What NOT to do in New York- Worst Tourist Traps/Scams/Times Square and MORE !

Traveling to New York City ? These are the Worst Tourist Traps and Scams that you need to avoid on your next NYC trip (from Times Square Photo Traps to Scams at the airport) ! Leave me a comment, to tell me what you think about the list and watch my entire NYC Playlist for more ideas of things to do . Subscribe for more adventures from the Big Apple and around the world !

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stevie68a says:

Young black men selling candy for their non-existent basketball team.
I saw one of these guys take a ten dollar bill from a tourist for a two dollar charge, then refused to give the person change. The tourist looked very frightened.

Pelle says:

The Empire State is so worth it! There was no line and it wasn’t to expensive! Theres no such thing!

Ryan_Catz02 says:

In NYC in Times Square, there’s a restaurant in the Marriott called The View Restaurant and Lounge. It’s a revolving restaurant (which is the fine dining expense) and then there’s the casual lounge buffet (more affordable) which no reservation is required. Highly recommend it.

Simon Mcc says:

Am I the only one who spotted his gf! Wow

Mathias says:

Great video ! I’ve been to NYC in May 2018, and I’ve encountered a scam you didn’t mention here, and I thought you might tell about it in a next video (or not). It’s located in Times Square (wow, what a surprise), next to the TKTS booth. There was a guy who come to me and said he could get great Broadway tickets at a low price. He told me we could go to his “office” which was… at the 2nd floor of a fucking NYC-merch-buy-your-stupid-$20-t-shirt store ! When I arrived there, he just suggested the shittiest seats at a usual price. Unfortunately for him, I knew what were the prices and I got out from this scam, telling his team on an ironic tone that I would give away the chance of my life, nevermind.

lohphat says:

Here’s an interesting bit about you should avoid food carts as a scam. It’s pretty interesting how the whole licensing fees work:


Benedetto Zangri says:

And if you are really good Italian food go to Italy because I went to Italy and also I’m Italian .

rumourus yt says:

I had to pay for a toilet in Venice once it was 2.50 euros

Petarded • says:

I hear North Dakota is nice…

schmiddy12345 says:

HAha…i just bought one of those cd’s for 2 $, 2 an a half years ago, when i visited the US. And actually, it wasn’t bad. Listened to it a couple of times.

Blaine D. says:

Boom! Good stuff

Jean Quad VanDamme says:

all those wack rappers trying to sell their burned CD are annoying as hell

Manchester Is Blue says:

she’s way out of this dork’s league

rumourus yt says:

I had to pay for a toilet in Venice once it was 2.50 euros

Blabarsbarn Dollface says:

Try to look poor. I do.

skmarc0101 says:

Wouldn’t expect his girlfriend to be that cute

Sergi parra naranjo says:

Good video!!! But ferragosto in september? Wtf is the 15 august night in Italy jaajja

God Sent Me says:

Damn his girlfriend.. can get it

Abigale says:

I definitely approve this. I recently went by myself just to explore NYC and I’m not gonna lie I bought a I ❤️ NYC shirt and it was 32$….expensive for a long sleeve lol.

Hard Rock Cafe was okay but the food was horrible. I definitely recommend eating at ChinaTown next to the One World Building and Burger King area. I got a whole plate full of whatever I wanted just for 8$. The food was incredible.

Also the people on the streets are funny I’m not even going to lie about that especially people who are selling items lmao I honestly want to come back to NYC!

GentlemenGhidorah says:

The only thing I ever want to do if I got to NYC is adopt a retired police dog, make sure it knows the ‘kill’ command, and go to town. I have no issues causing bodily harm on some fuckwad if they try to pull some stunt on me. I revel in the thought that potentially less stupid scammers walking around could be the result.

newjohnwu3000 says:

Yellow “official” cabs are scammers too, they’ll drive around town or pick high traffic areas to get most money out of you

Here Be Barr says:

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Jake uriah says:

Long shot. But what’s the info for the beat used for this video? It’s real smooth.

W h e e z e says:

Rule #1: Life is 99% more enjoyable if you’re over the age of 21 in big cities like new york.

Henrik Dahlgaard says:

Uber is the biggest scam EVER!

Gaming Hard says:

Times square is not the center of the world.. it’s center of America..b

Megan Michelle says:

I ended up at that first bar a few times and never knew the name thxxxxx

FusionfallHQ5000 says:

There are monks who walk around and give you a cardboard gold chip and and wooden bracelet and Then wish you good luck and peace. Then they ask for a donation and if it’s not enough they’ll take back their items and take what you gave them. They expect 20+

Roy G Biv says:

Excellent information, appropriate bgm, a face for radio. Just sayin’.

Cryptic says:

That thumbnail

Mark Henry says:

haven’t lived in n.y. for years. some new scams invented but some have been around since my day, glad you bought them to light.. wish some weren’t true, like 32.00 to go to top of Empire State bldg. shame because so much WAS affordable when I lived there.

Chorizosabroso says:

$3.50 for a taco? you got scammed.

Azeroth Assassin says:

Why not just come visit Chicago?

Much safer.


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