10 Things You Have to Do in Paris – if you only have 2 Days!

Hope you enjoy this video! I know my French is horrible haha and I am sorry in advance! 😉

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hertty K jay says:


pvp says:

2 day pass is rubbish , and you don’t get to skip lines ,you were just lucky and theres alot more to do in the same areas instead of having to rush ,typical asian with no idea

Chic Sophistic says:

Very cool! Love it girl!

Erin English says:

I was looking for a video to show my kids about Paris and yours was great! Thank you!

debrabelz says:

I can’t watch the music is so awful.


and About this Paris MUSEUM PASS …Where you bought? how much for 2 Days? is it included free Ride to METRO rail train in Paris? Thanks… hope to hear from you … will be visit Paris Soon .

Anthony MacLachlan says:

Hi wish I can go ther one day love that place

Andrea Ryan says:

Thanks for the tips. Actually putting some of these on my list. Going for the first time in September!

GUAlliance says:

Panini is Italian

Try Thinking For a change says:

Don’t mean to be rude but your speaking voice is a bit annoying.

shareth Kumar says:

you cover paris better than any other videos. your camera took the whole shot just through my eyes

victoria lang says:

Very nice and informative video, thank you! Your dad is so funny ❤️

yehuda posner says:

Love ur video just u should check out the real story of ezmerelda and what happened to her sad story tbh

Celine Tan Sze Lin says:

Hey. This is very useful. Do you travel in the order of this video though?

AstonMartinStig says:

dope, going next week and only got 3 nights. Thank you.

Gaby Roberts says:

Me gusto muchísimo, mercy

zargug phantom says:

u dont know the real places and dont know to have fan

Nurra L says:

Thanks for the info! My next visit will be paris in a few months time ❤️

zargug phantom says:

just visit lovre and sacre coeur and metro and bus card for 15 euros for metro and bus dont buy paris pass

Alexandria Hecht says:

Fantastic video! : )

Phantom says:

What camera do you use?

Martin Kent says:

A Paris, un grand nombre de parents ignorent les regles sur la circulation lorsque leurs enfants sont avec eux, et bon nombre de ces parents sont des fonctionnaires. En France, les jeunes meritent d’etre entoures de fonctionnaires responsables consciencieux et reapectueux des lois; leur avenir en depend. Sii nous doublons les amendes routieres dans les capitals, nous verrons apparaitre des rues et des adultes respectueux de la loi, ce qu’on attend depuis longtemps a Paris. L’Organisation Mondiae de la Sante, Bureau de Securite Routiere, estime que le respect des regles sur la circulation est souhaitable  depuis longtemps en France. Que pensez-vous?

space nerd104 says:

first thing I’m doing when I move to Paris is going to the Paris catacombs because I’m so interested in them

dare2ski says:

I love Paris. The louvre could easily eat up your day and i wouldn’t recommend rushing it. In my personal opinion, the only two museums you need to visit if you only have two days in Paris are the Louvre and Notre Dame. They are within walking distance or you can easily take the subway :). Also fun fact about the louvre if you were to look at every painting for 30 seconds it would take you about 2 years to see every painting.

Coolbien says:

8:31 beautyful ass at the left

Kams Bakrs says:


Love Love says:

It’s Louvre

progfan71 says:


emily soh says:

Hi Would like to know the Paris Travel Pass really can skip of the long Q as mentioned? Where i can purchase the online Paris Travel Pass with discount?

Hema Mansukhani says:

Thank you. Very informative. Are u able to share ur itinerary here?

Robert Piecha says:

*louvre not *lourve

Phantom says:

Was the Louvre in the Pass?

S alexandre Begnag says:

Qu’en est-il des petits caffes

Michael H says:

Thanks for sharing your experience and top 10!

S et A Monteville says:

“Le Louvre”(I am french)

ThosePaperHearts says:

Thanks so much for this video! I’m going to Paris in a few weeks and I only have 2 days just like you did! I’m definitely going to purchase the Paris Pass after your recommendation since a lot of the places I want to go to are included on there. 🙂 I’ll be uploading my Paris vlog on my channel after if you wanna check it out. Again, thanks so much for this video! <3

redapplejuuice says:

with your experience with the paris pass was it easy to skip the lines did they give you any trouble? Was it hard to find the area for pass holders?

zargug phantom says:

i lied to go tommorow so i didnt wait for line for notre dam

Ned Schniebly says:

Nice but you missed 3 most important features of Paris. Food culture, sitting in local parks and cafes, and people. Not tourists, but Parisians. You ate tourist food and focused too much on monuments and museums. You should have walked into a residential area where there were no tourists and looked for a nice bistro where local people go. Or walk into a shop and ask the person working there where he or she likes to go to eat. Memories that last are the ones where you connect with people in an unsuspecting way. That is travel.

Vicky van der Linden says:

Can you give me a link to the “paris pass”?


Thanks a bunch for sharing

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