Visit New York – 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About New York City

Heading to the Big Apple & Worried about a Few Surprises? Here we go through 10 Things That Shock Tourists When they Visit Ney York City. From horrible toilets & crazy smells to great people that you wouldn’t expect to Hotel prices that make your head spin. New York City has a lot to offer a traveler and it is worth every moment of the craziness.

10 Things That Will SHOCK You About New York City
Filmed on Ellis Island
Copyright Mark Wolters 2016

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That's What "i" Said says:

You forgot re the hotels, there’s the price, the taxes, and then the extra $30 per night “Hotel Fees”. Ouch. Oh! Subway: …seeing rats… haha

Abhishek Rao says:

You got an expensive hotel because you probably stayed in midtown Manhattan. Go to some of the outer boroughs and you can get way cheaper rooms while still being within range of the things you want to do.

Matthew Quijano says:

I was born and raised in New York and I still live here in queens. Tourists think New York City is just manhattan but the other boroughs are the next best things

Deborah o says:

I so agree with everything especially regarding the toilets! I was also shocked at how small the Statue of Liberty was, I’m not sure what I expected though. That said I loved New York so much I’m going back in April and I can’t wait.

Ann Lyon says:

Forget it!!! Too many people in NYC, too much of everything!!! Yuk!!! I will stay in the Midwest where I can breath free. I will never visit!!!

PidLive says:

You have to tip the cleaners?! Really? Is this an American-only thing? What happens if I don’t tip? Will they poo on my bed?

Alicia Tur says:

I visited many years ago and felt like I was in heaven! Its diverse, interesting, sights and sounds all around and I just loved it.

Mad says:

I live on Long Island and I’d recommend going to the 5 burrows! I go there more than I go to NYC and it’s less crowded.

Christina H says:

We are coming this month and I’m always interested in zoos. I’ve heard of the Central Park and Bronz Zoo. Could someone tell which one is the better of the two. Is there any unusual animals there?

Andrew G says:

Price of cigarettes fml

Hazel says:

Another thing about the bathroom situation !!! : A lot of places, especially in Times Square, restaurants and shops will not give you bathroom access unless you are purchasing food or a product from them! Many bathrooms like in Starbucks, Moe’s, Subway, etc. will have passcodes on their bathrooms that are only for employees or customers. So don’t expect to walk into any place and use their bathroom without buying something or the workers can get pretty rude!

Satan says:

Is it true that in New York you get mugged multiple times a day?

markv1 says:

As a native New Yorker, I see one thing that always shocks friends/family that visit here – just how close everything is in Manhattan. They want to go to a restaurant on East 9th street and they look at the subway map and there is no stop on East 9th and they panic without realizing that Union Square/14th street is a 5-10 minute walk from the restaurant. Or they were at MoMA in Midtown but now want to go to Grand Central and they look for a cab or subway – just walk there, it’s a 10 minute walk! You can walk across the entire Central Park from the Upper East Side (after that Met visit) to Upper West Side (for Natural History museum) in 15-20 minutes tops and it will be a very nice walk if the weather is nice. If you want to take subway, it’s 2 transfers and the same 20 minutes or a $15 cab ride…

Starr Johnson says:

There are free tours of New York. is great for that. I never get tired of seeing that skyline. I have been to the Statue of Liberty. It’s so worth it. Yep, the pizza places only take credit if it’s $10.00 and up. In Brooklyn Bridge Park, which is right off the bridge, they have free kayaking in the summer and free rollerskating admission on Mondays and Fridays (you have to pay $6.00 to rent the skates though). Great job on the video.

Bob Rob says:

You might see gang members and people trying to sell you drugs or scam you randomly as you walk. Just walk past and ignore them.

Aidan McLeod says:

Gotta love the garbage bags piled up on the streets if midtown.

Honestly surprised you didn’t mention all the fake designer handbags on the streets

Shooter McGavin says:

Stay off the streets between 8-10am and 4-6pm. You just get in the way of people going to and from work.

Josh12342 says:

I live in Brooklyn, and I hate the stereotype that it is full of illegal game activity, seriously that’s the Bronx, in Brooklyn, people are nice and opened about a lot of things, and also NYC is also a place that is very well accepting to LGBT members, if u didn’t know this, NY is one of the states with the most people admitting their sexuality

Axel HZ says:

The bathrooms at Bryant park, despite it sometimes being a fairly long line is almost always sparkling clean.

crazyace1586 __ says:

#13 it’s showtime!!!

Justin Romaine says:

That smell is the train coming over from New Jersey

Néstor Abreu Jiménez says:

Travel in Manhattan by subway? Fughetaboutit. Walk!. It doesn’t cost 2.75 and unlike the subway you have more chances to get on time

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