10 TIPS FOR YOUR FIRST TIME IN PARIS | Visit Paris & Love it!

Are you coming to Paris France for the very first time? Check out my tips for your first time in Paris! This Paris 101 or Paris For Beginners guide will allow you to arrive stress-free and make the most out of your stay here! Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions below!
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Welcome to this Guide to Paris! Visiting Paris for the first time can be a lot of things. For many, it’s a dream come true already and you just can’t wait to eat cheese and drink wine under the Eiffel Tower. For others, there can be a little stress because of what we’ve heard about the pickpockets in Paris or just from the fact that there are so many amazing things to do and we cannot make the choice.

When I found out that my best friend was coming to Paris / France / Europe for the very first time, I instantly got to writing a list on the things you need to know before visiting Paris for the first time. Not only do I want her to have a great time, but I want her to avoid any of those visiting Paris shocks that we hear about from time to time.

Want more Paris France Tourist Tips? Want to hear about the mistakes to avoid in Paris or just have questions in general? Please ask me down below and I will do my absolute best to get back to you!

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First time Paris: top tips for your first visit to the City of Light

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Amelia Grant says:

I just returned home to England today from Paris! I had a wonderful time. One tip I would have is (at least in the high season) ALWAYS book tickets for any museum/place with tickets online beforehand. The queues are so much shorter if you don’t have to buy a ticket. For example, we had no queue for the Louvre but it would have been upwards from an hour if we hadn’t got tickets online! Also, the tap water is actually drinkable (perhaps only for us Brits, but that saved us a lot on drinks)

Mega says:

I kinda agree of not going on top of the Eiffel Tower for all the reasons you said, although climbing on this giant metal mesh gives a really cool and unique steampunk/Jules Verne vibe to the experience

Erwann Brechotteau says:

Another tip on Eiffel tower lights : at 1AM, they shut down the main light on the tower for the night, but you still have the 5 minutes of sparkling light. So it’s also great to see because you can imagine the tower shape thanks to the sparkling lights, it’s great to see !

Brice Larie says:

Cost there is French folks grows up in number …

That means Rosie became just another one of these unnamable faggots impregnated by that typical spirit !

Shame on them !

Ju says:

If you’re in Paris only for less than a day, I think take a “bateau mouche” is a nice alternative to see different monuments. The botanical garden is also a really nice place to go to 🙂
I would just add that, if giving tips is not an obligation or anything, it’s always appreciated by the waiter/waitress to get some, event if it’s only 1 ou 2€. It simply implies that he/she did a good job ^^

Erkin Alp Güney says:

Your French “R”s are a bit off. It should be pronounced as a post-velarised uvular trill.

Jamia Wilson says:

I just returned to Paris for the first time in 18 years. It was magical and City Mapper was super helpful. My French is mediocre which made me nervous but people were super generous and supportive–it seemed that they appreciated that I tried. Love your You Tube!

Star- Gaming007 says:

Hello! Avoue ceux qui sont français qui regarde ce genre de vidéo aime bien regarder les commentaires stéréotypes X)

Antoine Luboz says:

Still cool to climb it from the stairs though. To watch the architecture. Otherwise the sacré cœur is also a great spot 😉

Paul Latshaw says:

Even though I’ve already been to Paris several times, I still really appreciate your perspective. But my main thought after viewing your videos is always the same: “Damn, her boyfriend is a lucky man.”

Iveagh 32 says:

Hello Rosie, i have just stumbled across your channel and it is amazing. I will totally overdose on your videos and vlogs in the coming weeks.
I have been in love with the French language and Paris since school (a very long time ago) and have never fulfilled my dream of learning to speak French even though I did make an attempt by doing Au Pair many many years ago. I would really love to fulfill my lifelong ambition and with your encouragement here I will definitely be attempting it – even though I have 3 children and a very busy life…. wish me luck…

Paris Music Tales says:

nice tips for first time in my lovely city 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Mike Hydropneumatic says:

Some great tips there.

First time in Paris I didn’t even see the Eiffel Tower…

Tour Montparnasse is agreat idea, 210m above Paris and a 15 min wait. Galleries Lafayette is free to visit, even the roof!

My strongest advice would be not to plan 25 hours in a day, just go visit one venue and take the rest of the day as a bonus. It is seriously exhousting doing two musea in one day.

Don’t be affraid to miss out on seeing something, just walk from one arondissement to the other and maybe you will bump into a something you hadn”t planned for.

Another thing is…go at least for four nights. One is just silly, felt sorry for those Americans dumped at our hotel and the next day they were on a bus to Venice (yikes).

Diplo says:

That’s all the difference between Paris and the rest of France. When you’re living in a middle of whop whops eerything change.

ADVENTURE CAMPitelli says:

Great Tips! We’ll be in Paris on Monday

Patrice Lang says:

One more thing you should recommend : set up a schedule, planning sufficient time for museums (they are huge), do not try to see as many things as possible in very little time because you don’t enjoy.
You’re right, climbing the Eiffel tower is not mandatory. But the must-do is the boat ride on the river.

Pat Hallam says:

Re apps, I swear by an offline street map called Paris Offline City Map. Free to download and really detailed. Series is available for loads of cities round the world.

Pivoine 59 says:

Super  vidéo Rosie, il faudrait que toutes les personnes venant à Paris pour la première fois t’écoutent attentivement.

Axel Marnier says:

This video sounds like an answer to earlier comments on previous videos. Good tips, I couldn’t agree more because it basically sums up some tips I shared on older videos. You just have to know Paris is in the top 3 of the most visited cities in the world, and where there are tourists, sadly there are also pickpockets… Don’t tempt them, keep an eye on your stuff and whoever is with you, and you’ll be able to enjoy everything this city has to offer without any incident. Montmartre is definitely a neighborhood I love, shoot in any direction and your photo is worth a postcard! You can also find guides listing covered streets/passages/alleyways in Paris, there are plenty and even though they’re very discreet some of them are truly worth it.

Emily Hflaven says:

Hi! Do you have any hotel recommendations? Something clean, safe and in a good neighbourhood/area (very important) and not too expensive? Thanks.

Bende33 bd says:

I have a charity project follow me on my networks to support it. Thank you



Jean FB says:

Thank you, Rosie! We are heading to Paris in a week, and although it’s not my first time, I still learned some great tips from your video. I’m downloading the apps now! If I see you I’ll say hi, LOL!

Patrice Lang says:

Concerning people making you sign papers in the street, you’re right.
I see a bunch of them taking the train in the same place as I do every morning at 9am. They borrow pens to everyone and start to fill fake forms with fake names, probably going to touristic areas.

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