What to Do in Portland, Oregon | 36 Hours Travel Videos | The New York Times

Portland, Oregon’s largest little city, is a bastion of creative living, excellent food, happy inebriation and devotion to the great outdoors.

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When you are traveling to Portland, Oregon here are some things you can do to pass the time. From outdoor activities to the best places to eat.

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What to Do in Portland, Oregon | 36 Hours Travel Videos | The New York Times


Azrael says:

FYI If you are visiting Lang Baan make sure to reserve your table 2 weeks ahead, small place crazy popularity impossible to walk in. Also Screen Door has great buttermilk fried chicken but they are usually pretty busy too. Around 1 to 2 hours wait for dinner.

mossy1 says:

This list of stuff doesn’t seem all that great. There’s gotta be cooler stuff than this in Portland right?

Drone Star PDX says:

drone enthusiasts should check out my work in Portland

Kawaiiforever 21 says:

I am proud to live in Portland and for all the hate comments about
Portland this where I was raised and u really hurt my feelings

SayinGod says:

Dang! I need to visit

kalprao says:

Hipster heaven lol

Nina Kamalov says:

My friend just got back from Portland, They where so exited and even made video about this city. Check it out if you interested https://vimeo.com/233129115

Naomi Allen says:

I live in Columbus. Everyone says it’s the new Portland, but I still would like to go to Portland

J RAGE says:

Portland is the best city to skate in. I do it every day

Cleetus Jons9m says:


Green Eggs and Ham says:

good thing they didn’t mention voodoo donuts. For anyone visiting our city, voodoo is a waste of time. Mediocre donuts after an hour of waiting in line. Guys, it is literally pieces of cereal on a donut. Waste of time. Go to salt and straw or one of the many hip little restaurants after a tiring hike in the gorge: that is a good day. Trust me, I’ve done that more times than I can remember. It never gets old.

Naomi Allen says:

I want to live in Portland

Daniel K. says:

I’m basically just looking for the typical drive through countryside city from the movies with that 1 bar everybody visits and the dirty stripclub with the angry bouncer.

g MaytaR says:

keep portland Holy and God fearing would be better we might be blessed.

Michael Kettner says:

First thing you do is put a sign in yer front yard that says “We Love Trump ” and then ya go and buy a wool hat in the middle of summer and wear it to the local PETA gathering and then for weekend fun go rent a white van and drive around some of the local neighbor hoods and watch the local meth heads freak out

Portland Apartment Finder Rental Relocation Agency says:

Everything you hear is true!!

Martin Kent says:

Residents of Portland are suffering from the city slicker syndrome and the freewheeling family phenomenon, as well as civic inattention. Most of them ignore stop signs and speed. Youth in town shake their heads and wonder about their future. Portland ignores lawless streets and prides it’s freewheeling boisterous logger-town roots. Let’s face facts. If most of the residents are uninterested in law-abiding streets, then the neighborhoods are compromised. The only question is, how compromised is your neighborhood? Lawless or law-abiding? Most people seem to think youth should be exposed to illegal behavior and should be transported illegally. Let’s keep them safe when they are on the street, by civic attention to this serious matter. What do you think? Should children be transported illegally? Every Mother’s day in Portland, thousands of parents ignore traffic laws with their children. Congratulations on the Avalanche of Karma.” You’ve earned it, folks

Jesse Gallego says:

drugs are bad & it cost alot

mellow riot says:

I dream of going out to the NorthWest. I’m “Hispanic” but I’m sick & tired of Spanish speakers! I find everything they do & say so weird.

Washington/Oregon / NorCal seems so perfect, if you never want to see another spanish person *who thinks it’s weird to read, or to be atheist, or to say or think anything that they call “white”*

Sphagnum P. I. says:

Left-Wing Antifa Terrorists ATTACK Police at Patriot Prayer Rally In Portland (VIDEO)
by Carter

Sunday, left-wing Antifa terrorists ambushed the peaceful Patriot Prayer rally in Portland, Oregon at Waterfront Park.

The Patriot Prayer group is a conservative entity that is in no way affiliated with white nationalism. In response to the group showing up to peacefully assemble, hundreds of Antifa members swarmed to violently protest the assembly.

Portland Police put up barricades to separate the two parties, but they neglected to properly man the barricades and focused more on the roadways. Antifa quickly jumped on the opportunity and started throwing various projectiles and smoke bombs and some attacked officers with a fire extinguisher.

Antifa is throwing irritant smoke and projectiles at police.

— Portland Police (@PortlandPolice) September 10, 2017

Antifa chased Patriot Prayer away after being approached by police officers in crowd control gear. Multiple Antifa arrests were made at the time and following those arrests, more Antifa began assaulting police officers with slingshots with at least one officer injured.

Antifa knocks down the barricade then starts chanting “antifa!” Over and over. pic.twitter.com/6Dt22qBP7M

— Mike Bivins (@itsmikebivins) September 10, 2017

Video footage courtesy of Mike Bivins’ Twitter account.

