Adventure to Paris // Fun & Quirky Travel Guide

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I JUST AM says:

Big thumbs up 4 sniffing the books Ted. Nice one.

glamgirl _sade says:

such a cute video

sunflower says:

Ah …so well done !! Everything about this video is so well done, you get an A + 😉

Bunnycoola says:

Aww this was a cute video. I loved your pronunciation of French words xD I can’t wait to travel to France some day.

R. MacDonald says:


La Petite Ophelie says:

I live in Paris, I’m so happy one of my favorite YouTubers is in my home country ❤️❤️

Briana Campo says:

So good!

Apostolos Velios says:

yo ted wud u mind to share about the train line ? i dont know much about canada public transportation

Laura Mellentin says:

Snapchat :))

LightSAMPS Living says:

This was very dope my dude.

Timothy Ⓥ says:

Awesome bro! Welcome to Europe x

elliott summers says:

This seems very Casey neistat inspired, especially the bit with -“always take the stairs” nice 1 teddy boi

Health Bound says:

this was so cool ted!! i loved it

D J says:

Video was very enjoyable. On another note; one topic I think about quite a bit is technology, in particular, smartphones and televisions. Despite the fact that Youtube and the internet in general has opened up many doors to knowledge we were never able to previously share, I believe it is impacting people negatively, regarding their perspectives and realities.
Within the Vegan community the internet seems to have been vital, although if I searched hard enough I’m sure the knowledge still would have been there without technology and the internet. People within the community seem especially accepting and non-resistant of carrying a smartphone at all times, using social media and digitising themselves. Day-to-day life and spirituality are being intertwined with the digital, which is only being pushed primarily because it benefits a lot of people financially. If there was no financial gain in the technology industry and a lack of investment, there likely wouldn’t be people holding smart-phones and involved in these different things despite the doors opened and positives. I wonder why people have adapted so easily to products that are only offered due to financial gain for someone regardless of the negatives that go with it, without question to the electromagnetic and health effects of our own bodies.
When I look at people of yesteryear before this technology explosion, they have an essence and soul that seems to have been lost in the digital age. Children were still innocent and allowed to sidestep all the ‘adult’ aspects of politics, economies, sexuality etc; growing up and entertaining themselves with whatever they had around them. Nowadays it seems that people are denied their childhood by wielding a smartphone and having access to this unnecessary information. Even then, children and teens don’t seem to be able to form an opinion due to an overload of information and unfocused minds created by the screen. Modern digitised music, atleast chart music and the majority of music used in peoples’ videos seems to be lacking anything human; majority seem to be pushing products or suggestive of sexualising different things. Music of any generation has had its commercialism and such but even more-so now. I’ve seen people unable to cross an obviously empty road and examine for (a lack of) cars due to being zombified by their phones. What good is knowledge when basic functioning, real-life communities (i.e. local shops, local people interacting, neighbours (which seem to have been dissolved by globalisation, big business and media pushing an inherent false distrust of other people)) and human characteristics go out the window? Peoples attitudes, emotions, cars, clothing etc. are becoming increasingly greyscale and dull despite access to this colourful online world? Why is this?

I would love to see an in-depth video discussing smartphones/technology/people/children to see your views, aswell as provoking other people to talk about these topics.
It would be of value to a lot of other people aswell I imagine, if you were able to speak to other prevalent vegans to spark up a larger, more centralised debate.


Finn G says:

Bienvenue cher ami.

Sabina Beinish says:

Excellent video once again Tedd Carr
Loved the part about sniffing the new book its what I love doing too
So I am not the only weird one

Ziallow says:

Fun video

Shay Cam says:

Haha how did you get passed the security check ?!

MindfulXpansion says:

TED MY DUDE. You’re Awesome 🙂 Been an inspiration for years now, keep shining my guy keep shining

Terrii Blueberry says:

I really liked the way you edited the small little travel clips together! The music and your voice has made this a very inspiring video that will make many people want to travel to Paris or any other desired place on earth. Thank you so much for sharing this video, I really enjoyed watching it!

Jane Michaels says:

Awesome video

John Peters says:

Excellent editing Ted!

Luke Rogers says:

Very creative Ted! Love you man!! I hope to meet you some day!

Tania Frutos says:

Snapchat, dear Ted, thanks for everything!

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