USA Road Trip 2011 | Chapter 1 | NYC

Episode 1 of a multi part series documenting the epic road trip adventure Louis and 14 heroes embarked on driving 9000 miles across the USA in a school bus in late 2011

These road trip videos are dedicated to our friend Marcus Hughes-Hallett who sadly drowned on a family holiday in 2012

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Tara Barry says:

OMG…Dave looked super young back then…..

Georgia Klein says:

If they walked 50 miles, they would have walked about 100 streets…

Diana Christensen says:


Joe Taylor says:

They shuld another london double decker bus and tour london with it.

xxfrizzymexx says:

Take me with you lol. It would be amazing to road trip the States 🙂

Süleyman Tüfekçi says:


Piano Around the World says:

Oh man. How do you travel with that many people!?!? Thats insane!

Shores of Freedom says:

I love when u said “This is probably gonna be the biggest adventures of our lives”! Now you are living even bigger adventures everyday!

Kristyn Hanner says:

Nooo You went to the worst pizza joint in E. Ville!! Grimaldi’s, Artichoke, Prince St… THAT’s where it’s at 🙂

GregsDiary says:

trips lile this or the rickshaw run are simply my favs …the original definition of adventure 🙂

Jessy Lee says:

why stop eating for your other channel

Jasmine hibberd says:

Alan is so cute ahaha

Jason Sturgess says:

I’m doing a 90 day road trip next year from July to sept , Looking to do it with others so give me a shout if your game guys and girls , Going to Vlog the whole trip , I’m a freelance photographer. Thx

João Reis says:

why does one of them looks like Ezra Koening?

Bailey Simone says:

I absolutely love this.

Süleyman Tüfekçi says:

Name of the song at 2:09 please!

Ellen W says:

Is that Sawyer at 3:12?

notthatguy777 says:

4:07 if only Louis new what his future would hold , as far as him going on adventures

стасовы покатушки says:

how much diesel bus consumes ?

Jack Sparrow says:

Oh my god!!! You guys did what I want to do with my friends! This video showed me it was possible, I really thought this was impossible at such a young age. You guys are awesome! You guys were lucky with the price of the school bus. Let us hope I’ll have the same luck! 

Roxanne Vaudry says:

I didnt know that you can walk naked in pulic in nyc 1:42

stardustgamemasters says:

That lady was a beast to let 15 people most basically strangers to crash in her pad. Total legend

illogicalli says:

Cannot for my USA road trip in 4 years 😀

Regan says:

is it just me or does it sound like there say newrick when they say new york

IAm Frisky says:

RIP Marcus :'(

Lindie de Swardt says:

Look how young u guys look here!! Wow.

bokeflo says:

Traveling across America in an old school bus with 15 guys… Things are going to get Crazy.

MrDanichkin says:

“this is probably going to be the biggest adventure of our lives” oh louis, you dont even know the half of it…. 

Luciano Gaspar Zelaschi says:

found out I’m doing one of these next year….cant wait 

kaite caylen says:

have you noticed when the englsih guy says new york it sounds like hes saying newek?

Traveling Lifestyle says:

great idea boys… we love watching your stuff, full support!

MCarton123 says:

Is that Sawyer in the duck costume at 3:13?

SupremeBois 1 says:

2015 hype.

Kallan Mitchell Vlogs says:

Biggest adventure of your lives haha. If only you knew.

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