weekend in my life | new york city

Last weekend I flew to New York City with my girls Brooke Miccio, Tori Sterling, and Morgan Yates for the Khalid concert and other fun stuff!
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Katlyn Ann says:

my mom and i are going to nyc for the first time, does anyone have any tips? where should we go? where should we stay thats not too expensive?

Laura Rizzo says:

My name is Laura:) I have learned to respond to both pronunciations of the name!

cassy says:

I actually love it when u say go dogs hahha

ItsGabChe says:

Hi love your vids! Just wanted to help you out in the whole “Laura” debate ahha
“Laura” is usually pronounced Lor-uh but if “Laura” is Latina it is usually pronounced “Lau-ra” 🙂

An C says:

If I hear the word “dote” one more time….

Gretchen Williams says:

Lara is like “Lawr-a” and Laura is “low-ra”! At least that’s how I say it in the north

Caro Leen says:

le pain ko-ti-di-en 🙂

Nicole Ciuppa says:

such a fun vlog! i love this 🙂

Maddie Love says:

I just became a Kappa Delta at Colorado State University!!!!

Katie Curtis says:

I pronounce Laura as Danielle does! But that’s because the girl I know pronounced it that way!

Aby Dallas says:

such a fun vlog, NYC is beautiful!!

kylie conrad says:

“go dawgs” LMAOOO

Teresa Salgado says:

Did you ever consider going to school in NYC?

Lauren Barnard says:

I’m not a northerner and my name is Lah-ren. Just saying!

Jenn'sCrazyLife says:

Danielle’s jumping in the thumbnail is so cute ♥️

Melissa C says:

I’m from western New York and I pronounce Laura like you do Danielle. When you said northerns say it differently that’s just people from Long Island/ NYC

Kia Herr says:

My favorite videos to watch!!!! Love ya

Chloe MaryKay says:

I say Laura like you do Danielle

Savannah MacDonald says:

Morgan seems like the mom of the group. hahaha

Briana Lee says:

Totally not trying to be one of those annoying pronunciation people but just to be helpful—here’s the phonetic way to pronounce Le Pain Quotidien: “Luh Pan Ko-Tid-Yahn”. <3

Laura Phillips says:

I’m from the north and I pronounce my name the way Danielle says it! Lol

Clara Meagher says:

Love your vidss xxx, in french Laura is prononce Lora because in french au and o are the same sound haha

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