welcome to new york

eeeep, joey and i are REUNITED in NEW YORK CITY, enjoy today’s vlog full of fun times in brooklyn and doing cute christmas-y stuff
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JustmeNC says:

As always love the outfits:)

Becca S says:

i was gonna unsubscribe if you didn’t play welcome to new york (not really but i mean) xx

pllhaleb4ever says:

anyone else squeal a little when they heard taylor swift come on?!

Sammie Rose says:

so cuteeeee

Alli G says:

I can’t tell you how happy that made me when you said “anything else to add Liza?”

Abbie Dusciuc says:

New York looks a lot like Portland in the beginning what? and this whole video is ultimate goals!! 😀

Inah Santos says:

Can someone pls tell me what the background music in the intro was??

Ali Lorraine says:

everything about this video is actually goals

Aimee Fauzi says:

Your vlogs are making me dizzy these days… do you do it on 60fps..? It’s like super fast and dizzy

Sara Ellen says:

where does joey go do school??

ami & stina says:

its always a good time when ur with joey 🙂

Kacy S says:

Where is the orange sweater you were wearing at the end of the video from? Totally love your vlogs

ohhlivyahh says:

Great hotel choice!!

Funsize Beauty says:

I really enjoy these vlogs. Brings me happiness lol truly

Patricia Zaldivar says:

I miss New York, I’m sad 🙁 ahhh

Lauren West says:


Danielle A says:

GIRL you look AMAZING without makeup on! So naturally beautiful!

Noemi DV says:

ahhhhhh I’m so happy you are reunited!!!!

MissprincessTV says:

I think Joey and Danielle are a lovely couple, and who is anyone to judge if “They don’t have enough chemistry” from legit 5 second clips of them together?? Do you even see their videos of them talking about each other – they are so in love its unreal! You don’t see everything that goes on behind the camera, so please don’t comment “You guys don’t have any chemistry” when you aren’t seeing the special moments they do share together. They put videos up like this for our enjoyment, and a glimpse of their trip which I think is so lovely, so please don’t judge any relationship based on quick video clips! Love the videos, thank you for posting them! 🙂 <3

Nora Daley says:

“anything else to add liza?” omg I love you so much

Elizabeth Tice says:

What song is in this video

Makayla Samountry says:

i seriously just left from new york the day you arrived and i already miss it so much

Cailin grace says:

What was that song when you were in the hotel room picking an instagram picture

Lexie Sites says:

That’s so cool! Sam is from where I live, Lancaster PA!!

Shariqa Islam says:

Love your videos Danielle especially productivity ones. So I thought you would love to make a plan with me video.

Mariam' says:

ur so lucky

OrdinarilyZoe says:

i spit out my water when u said the liza thing

francesca donofrio says:

if you guys are in Williamsburg in Brooklyn go to Sage it is the best Thai food you will ever eat!

Alexis Barilleaux says:

I thought this vlog was 17 minutes long and I got so happy

karmelkay says:

okay that hotel room is so stinking cute! i esp. love the bathroom

Megan Williams says:

I’m so sad!! I was in New York all of yesterday and I left today. So wish I could’ve seen you!!

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