Arrests made, scuffles with protesters. Getting crazy pic.twitter.com/tof2nPqjb6

— Mike Bivins (@itsmikebivins) September 10, 2017

People were allegedly throwing fireworks at cops, among other things:

People throwing fireworks at cops, and other stuff. Absolutely crazy down here on the Waterfront. Spraying a cop with a fire extinguisher pic.twitter.com/o9wCpAyic8

— Mike Bivins (@itsmikebivins) September 10, 2017

Portland Police stated that “the crowd it has become violent and criminal in nature . . . If you are a peaceful protestor, leave now or be subject to arrest.”

Police advising the crowd it has become violent and criminal in nature. If you are a peaceful protester, leave now or be subject to arrest.

— Portland Police (@PortlandPolice) September 10, 2017

Press down at the scene were also attacked:

Officers are reporting that photographers are being attacked by protesters.

— Portland Police (@PortlandPolice) September 10, 2017

People yelling at police right now for their treatment of protestors. Something went off. People running away from state troopers now @OPB pic.twitter.com/C9QeZHSGnK

— Ericka Cruz Guevarra (@erkagvra) September 10, 2017

More video from moments ago. Lots of action. Hard to call it all. Just watch pic.twitter.com/G8VHJ3aQm0

— Mike Bivins (@itsmikebivins) September 10, 2017

The Pussy Diaries says:


Shane Christopher says:

I wish someone would do a virtual tour of all the bike shops here. That’s 95% of the reason I want to move there. The bike culture. Although they could learn a thing or two from the Netherlands. Like bicycle parking garages.

g MaytaR says:

I live in portland . its a gross wicked citie cause its over come by sin. Gods blessing is not us cause we worship that which is evil in His site. We dont honour Him and He is cursing us.

trac nunya says:


Jesse Gallego says:

drugs cheep & alot for rent

Gadsdon Flag says:

Final comments on video: “Portland is really serious about being casual…….we try not to get caught up on things” WHAT???
Portland was one of the MOST vocal and ROITOUS cities in the USA just after the election!!! FLAT OUT DANGEROUS!!!
And the weird thing is…….these people rioted in the same city that voted FOR (not against) Hilary…..SO HOW DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE???

Latisha Croissant says:

Portland is so vibrant and magical. I’m a native Oregonian but have only lived here in The Rose City for the last year and a half and I can’t imagine living anywhere else now. I love how free I am to express myself and I seem to make a new friend anytime I leave my apartment. Absolutely wonderful city. 🙂

- Sean says:

Whos here cause of Grimm?

Go Figure News says:

Wow – I lived in Portland from 2001-2014 and none of the businesses noted in this segment existed until afterward. I always consider PDX to be the “great incubator” for ideas, creative, small businesses and advanced urban planning – I hope some of these last so when I next visit I can stop in!

Ademir Hernandez says:

I don’t mean to bug anyone, i have a project i am working on and it is about Oregon if any of you are interested in wanting a new trend please check out my Kickstarter

RSF says:

whos watching this cuz grimm is the best tv show ever

Amanda Kis Cramer says:

Dear @The New York Times, I will travel for you and create city guides!! I have a couple videos already posted and I’ll gladly make more! 🙂

Johnny Tran says:

Like every booming city, locals are inviting until you start stepping on toes. Id been making plans on visiting cuz of its nature and bike culture but I see a lot of hate brewing with the amount of transplants flocking there. Being from SF, I know how it goes.

Lauren Zama says:

Vancouver, is that you?

Lewis says:

No don’t go to Oregon all the Californians keep coming here it’s not even our own anymore go to Idaho they need the tourism

Lichen Cat Vlogs says:

“Put a bird on it”

Heflin Estelle says:

wow i haven’t been to any of these places

Alexis Arrizon says:

Portland is packed with homeless druggies… I laugh at the avoidance to mention that… I am also a longtime resident of Pdx. Not as great as they claim.


i live in portland, Oregon and i think its boring here. but seeing this video makes me feel better about where i live.

sam smith says:

I’m going to move to Portland and open a Palace of Extravagance dedicated to Trump. There will be a giant water feature whose centerpiece.will be a 60ft statue of the great man himself. Customers can pay extra for the privilege of flogging Hipsters who will be wheeled in on trolleys.

Vlogs&MORE says:

Hey someone I know works at ex novo

Jerry Dunham says:

the best thing to do while traveling by Portland is to stay in the airport. you are safer there than with the keep Portland wierd crowd. stay away from places like Voo Doo donuts and other crazy hang outs. portlanders seem to thrive on making anyone near them uncomfortable and they love to menace you for not being a freak. you have been warned

Flaw'd says:

Portlandia liveth!!!!

James Gray says:

You left out bankrupt the police force by rioting and prevent white girls from opening a burrito shop. What a progressive shithole.

gerald willcox says:

Thank you ….for Keeping Portland Weird…….

the jackel says:

Feel free to visit, but please don’t stay …

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