♡Trip to Paris 2016 Vlog! Day 1♡ | India Grace

This was filmed 27th November. I had so much fun on this trip!♡

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emma ruth says:

I want your room! It’s totally my style and this vlog was so cute, also I love that cover of La vie en rose in the beginning, my favorite version!

Ilovechocolatemilk says:

Omg where did you get the pink hat its sooo cute!

Melody Hart says:

I was born and used to live in Paris near the champs Elysees but now i live in England x

gr00vy alien says:

blair waldorf? is that you??? jk love ur videos <333

hella moody says:

I love how excited u were on the ride hahaha <3

siham hassan says:

you can talk in French only wonder

Laila Hackett says:


Abby Smith says:

She’s so cute-reminds me of Blair from gossip girl!!

noreen oconnor says:

OMG i was their at the same time as you i think i saw you omgg cux im new to your channel xox

Stephanie Moeller says:

Literally Paris is my dream vacation and your reaction on the Ferris wheel would be my reaction the whole time I would be there

Σ says:

We have the same birthday haha

Puzzled Pilots says:

Music at the start of the video???

ava says:

i started freaking out when i saw the audrey hepburn poster on your wall omg

Renewable Energy I'm big fan says:

You’re so blessed, I hope your thankful … I’m jealous lol

Zohra A says:

do a house tour! 🙂

Tigerlily W says:

Take a shot every time she says exited

Taylor Coffman says:

Can u do a makeup tutorial on the makeup you had when you left your house

Trasher says:


2s says:

elle est chou omggg

Yasmine Scheller says:

This made me want to go back to Paris!!!!!!!

Päfä Setä says:

whats the intro song

mia von poppen says:

hey, where is your coat from? as it is lushxxxxxxx

Talya Samji says:

Ly but I think you were a bit overdessed for travelling a a Christmas market – just opinion no hate x

Paige Sutcliffe says:

The Sephora on champs elysees clapped us as we walked down the red carpet

Volleyball Girl says:

Omg I’m going to Paris in the spring

Audrey Elizabeth says:

I am also going to Paris for my 14 birthday but the time on the airplane is 12 hours

honey smee says:

subscribe to me

FleekHer says:

India I love you so much ❤❤❤ xox

Katy Norfolk says:

You are my inspiration xx

Ariana Moonlight says:

Omg you almost hit 100,000 subscribers!!! I’m soooo happy for you!

empirestateinmind says:

Bratz on tour

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