USA Travel: How Expensive Is NEW YORK CITY?

In this video I explore New York City and show how much things cost.
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Video created by Gabriel Morris, who is the owner of all video or photo content. Filmed using a Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 HS.

Gabriel is a world traveler and travel writer who has been adventuring around the world off and on since his first trip to Europe in the summer of 1990 when he was 18 years old. He is author of “Following My Thumb”, a collection of 26 exciting and hilarious autobiographical travel stories from his worldly wanderings during the 1990s; and has written several other books available on and elsewhere.

Thanks a lot for watching and safe journeys!

USA Travel: How Expensive Is NEW YORK CITY?


YourTubeVideoss says:

Your COOL Dude .. I Found You On RANDOM YouTube Videos .. Love This VIDEO .. I HAVE SUBSCRIBED to Your CHANNEL .. Thanks !

murielle chapelle says:

trés belle vidéo jolie new york city !!!!

Adam deste says:

no matter which city i live in i will always do my own cooking. unless i am travelling. i dont like street food and even from most restaurants because its unhygienic and always gives me bad stomach. so food costs are always down to minimum in my case.

EnjoyVideos says:

Since I do not have a credit card I cannot travel to the USA.

SS19 says:

Love your videos man

Douwe Bloot says:

What a ugly ugly place. I hear new yorkers are nice folk. But that can’t be a reason to go there!

YourTubeVideoss says:

I am Surprised .. I Thought New York City Was ” Shocking ” Expensive .. ITS NOT .. Maybe 20 % More Than CINCINNATI , OHIO where I Live .. NEW YORK is CHEAPER then I Thought It Was WOW — WOW !!

Zen Marc says:

They really called it one world center ?? Holy shit talk about hidden in plain sight

Ricci Figuero says:

Please,folks stay away from those 4 street carts on broadway and liberty “10:33” the worst food you’ll ever consume especially the gyros not authentic…..btw this is the financial district, things tend to be a bit more expensive

Bryan the one says:

nice trip

Travel To The World says:

Thanks for upload. I love ❤️ it

John Kupa says:

Planning to go their..thanks for setting some light on spending. I really apreciate…

Ahmet Şükrü Bozdemir says:

Whole new york smells like urine. I am fucking serious

Avery J says:

The food was more expensive than that when I went in 2011.

Espen Haug says:

$13.5 for a pack of marlboros??? Thats what we pay in Norway as well. Over here i “only” pay 5 times what i paid 15years ago… I guess the rumors i heard as a kid was true… Drug dealers REALLY DO sell stuff cheap to begin with, and then increase the costs when you get addicted, LOL!!! Well, at least the state can increase the taxes on them – which makes THEM the asshole “drug-dealers”. Normal drug-dealers dont have this problem with the state pushing the prices like that – so they can keep a steady price <8=D

ShouldOfBeen says:

This breakfast doesn’t look like anything i would eat.

mr zed says:

Born and raised new Yorker and I still haven’t figured out the subway

joelincoln l says:

NYC has three classes. Millionairs, college and under 30 who are sent to NYC by millionair parents who support them, from every country, and the rest are usually surviing off dollar pizza places which are every 8 blocks or so. Hotels in manhattan for the cheapest ones are about 125 a night, average hotel is about 225 airbnb in manhattan is about 95 a night, for just one bed in a bedroom in a apartment with other rooms for strangers. To get a decent meal at a decent place, at a decent price, its a good idea to do groupon. studio apartments in manhattan from central park down will cost about 2300 a month for the closet types of studios.

Blue Bird says:

You’re handsome… you’d look really hot if you cut your hair…peace

m mora says:

Totally awesome , you need to upload more videos of new york

Youssef Ghechi says:

Your videos are awesome, you need more subscribers and views.

Jay Gurung says:

6:51- ‘HAMBUGER’…HEheheheee.

Edward H says:

Love your videos man awesome you record all you adventures keep it cruising bud!

Abhi Foodie says:

Nice video

VroomVroomVroom says:

Great video! Thanks for sharing your tips. Keep it up Gabriel. 🙂

Helvi Hautala says:

If you drive you should stay at a motel on Rt 46 in New Jersey. They made the Sopranos there. You can even stay at the Jewish motel. In the morning drive up and take a New York Waterways boat. Look it up on the internet. Eat on East Houston Street. BTW New York Waterways has buses that will pick you for free. Look into the Chinatown buses. They are cheap and will take you into a number of places other than the Port Authority terminal.

Kristine Suarez says:

go to a corner bodega store and buy a bagel for less than $2 next time! Love your videos btw!

Skull T Album says:

Great video! Definitely subscribed 🙂
Just one question what’s the name of the song in the intro ?

TraditionalBD says:

To all americans here, I need help

I’m thinking about leaving this place ( Oh god I hate this) and start again somewhere else. I’ve been thinking in america for a long time but, first I have some questions about this
-First, are people there as friendly and happy as we think you are?
-Second, do you enjoy living there? You find it easy? Are you happy there?
-Third, would you recommend me to go and start over there?

Sorry if I had any mistake as my english is not the best, buy I’d really appreciate some help
Thank you all 😛

LoneWolf says:

I was there last week from Sunday-Thursday. I payed $420 for 4 nights at The Jane hotel on lower manhattan for a one bed cabin type room. I flew to JFK from Chicago for free with credit card points.

d says:

Hallo brother can you frandship

Dylan steven austin austin says:

Loved NYC wish I could live there….I just live in Indy where it’s cheap 🙂

Brittney Young says:

Do you travel by yourself?

Autunite says:

Well it’s got nothing on Norway, so as a Norwegian resident going to NYC everything is cheap! 😀

Jeff S says:

Nice.  May I add a thought – don’t spend your money on a subway map.  There are dozens of free apps and now that the stations are wireless, it’s even easier to figure out where you’re going.  Also, no-one wants to look like a tourist by unfolding a map on the street.

Uoo Hoo says:

Bathroom is what is in your home. You were in a “restroom”. Not everyone is interested in eating off just food carts. Sorry 🙁

Nicholas Overington says:

Cool video thanks

Ben Joseph says:

you wont know how expensive it is until you live here.

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