Visit New York – The Don’ts of New York City

We all know what we should DO when we visit New York City, But Here We Look at What You DON”T DO When You are in New York.

Filmed in Central Park in New York City, NY, USA
Copyright Mark Wolters 2016

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J Princeton says:

Don’t have your mouth open or breathe in that dirty wind that blows toward you when the train is coming from the tunnel to the underground station. YEARS and YEARS of homeless ppl’s and rat’s piss and feces particles are in that. It’s bad enough we have to inhale it anyway when the train’s not there yet. Maybe that’s why many New Yorkers have attitudes.

wholeNwon says:

NYC is part of a large state. The scenic beauty of the state is really amazing. When I lived in New England, the roads in VT would be packed with cars during the height of leaf season…really impassable and lots of frustrated tourists. If some of those people drove just a little west into NY, they would find uncrowded highways and scenery that was at least as beautiful.

Lady ARH says:

Just was wondering if you were available for a personal tour….

mateo vega says:

He looks like a racist

J Princeton says:

Don’t look up. You’ll look like a tourist. Age-old NYC rule.

Lisa Stevens says:

Even better idea: Go to Upstate New York and enjoy the beauty! ☺

Kev Rose says:

Helpful we came over from the uk in June 2016, we are coming back in November 2017, Can’t wait,

Consuelo Perez says:

DO NOT STOP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SIDE WALK………THANK YOU !!!!! THANK YOU !!!! THANK YOU !!!!! …..OMG: I live here and when going to work and they are in the way ……so annoying !!!

Miggy617 says:

You can tell he was a tourist in NYC and speaking of the mistakes he initially made for you not to do haha!!!

wholeNwon says:

NOT “THERE’S”. There ARE. It’s grade school grammar!!

Cherub200298 says:

Just got back for my 6 day trip to NYC. So great but crazy.

party bout says:

I’m from BROOKLYN NEW YORK but I’m just watching this

Sonia Romero says:

what about a street dog? is that alrite?

bongojim420 says:

Jew York NWO headquarters. Pull it’

madisoned says:

I appreciate the toilet tip. That’s always a must-know wherever I travel

bobshark123 says:

surely this is common sense?

4gma59 says:

Cool video — thanks!

party bout says:

And it’s true do not stop in the middle of the sidewalk to take pictures because, I will f***** shoulder you

Garibaldi says:

Why am I watching this? Because I’m from Wollongong. No one knows why someone from New York is watching this Reb.

Larkfeast says:

The DONUTS of New York!

nosuchthing8 says:

If you can get advice from a local or a friend about the subway in nyc, do so

Matt Vsp says:

staten island ferry isn’t free btw its 2.50 per ride

phat1ful says:

NYC holds no interest for me at $300/night for a tiny hotel room.

iamkarenh says:

It’s kinda rude not to ask your hosts to come with you to see tourists attractions. It’s up to them whether to come or not.

Jenene Edwards says:

how is China town?

Nick DeSantis says:

Great Video , but I don’t think we have Uber here in the five boroughs.

TopherFM says:

What? Who tells tourists to NOT eat dirty water hot dogs?? LOL

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