? Very cool, thank you!

Jack Val says:

Keens..Eat there all the time..

jack peng says:

pretty cool. and i have a little feeling it just like we need to act like a spy. but it is awesome. this video is helpful definately.

Devour Power TV says:


art vandelay says:

I’d eat her booty at that speak easy

Shopgyal says:

That number doesn’t work for crif dogs and please don’t tell. Do you have the updated number

Ellicorn The Unicorn says:

In my opinion, Flushing, Queens is like the cheapest town and most Asians live there

lucass elbouigo says:

hy your video are so cool. can make a video like “superb secrets top view from New York”

Chris Jackowski says:

Sarah, thank you so much for this. Tennis court is gonna be my next destination in mud. Wooohoooo

Jack Val says:

TV Show ” I Remember Mama” 1949-57..The show was originally broadcast live from CBS Studio 41 above the 42nd Street waiting room in Manhattan’s Grand Central Terminal…Peggy Wood, Judson Laire, Dick Van Patten

Paul Mcdonough says:

That was so good

GangBlud says:

why would you play tennis in ny lol?

Sir Galahad says:

Sarah you are super cute and engaging and that is why I am going to subscribe and stick around

Joseph007300 says:

I was born and raised in New York and never in my 25 years of living here did I know there was a tennis court in Grand Central. Excellent video!

Treasure Hunter UK says:

If you keep telling everybody it will no longer be a secret. It will be overrun, and prices will go up. Back to square one.

Robbie Backpacking says:

I definitely have been wanting to visit a speakeasy in NYC, thanks for the recommendation!

T w e n t y F o u r w i t h .m e says:

Girl you are amazing!! I need to book a flight to NYC like ASAP

William vR says:

So Cool! – I am planning my NYC trip, and your stuff if yip a leap a head of the rest!

rob379 says:

I wonder if Sara smells funky? 😮

Elliott Green says:

I’ve been to NYC 4 times, and never knew about any of these things! I’ll definitely be checking them all out on my next visit!

Brandon Young says:

VERY cool! Jessica Jones really exists! JK you’re so much nicer! I love NYC.

Christopher Gould says:

Ok, so my question is….
After calling the number for ‘Please don’t tell’ and making your reservation, do you still have to go into the hot dog joint and use that phone and press 1???
A bit confused. Please explain further. Thanks

Sarah Funk says:

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barber johnnyy says:

We’re going to NY soon, can’t wait and this video is absolutely helpful. Thank you, you rock !

Pavan Katepalli says:

tennis court? tennis court? OMG

Paul Versnel says:


Starr Johnson says:

I had no idea there was a tennis court in Grand Central. That’s interesting.

Strategic Eyes says:

Sarah is hot!!! Lol

Ernest Schultz says:

I have lived in New York City for 56 years and I never knew about the tennis court.

Club Soda says:

It’s hard for me to like speakeasies because from my experience, the high end bars in New Orleans have better cocktails and it’s easy to just walk in without the annoying obstacles. Also, many of the bartenders at speakeasies are not serious bartenders like the ones in New Orleans who have more experience with mixology since mixology is a bigger part of the culture. That said, if you’re in New York, go ahead and make the effort to go to a speakeasy anyway.

Zorawar Purohit says:

Damn cool.

Anais GHILI says:

Makes me want to visit NYC a second time!

Alt-Right Scientist says:

I’m living in NY for 84 years and I don’t remember what I was just going to say

Brett Conti says:

Woah. never knew about that tennis court. Awesome video Sarah!

Kevin Fry says:

This isn’t as angry of a gripe as it’s going to probably sound but the internet and people’s need to boost their ego via views, likes, followers, etc. but hidden gems are awesome because they are hidden gems. Keep them hidden, enjoy the experience you had, bring people next time, don’t broadcast it. I’ve seen dank bars for industry peeps and whoever else of course, get ruined by shit like this.

Rafał Sierczyński says:

I am making research to my book. Thank you!

Brian Pacini says:

Great Video!

$1,000,000.00 RERWARD! @

(one million dollars)

Brad Marcus says:

Great video!! Please Don’t Tell is crazy busy, a 2 hour wait if you don’t have a reservation!

Raul Macias says:

Omg ! Sarah funk has a beautiful booty LOL

Christopher Sanchez says:

That’s just a kiss of secrets in New York City.

ColeYounger16 says:

great video and sexy too!

kwnphoto says:

“Actually Actually Actually …”

George Clooney says:

thank you  sarah I addicted to your clips

CJ -NYC says:

Good job Sarah. Nice video.

mapsandmuses says:

I actually lived in New York City for a couple months and never knew about these! I need to go back and go to these places!

11Nuggetsfan says:

Great video! Can you do mor NYC ones for locals?!?!

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