10 Things To Do In Paris | Travel Guide

Paris Travel Guide ♡ 10 things you have to do in Paris, especially if you’re on a budget!

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eva t says:

It’s macarons!!!!

Zebure 01 says:

Having been in Japan a few weeks 🙂 i’m really looking forward to going to Paris.

Rob Rafiele says:

So, I’m going in early january, what was the weather like?

Vivek Pandey says:

Hello ma’am I am going next 23rd only for 3 days . Kindly help me out….! To use best of my time ❤️ thanku

S Park says:

very helpful. Thank you 🙂

1952mclean says:

If you visit Paris , be prepared for dog shit, the rudest people on the planet, cars that will run you over any time you try to cross the street , and people that have NO concept of customer service, common courtesy or any rules or laws. If you need help try to find a non French person if possible. and lower your expectations as if you are in a 3rd world country because you are.

Shara Kamal says:

Where did you get tickets for disney land?

Sophie Loves Sunsets says:

Aww great video! Me and my love went to Paris for Valentines Day this year and it’s so beautiful and of course sooooooo romantic! The city looks stunning at night <3

Daniel Barroqueiro says:

I’m going the first week of April! Is it still considered off season? And how’s the lines and weather at that time? Someone can help me with this tips? Thank you!!

Dumitrescu Briana says:

i want to visitt pariss

Lina Palacios says:

Pretty much lovely the comment at the end of your video! ♥♥♥

Lauren Maslin says:

Paris is mine and my sister’s holiday trip this autumn; were going for practically the first time and going to try to explore the less touristy places to get a different taste of the diverse and bustling city! Better get some practice in speaking French 😉

Myfavourite dishes says:

I like your video, thank you for sharing ✌

Just Jas says:

Loved this! When I went to Paris a couple of years ago, I went up the Arch De Triumph (So sorry if I spelt it wrong) and the view was incredible, definitely recommend it to anyone thinking about it<3Xxx

katey mendoza says:

I reaaalllly want to go to Paris

luiz guilherme moreira sales says:

Hello i am brasil beautiful video thanks for video of Paris

jju0014 says:

what camera did you use?

Les Croqueuses de Paris says:

Nice video Hermione! (Be curious, visit Paris with us too!)

adricarogon says:

Great guide! Thank you!

Rebecca Dubord says:

This is a nice guide, especially since most of this seems to be free – Just a note: a macaROON is a coconut based cookie and a macaRON (mack-a-ron) is what you ate.

Karen Chou says:

Hi Harmione, thanks for the vid! I’m planning to go Paris in mid April and just staying for 2 days only. by the way, what program are you using to edit the vid?

RailGodTV says:

What time of year was this? I’m debating on going in October

Ana Yu Way says:

i am raising money to go there for 2nd time o and italy is really beautiful o and london too

Isha Remoroza says:

I’m actually about to go to Paris, for good on June 6. I’m super excited! Cause I’m gonna get a dog, an iPhone, etc. SUPER EXCITED!!!!

Lise Macan says:

Merci !

Jonny Kwango says:

Superb review! Many thanks for your time and contribution! X

newstateonline says:

The woman in this video is from England but she sounds a little American? Or is it just me who notices things like this!

silvia andrea guzman says:

Magnifique information culturel sur le grand ville de Paris est tres jolie, wonderful information cultural on the great City of Paris is very lovely

Chic Sophistic says:

Amazing! Love Paris!

Tomoe Nini says:

Hi <3 Maybe i'm a bit late but I had a question about Disney Land....can we go out there by paying in the enter of the park Disney or is it by paying online only ? I really want to go to D.L but I thought it was impossible since the reservations are by the internet and the fact that I cannot enter if I don't puy online x) Thank you ! :3

Eliseo Gadea says:

How was the weather??

Missy Steinfeld says:

Great video! You are beautiful and charming! Thank you!

Lexi Bragg says:

This is so helpful! I’m going in a few weeks and it’s nice to know what to check out and look for! 🙂

MG raspberrys says:

I’m going to Europe for 3 months starting May 15th. I’m Australian and haven’t ever been outside of Australia of over seas. I’m 14 years old so just that age where I can appreciate the beautiful buildings and art but also still able to enjoy kid things. This vid is so helpful. Thanks a lot.

Ps you probs won’t see this but to anyone that does plz give me some recommendations. Thanks

Galaxy Girl says:

im going with school in half a year and going disney land

Avdhut Patil says:


Sebastian Diakakis Nilo says:

great video!

Very Nice Travel says:

Great footage. Lots of good information. Paris looks amazing and with such a rich culture.

oneplatinum says:

Hi Hermione, how long did you go for to fit all of this in?

Begoña Contreras says:

Hello!! thanks for the video! im traveling this january. so i would like to know about the weather. Was it really cold? i mean, you are freezzing all day long? and what about lines to Eiffel Tower. Were they short? I don’t know if its worth to buy tickets in advance…

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